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  1. I'm sorry for the lack of reliability that you experience in your area. This isn't always the case for everyone/every area. Again, my recommendations were not for them to use big box stores as you infer but again local shops that their reputation keeps them in business against big box versus trying to act like a car dealership. Local places I know grab a clip board with a parts fill in list and walk the aisle with you on new parts and explain to you step by step what each part offers for a rig and compatibility of the parts etc. I also have encountered this over seas too so it seems that its better to simply know the sketchy places from the others. Again I wasn't advocating buying from a "local" store front of a big chain. I was advocating going to a proper local run store that caters to customization, parts, and service.
  2. A 1050 is an entry level card for the 1000 series cards. It is, in essence, a low end card and could be compared to 900 series or lower in terms of performance usually. The 1660Ti (Ti just means a better version with slightly better performance/features of that card's number) on the other hand is the other side of the spectrum in the 1000 series cards. In terms of looking at only what the 1000 series cards offer, you're comparing a car to get around town to a car built for performance. However, in terms of CoH game play, both cards are pretty much better than most all cards that were available at the time that CoH was live(most all mind you). If you want a better play experience with CoH, either card is going to be fine though if you plan to play other games with more recent graphic fidelity/performance demands, then the 1660Ti is a better option. That said, your computer's RAM and CPU choices are very important. Also if you have a large, good quality SSD instead of an HDD (storage for games programs etc) this can also improve some game play performance on most games. In terms of asking people to recommend prebuilt machines for you, I recommend you look locally in your area for stores that build computer rigs for you as well as sell prebuilts. They can help you more in terms of determining what you would need and explaining to you(and with visuals there) as to the components you wish to use). Additionally, if you decide to not purchase from them, you are better informed on how to then shop some place else for yourself. And one final point: do not buy any computer rigs that say they are APU rigs. They're essentially laptop components(inferior ones I might at) that are thrown into a desktop and called a desktop for marketing shenanigans. Other games I play have people every so often coming to their forums complaining about performance issues or graphics issues and not a small number were APU rigs.
  3. Why does there have to be an update to the city focused on the current time period? Consider CoH to be its own alternate reality and time period without the influx of flatscreens or similar things. That would be more reasonable/logical.
  4. Connecting a Nemesis Dot? Most might think they're not. But of course they're mapping a course with a Nemesis Plot.
  5. Often times, especially in the lower level tf's folks running ahead are relatively new/rusty to CoH. In other situations, it can be where say for example one person is a brute who has tunnel vision with wanting to keep their fury high and running from group to group. etc etc etc etc But I think its a bit silly to take the default stance from the title of your thread that said player was "sabotaging" the task force. They more than likely weren't intentionally trying to cause it to fail. Again they simply may not have known better, were impatient with the speed/pace the team was going, thought the team would want to kill in larger sum groups etc etc. All in all, its up to the folks on the team to speak up and try to get the other person(s) to understand what is going on. If they balk and working with the group then you and the team know they are intentionally trying to cause problems and then its up to the person with the lead to then decide if its best for the team if said person moved on to greener pastures.
  6. Of course I wasn't implying by one account. However we do not know the specific number of accounts required to trigger the autoban either so better to not assume on that front. Folks stirring up a band wagon'ing against someone else's arc isn't that unlikely. There, as we know, people who dislike AE and what it allows folks to partake in after all.
  7. I highly suggest disabling that as now this whole thread pretty much has advertised this as a way to abuse the report system to enact an autoban simply out of disliking an arc vs there actually being something against the rules with it.
  8. Depends on the newspaper as well. My father worked in the newspaper industry for 30 years with 3 different newspapers with circulations of 50k to 500k(respectively at the time with those papers) editorial comment back n forths were a pretty common mainstay and valued by the paper in circulation terms. Outside of over the top nutters(just like with net forums), they tended to not censor/edit (except for spelling/grammar that I remember) as you elude.
  9. Actually, one could cite the forums of then were the "Letter's and Comments to the Editor" published daily by any small or large news paper. Radio talk show call in commentaries too but yes the ease/speed we have now is much more pronounced to be sure.
  10. It is only as easy as you choose to make it.
  11. School House Rock Episode's super hero character.
  12. Job security and doing a good job/working hard are not mutually inclusive. If this were the case then there would be plenty of market sectors and businesses that would still exist which do not.
  13. This, Im afraid, is an extreme stance on justification for being blanketly dismissive by default of group pooled knowledge born of one's own personal(confirmation bias on one level) experiences. Ironically when one really thinks on it, its just as disconcerting as the extreme viewpoint you represent such groups take. While most anyone has had some form of bad experiences related to groups in or out of a game(social/group dynamics 101 really), it doesn't mean that most or all are. If one doesn't identify with a group, that's fine and one moves on. I am not trying to invalidate your bad experiences by stating this but saying to better couch them in the context that they are coming from so as to not cause yourself(or others more aptly) to disregard knowledge coming from others that could prove invaluable either. Skepticism is healthy but cynicism is not.
  14. Not "wrong" just a different path up the mountain with a bit more of a scenic pace. Something to consider too. Park those toons in day job spots so they get even more exp when they come back. If you cycle through your 10 or so over the course of days you can expedite their leveling a smidge. Personally, if I'm not being carried or a farm with a toon or dbox'in, then 1-24 can go pretty quick with: 1. DFB's till the mid teens, then DiB or other available taskforce etc. 2. AE Bads in the city (3 runs or so usually gets 1-23 or 24). 3. Using the banking exp day job wise(toon needs to be level 2 though first if memory serves but that's not hard) waiting until the weekend to then do points 1 and or 2 depending on the folks looking for teams etc.
  15. Could be worse. I know a current game that most of the work was outsourced to 3-4 different 3rd world country studios and then rigged together by a smaller group of devs for the actual company. Said group has grown (mostly by their hiring modders to be employees) but its still a mess.
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