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Energy Melee - +dmg provided by Bio vs. Stone. Procs, etc.


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I wanted to know which armor set would provide the biggest damage boost to Energy Melee so I ran some numbers.  Thought I'd share here in case anyone else might be interested.  If I left out any other good contenders let me know.  Shield could be in the mix but it really only gets good when surrounded by lots of enemies and that's not something I want to count on when playing a Stalker.  There might also be other valid considerations other than just +damage, like +recharge, but I wanted to keep it simple.


Both Bio (with Offensive Adaptation) and Stone provide damage procs, but they work a bit differently.  Stone's proc damage is based on the activation time of the attack, while Bio's proc is based on the recharge of the power.  They end up being pretty similar for most powers but vary more for outliers.


Power Bio total +dmg Stone total +dmg (avg) Bio proc dmg Bio +dmg Stone proc dmg (tick)
Barrage 36.70 28.87 18.35 18.35 14.79
Energy Punch 32.25 18.02 16.13 16.13 9.23
Bone Smasher 45.60 27.57 22.80 22.80 14.12
Power Crash 52.19 24.12 25.06 27.13 12.36
ET (fast) 90.65 21.71 27.25 63.40 11.12
ET (slow) 90.65 57.97 27.25 63.40 29.70
Total Focus 98.99 54.93 49.49 49.49 28.14


Here I factored both the toxic damage proc as well as the 25% damage boost from Bio's Offensive Adaptation.  For Stone's fire damage proc from Brimstone Armor it has the typical 80% chance ticks with cancel-on-miss.  So I calculated the average damage for 3 ticks at 80% chance.


For the most part Stone's proc and Bio's came out pretty close, with slow Energy Transfer being the big exception.  Stone generally came out ahead on proc damage, and when you factor in the damage type it's the clear winner here.  But once you add in the 25% damage boost, Bio pulls way ahead.


Probably not a surprise to anyone but I wanted to see the numbers.  Checking of those numbers and other discussion is welcome.

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