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  1. Necro/Storm was quite possibly my most fun mastermind. I may have mentioned this before but the whole knock target down so zombies can pile on to feed is as cruel as it is satisfying. But the OP has already got one of those. The real surprise, in terms of sheer enjoyment, was my Merc/FF mastermind. You wouldn't think pairing two of the worst performing powers would end well, would you? But somehow, without even noticing I got to Vet level 66 all the way solo. I have a Thug/Cold and a Mercs/Traps mastermind. Either offers everything my Merc/FF does and more, so I should know better
  2. I had a very smooth, easy solo experience with Sonic. Sonic provides a lot of control along with damage. The sleep power Siren Call, often skipped for group orientated builds, becomes very effective when you are on your own. Full disclosure, I wasn't playing a max difficulty, but then this was very cheap build with only a few tactical uniques and standard IOs. But your best bet is just read through the sticky thread and choose whatever sounds fun to you.
  3. Go to Pocket D, look for one of the parked trunks inside the club . On top there is a bird NPC, a gull called Null. It allows you to change alignment just like that. Or you could do that whole 10 Tips followed by a Morality Mission.
  4. Leadership to tripple dip on Maneuvres and Tactics? Medicine because you have no other heal? Invisibility because Invisiblity and Force Field goes back to the days of the Fantastic Four? Speed for Haste and Superspeed (which in turn gives you stealth+the right IO - see FF mention above) or Whirlwind because it's nuts. In a way it's a shame you already picked your Epic. because Leviathan's Knockout Blow is pretty strong and with Cross Punch it can make pretty good melee character, for a Mastermind.
  5. Is it worth putting the -Res proc in a fast recharing attack like Burst? I can never gauge the trade off between the high probability of a proc firing off on a slow recharger power vs the increased opportunities of triggering the proc on rapid power - sort like the difference between having just one dice throw with good odds vs many dice throws, each with poor odds.
  6. I had a Ninja/FF Mastermind set up with attacks from Fighting and Leviathan. I figured, my guys are melee, why not join them? On paper the attacks looked OK but in practice, even solo, by the time I got my character close enough to land a punch, one the ninjas had already killed my target. I tried ordering the ninjas to focus on one target while I handled the spare, but that just felt as my pets were letting my have a pity kill. Eventually I respeced. Still, the potential is there. I might try it on my Necro/Sonic at some point.
  7. My Sonic Sentinel absolutely feels like a Controller. I went a different route in that, as a solo player I leveraged Siren's Call (with Mass Hypnosis as a back up) for hard control and the disorient powers for the rest. It was very smooth, very safe. I paired Sonic with Super Reflexes but with hindsight I kind of regret going for a more adventureous secondary. Fair warning though, I never really tested this character against truly hard content.
  8. I played a lot of masterminds but I am still unclear why in some instances caltrops are little more than an annoyance while in some cases caltrops cause total chaos in my pets. I don't if this is true, but I think my Resistance-based pets have it worst than Defence based ones. The very worst outcome I saw was with my Necro/Sonic character though. A few caltrops and my zombies wnet nuts. up running wild in random directions, even different rooms. I had not taken the Leadership powers on that character yet. @Decaying Rose explained the reason to me:
  9. Have a look at these two sticky thread to get a great overview of all the different Mastermind Primaries and detailed account to two of the most powerful Secondaries (Time and Dark). The guide for Dark even gives you guidelines for enhancing the powers when you are on a budget ("Basic Slotting"), the principle of which will apply to other powersets. Personally, for a first timer, I'd look at Robots or Necro. They are well balanced, well behaved pets. Robots are nice in that they help protect you with their forcefields, whereas zombies help you control the battl
  10. If you really don't want to do the Market thing, note that you can get the Steadfast Protection +3% Enhancement for only 20 Merits, which you get just doing missions without even noticing. Also, while it might be too late, Super Reflexes is really a very, very effective secondary for someone who is on a budget.
  11. It's a quality of life thing for me, especially as I solo mostly. I like that I can get a (subjectively) smooth play experience with a pretty cheap, casual build.
  12. Title says it all. I solo a lot and I am enjoying the pseudo-controller (with awesome defences) play style of my Sonic/SR Sentinel. Just wondering if the second Mag 3 Sleep might affect higher ranked mobs or is just redundant?
  13. I had a very smooth ride with Robots/Radiation. The robots provide a lot of defence, so radiations it seemed to complement well with radations debuffs. The area heal and accellerated metabolism are greaty quality of life powers. I skipped a few powers and ended up getting some of the primary attacks. I added a couple of procs to Photon Grenade, and just enough Endurance Reduction in Pulse Rifle so that once I dropped the toggles I can pew-pew at will just for the hell of it. I doubt it is the toughest build out there, but it's easy without being boring.
  14. pblue


    Barrier boost Resistances as well as Defence, so which might make the difference between the bots not getting one-shotted when an attack get's passed their defence.
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