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Old School MSR Raids, RWZ, 2:00 EST/6:00 (18:00) UTC, Friday, August 26


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Greetings from the GUARDIANS SG!


As an alternative to the 3:00 MSR, we'll be offering an "old school" Mother Ship Raid on the Excelsior Server this Friday, August 26 at 2:00 Eastern Stand Time (6:00 PM/18:00 UTC). The Raid Leader will be "AN0DYNE" (global handle @DASHER). We'll start announcing the raid around 1:15.


Any player who is not a member of Vanguard should run the (very brief) "Welcome to Vanguard" mission before joining the raid, as this will let them earn Vanguard Merits. Note that you must be Level 35+ to run this mission, but not the raid.


By "Old School", we mean that we'll try to organize teams for diversity of archetypes and that players fight where they want, how they want. Ramps, bowl, wherever you want to take on the Rikti, go for it.


Pulling and supporting will, as always, be the general idea, but how teams do it is up to them.


NO ONE WILL BE KICKED FOR THE WAY THEY PLAY, but standing idly in the bowl doing nothing, engaging in generally disruptive behavior, and harassing or disruptive texts will not be tolerated.


Start time will be promptly at 2:00 to allow completion of the raid and clearing the zone for the traditional 3:00 MSR.


If this format proves popular, we'll look into making it a regular event.


Hope to see you there!



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The best laid plans, etcetera.


A breaker has blown out on a construction site at the end of our road, knocking out all power in our neighborhood.


If power is restored by 1:00-1:30, we’ll still have the event at 2:00. Otherwise we may try later today or re-schedule for tomorrow.


Cross your fingers!

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If your hope is to "reserve" the zone for this event at this time, I might recommend putting it on the player led event calendar.

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