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Playing with Symphony control just reminds me... again.


It would be a *lot* of work - I'm aware of it, and aware it involves UI work (which is apparently a PITA,) on top of creating or finding sounds without license issues, but... dear lord, I'd like to be able to customize sounds (in a way that actually affects my character in game, versus a mod.)


Symphony's sounds are at least a *little* more consistent - one of the issues with Sonic Blast, for me, is the whole "Hey! I'm a werewolf! I'm an electronic thing! I'm... I don't know what I am but I make a weird noise!"


In my *ideal* world, and I'm just going with Sonic and Symphony here (proliferation as needed later) we'd have a Sound Customization that goes with power customization. We'd have options to mix and match with a selection like:

- Original

- Silent (less for sonic, more for options for armors and such that people complain about.)

- Male Low

- Male Mid

- Male High

- Female Low

- Female Mid

- Female High

- Electronic

- "Weird" or "Alien" (or whatever other name, I don't really like "alien" TBH, but this is for unusual effects.)


Note I'm using "low/mid/high" because not everyone knows the relationship of bass, soprano, tenor, etc. and this is perhaps more clear.


And yes, of course they could be mixed per-power.


Why not use a mod? Well, that's doable, yes, BUT - (A) it doesn't customize per character (if I make two Symphony characters, they're going to sound the same whether that makes sense for them both or not) and (B) as I understand it the mod is going to affect anything that calls a specific sound, which may have unwanted side effects.


Do I expect this to happen? ... Not really. Not in the next 5 years, without some new tools, more devs and resources, etc. As mentioned, this would likely be a lot of work.  But, well... this forum's a wishlist, pretty much, so there you go.

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