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Moving Base Portal inside your base breaks the portal.


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Server:  Excelsior


Just built a base on a secondary account's toon.  When I moved the Base portal it no longer would work to exit the base.  It did work before moving however.


Things tried but failed to fix it:


1. Completely logged out of the game and then back in.

2. Moving the portal to different rooms.

3. Moving the portal inside the room in different locations(open with nothing around it).

4. Lowered the flooring and placed the portal.

5.  Changed room decor(just in case it was something due to it).  

6. Exiting via an oroboros portal(only way to actually leave the base currently), re-entering, and then tried to use the portal also didnt work.



Also, I had a player helper join the SG, gave editing permissions and they also confirmed the same issue after trying multiple different methods as I did.


Hopefully this can get looked into quickly.



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It has been stated by @Dacy that due to the latest update some base exit issues have been appearing, in most cases allowing the base to sit completely idle with no one in it for 6 to 15 minutes will allow it to reset and begin working again. 

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