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  1. pblue

    Necro secondary

    Also, Steamy Mist (from Storm) + zombies is, in effect, John Carpenter's "The Fog".
  2. pblue

    Necro secondary

    I like my zombie henchmen. I have a Necro/Storm and a Necro/Force Field at 50. Despite being very different secondaries, my strategy is the essentially same; knock down your foe and let the zombies pile in a feeding frenzy. There is something very cruel yet satisfying about that.
  3. pblue

    Epic for Bot/Rad?

    Thanks, that makes sense. Does S/L Defence Cap really help vs status effects ( I guess the Energy part of Scorpion shield does).
  4. I have a bot/rad character for casual solo. I'm in Epic range and I am wonder which Epic to go for. Specifically, I am curious about: 1. When using bodyguard mode, is it better to focus on resistance or defence on the mastermind? 2. Does Power Boost work with the Rad debuffs (Radiation Infection,Lingering Radiatio, Enervating Field) or does it last just a few seconds?
  5. I got the Barrier Incarnate ability which is great execpt that it makes everything in the bubble look grainy. Are there any custom color options that might mitigate its visual effect?
  6. Not that it's relevant, but Jim Butcher was and still a City of Heroes player. Apparently, back in the day he had to struggle with NCSoft to be allowed to use the names of his fictional characters in game (as he is the copyright owner of those characters).
  7. For more details about how good/bad the Pool Power attacks truly are see: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/2223-the-problem-with-pool-powers/?tab=comments#comment-17116 The conclusions from that thread is that Pool Power attacks generally aren't very good, but as Mastermind primary attacks aren't very good either, it's all relative. I'm no expert but if I were really keen for a fighting Mastermind I might for for Force Fields with a melee based pets like Nercomancy. Force Fields give you decent defence which you will want if you are plan to get up close. If you only take the shields you should have power slots, Endurance and free time to engage in melee. Personal Force Field to save your skin when you get too much aggro. Meanwhile the zombies are well protected in their bubble and can self-heal, making them pretty self-sufficient. The Lich even provides a good amount of control. And if you get Life Drain you also have a means to heal yourself. In practice I suspect trying to get yourself into the right position to engage in melee while keeping an eye on six or seven pets isn't always going to feel particularly smooth or effective in play but, it's a game right? If on the other hand you just want to feel you are doing as much damage as your minions, I'd go with Storm.
  8. That makes sense, thanks. I was just worried I might be missing something obvious.
  9. Is there a way to see a pet's Defence score (including the bonus from the masterminds shields and aura's from matermind's IO's)? I can see a Pet View button, but it only seems to show powers, not its Defence value.
  10. pblue

    Terror or Deceive

    Right, consider me persuaded, I shall keep both. Thanks for the feedback. Bonous question: any tips or tricks for using Deceive?
  11. I have a Ill/Rad character in progress almost entirely for solo play. It's a classic combo, it works really well, couldn't be happier. My only issue is that I can't decide between Spectral Terror and Deceive. I like them both but I don't have room for both of them and even then they don't play nice with each other. Which should I keep?
  12. pblue

    Kismet+6% Acc

    On a mastermind, does the +6% bonus for the Kismet unique apply to the pet attacks as well? If so what power would it be best to slot this in?
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