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  1. This. I couldn't play Stone Armor because of Rooted. Don't like having to use teleport to get around. Not only in combat but around zones as well. Otherwise if I happen to run by and accidentally aggro a mezzing mob I could get into trouble just getting from place to place. Quite annoying. I could live with the penalties in Granite. If Rooted allowed decent movement I could play with the other toggles much of the time and use Granite situationally when needed.
  2. This does work...sort of. I'm seeing the exact same issues that @xl8 laid out here. The powers and slots part of the interface is mashed over to the left so all the slots are overlapping each other, and attempting to open a build file gives me the same error: This is a new 64-bit wineprefix I just created for the purpose of running this version of Mids'. It wouldn't run at all in a 32-bit prefix when I tried it before. I thought maybe it was a problem with the file system being case-sensitive so I copied the file with all uppercase but it made no difference. Edit: Oh yeah one other thing maybe worth mentioning...This actually worked with the first 3.0 release. The display had the same issues, but I could open a build. After updating to the latest I started seeing that error on opening a build.
  3. There was a time when /MA was decent, before it was nerfed. I don't know why all those reductions were deemed necessary, perhaps chasing an abstract numerical balance that ignored the way the set as a whole played. I was leveling one up before that happened. I haven't returned to it since.
  4. It's worth noting that all the SSA arcs share the same 6.5 day timer, but you get your first run through of each one "for free", the timer doesn't apply. So what that means is that the very first time you run SSA 1, it doesn't start the timer. So you can run it twice in a row for 20 merits if it's your first time on a given character.
  5. If you exemplar much this can be significant. Depending on the power set a Tanker can end up with a very limited attack chain at lower levels. This is one of the main criteria I look at when considering an attack set for a new Tanker. Unfortunately there are a lot of sets that have real problems in this area. It's made much worse by being forced into taking the first attack in the set, which is often the worst. To address your OP a bit...I have always seen it the other way around. I can't bring myself to make a Scrapper. Sure they do more damage, but given how much damage Brutes do along with greater survivability I haven't been able to see the appeal of Scrappers. Probably the biggest appeal for me is the auto-taunt. Dealing with runners is no fun on a melee toon, and Brutes pretty much don't have that problem. If I'm going to deal with it, I'll roll a Stalker, because they have a more interesting mechanic. So for me it's Scrappers that just don't have a unique place.
  6. My guess is "no." I enjoyed the increased range of Psi Blast but was surprised to already be outranged by some mobs starting at level 5. Mobs just get a lot of range on their attacks, especially moreso as you level up. I'd expect this to work pretty well against some mobs though, so as long as you're okay with the approach being kind of hot and cold I'd say go for it. Definitely get any increase to range you can though. I'd expect any of the rifle-based mobs to still be able to reach you, along with of course Fake Nems, Rikti, etc.
  7. I agree with most of what you said but I wonder if we read the same thread. I see people mostly saying perma-Dom and Hasten are not needed but they do increase the power and enjoyability of a Dominator by enough that it's worth reconsidering them. Seems reasonable to me. I'm inclined to agree. If someone's preferences lead them away from those things that's perfectly fine and will create an enjoyable and playable character, but they will be leaving performance on the table. It's worth pointing that out, and that's mostly what I see in this thread.
  8. carroto

    Best Solo Build?

    I tried to export mine to share but apparently Mids' crashes when trying to do this under Linux.
  9. That's the direction I went as well. If Mids' is correct, it's way better DPSA than any of the other pool attacks. However... I haven't done a deep dive into this myself but the impression I've gotten from those who have is that toxic is one of the more heavily resisted damage types. I don't remember how commonly resisted it is, but when it's resisted it tends to be resisted a lot. Off the top of my head I'm guessing all robots for a start. So I don't know how it shakes out in the end. I do know that the Arcane Bolt animation is unnecessarily long and I never enjoyed it when I tried it. So Toxic Dart is more fun for me, and more damage against enemies that don't heavily resist toxic. I prefer a more consistent performance, but in this case for me it's the best of the available options.
  10. Aid Self is a pretty bad power IMO. More of a downtime reducer than an in-combat heal. Given that you already have a heal in Water/ I wouldn't bother. Instead I'd probably build for some ranged defense and maybe take hover if that would fit your character. That's just me though. /Cold has precious little to offer in the way of self-defense. It's more of a great team buff set, so making a soloist out of it is kind of taking a harder road. You could build on the defense and resists in Arctic Fog by taking the Fighting pool. Add in a good epic shield and you can get some strong resists going to common damage types. With ranged defense on top you'd be pretty durable, with the usual caveat that a single mez can shut most of that down.
