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Graphic Option - Outlines gone funny


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I usually play with the cel shader option on and thick outlines, have been doing so for well over a year.  I logged in today and suddenly  random noise across the screen This is all characters/zones, even on the character selection screen.


I tracked this down to the Outlines option in the cel shader section. If the Outlines option on, I get all those visual artifacts appearing all across the screen, see the screenshots - same setting with and without Outlines. 


I restarted the PC and have been playing with the graphic settings, reset the settings to default and reduced the graphic setting right down, but I don't seem to be able to fix this.


Any suggestion what to look at?  My PC uses a AMD Ryzen 7 5700G for graphics, nothing exciting but it's never had issue with CoH before and I have not, that I am aware of, updated drivers or setting recently.



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Hey there

I recall another user had an issue like this, though not as bad...

in his case, Having "Ambient Occlusion" set to "No Blur" was causing stippling. Try playing with those settings in conjunction with the cel shader options.

Though I'm not sure why it would start doing this all of a sudden =/

GM Impervium
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13 hours ago, GM Impervium said:

Though I'm not sure why it would start doing this all of a sudden =/

It could be WIndows updating the graphics driver.  Windows is particularly bad for that with some of the older AMD chipsets, but I wouldn't have thought a 7500G would be on that list yet.

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I seemed to have solved it by reinstalling the client. I guess some file got corrupted.



In case this helps anyone else in the future. The visual glitch seems to occur when I had Outlines option on and Full Screen Antil Alias off (FSAA).


The complication from me was that I could not change the FSAA setting. Once I reinstaled the client everything fell back into place.

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