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  1. One of the biggest advantages the patron pools have over epics (for me) is that they typically require one fewer prerequisite to get to the power(s) I really want. In a tight build that can change everything. Epics might not even be on the table for those builds. I'd rather see parity there, or just more epics that are structured in the same way as the patron pools.
  2. Why not the finished product? It would be appreciated regardless. Thanks for the tip. I hadn't looked at the code to this point and just presumed that what I was seeing was the full product. Are you doing much translation/interpretation of the output of that program, or is that left to the front-end code? As I said I'd prefer to avoid reinventing the wheel. Regardless, it looks like even in the worst case I can probably get what I need without a tremendous amount of digging around in .bin files. So I guess there's nothing stopping me from moving forward. RIP my
  3. I understand that you have concerns about releasing your code, but how about the raw data? I've only done a small project with RubyRed's data and even that required a significant amount of extra processing to put it into a useful form. It would be great if we didn't all have to reinvent that wheel. I've been toying with the idea of creating a web-based character builder. It's either that or quit the game, since I'm on Linux and Mids' doesn't run there anymore. However I'm aware of how foolish an undertaking it probably is. Many before me have tried, and apparently all of them
  4. If each geyser lasts 15 seconds and can cast Thermal Vents every 6 seconds, then each one should be able to cast it 3 times before it expires, no? Geyser 1 Geyser 2 Geyser 3 0 secs 10 secs 20 secs 6 secs 16 secs 26 secs 12 secs 22 secs 32 secs So it would be: 0 sec 6 sec 10 sec 12 sec 16 sec 20 sec 22 sec 26 sec 30 sec ...etc.
  5. For upper body choose "Tight" as the first option, then under "Chest" choose "Metallic" or "Metallic 2". Same for lower body. "Tight", then for "Pants" choose "Metallic" or "Metallic 2". You can do the same for gloves and boots. For face there is also "Metallic" and "Metallic 2" options, as well as "Skull Metal", plus "Robotic" and clockwork options. Also consider applying the "Blend" pattern (chosen directly under "Metallic"). If you choose slightly different colors for your primary and secondary color it may give you a pleasing effect.
  6. I'm inspired to ask because I had this experience recently with Psi Melee. Tried it a while back on a Brute and didn't much care for it. It wasn't exactly bad, but did nothing for me. Finally gave it another go on a Stalker and absolutely love it. On the Brute I almost never used the confuse (despite normally loving any power with that effect) aside from special cases like maybe sappers. On the Stalker it's so much fun to be able to confuse a minion to help me take out the boss next to him. Also when fighting Rikti it's easy to be constantly running around with three or more Accelerate M
  7. Set up on a new Manjaro install and it works fine. Just used wine and winetricks from the package manager. Didn't mess about with Lutris; just created a wineprefix, ran the installer, and it worked fine.
  8. This was discussed a bit up-thread. You can see some specific numbers to back up @Coyote's reply.
  9. This. I couldn't play Stone Armor because of Rooted. Don't like having to use teleport to get around. Not only in combat but around zones as well. Otherwise if I happen to run by and accidentally aggro a mezzing mob I could get into trouble just getting from place to place. Quite annoying. I could live with the penalties in Granite. If Rooted allowed decent movement I could play with the other toggles much of the time and use Granite situationally when needed.
  10. This does work...sort of. I'm seeing the exact same issues that @xl8 laid out here. The powers and slots part of the interface is mashed over to the left so all the slots are overlapping each other, and attempting to open a build file gives me the same error: This is a new 64-bit wineprefix I just created for the purpose of running this version of Mids'. It wouldn't run at all in a 32-bit prefix when I tried it before. I thought maybe it was a problem with the file system being case-sensitive so I copied the file with all uppercase but it made no difference. Ed
  11. There was a time when /MA was decent, before it was nerfed. I don't know why all those reductions were deemed necessary, perhaps chasing an abstract numerical balance that ignored the way the set as a whole played. I was leveling one up before that happened. I haven't returned to it since.
  12. It's worth noting that all the SSA arcs share the same 6.5 day timer, but you get your first run through of each one "for free", the timer doesn't apply. So what that means is that the very first time you run SSA 1, it doesn't start the timer. So you can run it twice in a row for 20 merits if it's your first time on a given character.
  13. If you exemplar much this can be significant. Depending on the power set a Tanker can end up with a very limited attack chain at lower levels. This is one of the main criteria I look at when considering an attack set for a new Tanker. Unfortunately there are a lot of sets that have real problems in this area. It's made much worse by being forced into taking the first attack in the set, which is often the worst. To address your OP a bit...I have always seen it the other way around. I can't bring myself to make a Scrapper. Sure they do more damage, but given how much damage Bru
  14. My guess is "no." I enjoyed the increased range of Psi Blast but was surprised to already be outranged by some mobs starting at level 5. Mobs just get a lot of range on their attacks, especially moreso as you level up. I'd expect this to work pretty well against some mobs though, so as long as you're okay with the approach being kind of hot and cold I'd say go for it. Definitely get any increase to range you can though. I'd expect any of the rifle-based mobs to still be able to reach you, along with of course Fake Nems, Rikti, etc.
  15. I agree with most of what you said but I wonder if we read the same thread. I see people mostly saying perma-Dom and Hasten are not needed but they do increase the power and enjoyability of a Dominator by enough that it's worth reconsidering them. Seems reasonable to me. I'm inclined to agree. If someone's preferences lead them away from those things that's perfectly fine and will create an enjoyable and playable character, but they will be leaving performance on the table. It's worth pointing that out, and that's mostly what I see in this thread.
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