  11. This is me as well. The hit sounds are, for me, too high-pitched. Seems like I'm hitting an empty tin box. They really grate on me. Maybe I should try a sound mod and see if that helps. The combination of the animations and sounds makes for a set that just doesn't feel powerful or even congruous. Otherwise I think I agree with a lot that others have said. On paper it seems like the set should be mostly okay. Animation times for at least the lower-level powers are okay. The set sure does feel slow though. It would be great if not all of the higher powers were so slow. The set actually has a lot of things I like. A ranged attack in a melee set is a real plus for me. A decent(ish) PBAoE (KD also a plus). A cone is nice, but needing to burn a slot on KB-to-KD is a negative. A mix of secondary effects with low chances means it might as well not have secondary effects, but whatever. Not uncommon. It seems like it should be at least playable, but I have never been able to make it work for me. I think it comes down to the feel. Sounds and animations. I wouldn't want to take the animations from those who like them, but I don't know what the solution would be. I'm guessing that alternate animations would need to keep the same hit times, which is presumably a significant factor in why they feel slow. So other than just speeding up some of the animations I'm not sure what to suggest. I think that if some of them could be sped up and I applied some kind of sound mod that would probably address the feel of it, which would likely be enough to edge the set over into playability for me. On top of that some of the other suggestions from this thread to improve Power Siphon and Concentrated Strike would bump it up into at least a mid-low tier set instead of bottom of the barrel.
  12. Yes of course. It is one of the most interesting, powerful, and fun mechanics in the game. There are precious few sets which include a version which can be controlled with precision and applied without notifying mobs. Unfortunately most of them do not appeal to me. Dark Control is a great set though, and the confuse is one of the reasons why.
  13. Staff Fighting just feels weak to me. I've seen others day the same. So that's probably why you see fewer of them. It's just not that fun. I think it's a combination of the animations and sounds. Just kind of twirling and dull thwacks. I abandoned mine once I saw how it played and didn't care for it. Energy Aura is a real mix. It gets strong defensive values and some good utility so against the right enemies it's easy mode. Being immune to end drain isn't a factor all that often but when it is, man it's nice. Personally I won't play typed defense sets anymore though. The toxic and psi holes are too much for me. Between the two there are a lot of enemies with damage you'll have very minimal protection from. Apparently this is not a problem for some, but after taking /Ice and /EA to 50 I've said no more. The feast or famine way they play doesn't appeal to me. It may to you. Someone else in this thread said that the higher values and utility mean you can put more damage procs in your build. True to an extent, provided that you make no effort to plug the toxic and psi holes. If you do, you'll find that it actually takes more slots to do a weak job of that than you'd devote to pump your defenses higher on a positional defense build. Ninjitsu is nice because it's a loose build and gives positional defense with a heal. Plus caltrops, which is really potent. However if you want to go full softcap you have to work for it. You'll be sacrificing max damage to get there. I tend to get most of the way there but don't make the sacrifices necessary to cross the finish line. A mix of good defenses and damage that are adequate for most situations with inspirations filling in the gaps for the rest. Shield Defense is similar on non-tanks. Hard to get to the soft cap so I don't usually bother fully. Build for good defense and regen and call it good. It's (IMO) the best set available to Stalkers that contributes damage. There are precious few options in that category and it's something I personally value highly, so SD is one of the top Stalker sets for me for sure.
  14. Yep. On a fast-moving team by the time you can put your debuffs in place, they're already irrelevant. There might be an occasional opportunity to do a little reactive healing but that's slow too, and the teammate who needed it probably moved out of range before you could get it off. The whole set just feels sluggish. This is always true, but it really stands out on a typical fast-moving high-level team. It's not uncommon in those situations for me to mostly ignore Dark Miasma and focus on blasting instead. Sure then I'm just a gimped blaster in those situations, but it's fine because the team doesn't really need more damage anyway. The set solos so well, and contributes greatly in those team situations where it's actually needed. So the lack of endgame utility isn't that much of a problem for me. There isn't much that's needed, and not that many sets that can provide it. We can't all play the same handful of sets all the time.
  15. One thing worth considering is non-suppressing stealth. Most stealth powers will suppress when you use an attack, meaning that you're fully visible. However a few do not. Off the top of my head there's the stealth powers in Dark Miasma, Storm Summoning, and Cold Domination for support sets. For melee armor sets there's Dark Armor and Energy Aura. As Gulbasaur mentioned, it would be easier to know which way to go here if you shared your theme. One of my favorite combos is a snipe along with non-suppressing stealth. I can snipe a mob and I'm still stealthed, so no other nearby groups can see me. I especially enjoy pitting opposing factions against each other. When there are hostile groups in an area, I can snipe a mob from one group and retreat behind the other group, but they can't see me, so then they end up fighting and I can hang out on the outside and pick them off. Probably not everyone's idea of a good time, but I enjoy it.
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