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Possible Futures?


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While going over some of the writing prompts posted by @CrystalDragon yet again and considering some of the things I posted about my own characters thus far, I got to wondering:


What sort of futures do you think your characters might have?


Now, this might be the future you're having them work toward, the future that might occur as a result of their efforts in spite of their intentions, if everything goes just so, or if things go completely down the porcelain throne, or really anywhere that's "later down the timestream" from where they are now.


For example:


One of the main futures I see for Raphael Firestar is that after heroing for a while, he also manages to get his archaeological career back on track and, much like Doc. Delilah, manages to uncover enough about a significant discovery to write a book or five about. Including a few on the life and times of Ra-Akhnaten and how said evil priest managed to possess him so that no one else can be taken advantage of without being prepared. Or giving up either aspect of his life to devote himself full time to the other, much like how Arkham Knight Batman did [just with less unveiling of public identity]. Unfortunately, though, I don't see him ever getting the girl, as it were. So much as he does try and improve on his ability to flirt and ask out the opposite gender, he'll most likely have a rather lonely life since... Well, he doesn't want to potentially ruin a love interest's with his work. The whole being possessed by an Egyptian priest thing was bad enough when it was him so... And to say nothing of having to constantly save the world, going on long digs, and the like.


Ra-Akhnaten's future is pretty much decided in that he's basically banished to the spirit world after being forced out of Raphael Firestar, not able to affect the mortal world without a pretty susceptible host. For all his magical might and ghostly talents, sufficiently marshaled minds are able to keep him out. But if he ever did find a way to give himself flesh of his own again or affect the world without such "mortal inconveniences" like a physical form, he'd continue trying to reclaim his powers and find a way to rule from the shadows as a mage-king type.


Raphael Firebane is even more of a Batman type in that he'd probably be dedicated to fighting crime, regardless of if it was on Primal or Praetoria. Not necessarily pro-any administration, just because someone has to be ready to fight against people trying to break the rules and do harm. If anything, after the fall of Cole, he'd probably be unwilling to see any future administrations as worth it, having all his effort turn out to be falsehoods and seeing "all the Praetors having taken advantage of Marcus's good name." Even more so in that he'd continue the fight on his own in a very "post-Jason Todd Batman" sort of way, not wanting to involve anyone in his work that didn't already have qualifications. Probably set up a bunch of investments and the like so he wouldn't have to worry about money, give a secretary type some guidelines to work with so she could manage that on the day to day and check in regularly so she didn't get any funny ideas.


Carmilla de Borgia, though...? Well, her main storyline has her go from villainess because necessity to provide for herself and her girls [plus, learning powers and enjoying her new liberties, now that she's less bound by normal human standards] to heroine after a fashion. Mostly because she manages to get strong [skill and reputation and charisma-wise] enough and enough of the practical concerns together, and thinking about morals ["Can I really do the best for my converts/lovers in this hive of scum and villainy?" sort of thoughts on top of how she's best able to help gals in need]. And given that she does go after Crey Corp execs that were less than ideal, she may go from what amounts to "really cleverly but well funded halfway vampire house" to running Crey Corp herself and putting her girls in positions of authority in the company. Just with a vague Praetor Tilman-esque "Mother" vibe if you removed the psychic abuse angle. Not that she initially wanted to be called "Mother" or anything outside of intimate situations but if it makes them happy. Other possibilities include more in-fighting among the Carnival of Blood, leading to her falling in such a fight or taking over the entire show and deciding if she's happy with that or if she wanted to leverage her new authority to achieve her other goals.


Feel free to let your imaginations run wild and don't be afraid of excessively bright or dark futures.

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I know what the future looks like for my Oranbegan characters... the Temple magi and the Voyagers in particular. It's a place that comes together on the other side of the Battalion Wars. A new city built around the existing temple complex, called Nova Primeva. It's a fun setting that I haven't done a whole lot with. 'Very much a mix of old magic and future technology that grew out of an alliance of necessity between the Oranbegans and Agincourt.


A few of my characters are professional time travelers; magi-and-others from Ordus Chronos. They're from Nova Primeva, and are playing around in the modern era (What they call "The Age of Troubles"-) for one reason or another. SO, if you ever run across Lasya or her brother Dorian (Graceful Ivory Mask and Gentleman Spectre) or Olympia and Morgan (Code Merlin and Code Mordred), ask them about it. And about what the Thorn Tree looks like when her people aren't stuck being a grouchy crowd of dusty old ghosts.   🌞


("Do you have ANY IDEA how many petals a tree that size can produce in the spring?" Ivory says, laughing. "To say that she blankets the city is an understatement. I firmly believe that she aims to carpet the world. Which we, of course, use as an excuse to have a week long street party. As any proper civilization ought.")

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For my main characters, I am certainly envisaging a mostly bright future.

Lady Cobra will hopefully find and be united with her lost daughter and escape the emotional shadows and clutches of her somewhat abusive ex-husband. I see her finding true and healthy love/romance and perhaps scaling down a bit on the dangerous assignments and allowing herself to finally enjoy the comforts of life a bit more.

Likewise with Rei Mizuni I hope she will become more relaxed and better able to deal with the many actual or perceived “social expectations” that weigh her down, and her sense of duty to her late father and his memory/legacy. She will become less of a maniacal workaholic and succeed on her venture of turning the Mizuni business empire legit. Hopefully she too will finally find actual romance notwithstanding her painful shortcomings in the field of relational social interactions and “produce” one or more heirs to the Mizuni empire.

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