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  1. When did that happen? In our previous discussions he said he was using a script to transform the output of that tool for his use.
  2. There may be an issue with this step. I only know of one source for game numbers data and right now it appears to have been abandoned. See here. I was planning to work on some tooling that required those data but that's on hold until/unless I decide to dig in to the code for that tool and the binary formats of the files it's reading and get it working for me. I haven't been following things much but this may be why CoD hasn't been updated recently also.
  3. I really enjoy the zone events too. Too bad the one in Brickstown is so often broken. I like the one in St. Martial, although it can be tough for some characters. The Praetorian ones are fun, too. As I'm writing this out I realize I like the newer zone events that were created with mobs that scale to your level. The older ones like the building fire in Steel Canyon or the Superadine raid in Skyway are not as fun, although they would probably be difficult or impossible to solo with scaled mobs.
  4. This is the best starting place for a Blaster IMO. Make a classic Hover-Blaster. Take Hover, stay out of range of enemies' melee attacks, get ranged defense when you can. Even if you get mezzed the meleers still can't reach you, which reduces the damage you take. Just hover there above them and hammer them with your T1 and T2 attacks until the mez wears off. Learn to recognize the mezzers and target them first. If you start the fight with a Build Up + Snipe and unload damage, in my experience by the time the mez hits the mezzer is already significantly damaged and you can fini
  5. Not just Nerva, the (redacted)-end of Nerva. Even starting from the north black helicopter it's a bit of a hike. Oh well, red world problems I guess. Still doesn't compare to IP.
  6. Yeah it wasn't that close to shutdown. Back then PVP recipe drops were incredibly rare and the +def and +res uniques were going for inf cap and above. If I really needed one for a build I had to grind out 30 alignment missions (not tip missions) to get 30 alignment merits I could use to directly buy the recipe. Took a long time. There was a timer on tips or alignment missions, I don't remember, but you could only do them so fast. So anyway yeah tips were out long enough for me to get those uniques put into a number of my builds, so it wasn't that close to shutdown.
  7. Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly but I think the main issue the devs had with it back in the day was aesthetic. I kind of hoped the HC devs would see it differently and enable the combo, but no such luck. I too was terribly disappointed when I went to make mine and discovered that I couldn't. Maybe there's a more technical reason.
  8. Probably at least in part because a lot of people haven't figured out that a level 50 dual aspect IO if boosted to +5 has the same enhancement values as a level 50 HO. Unless you're combining HOs to past level 50 for that little bit extra, there's no advantage to the HO unless the power it's in can actually benefit from the other aspects it may enhance. If people were more aware of this I suspect that the price of a level 50 dual-aspect IO + 5 enhancement boosters would be a sort of soft cap on the price of equivalent HOs.
  9. Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, you cannot auto-complete on a flashback.
  10. My primary question here is from a technical standpoint what powers do GMs have? I am on a flashback and cannot complete it. I filed a petition and was told by a GM that nothing can be done. I don't get that. Doing the arc from Fire Wire in Mercy. The last mission of the arc sends me to talk to Lt. Harris. Just click him and the arc is done. However he's not there. Presumably this is because I already completed Lt. Haris' arc and killed him at the end of it, so the contact disappeared. So the mission from Fire Wire cannot be completed because Harris is not there to be click
  11. Has anyone run this against the latest game files? I'm getting this: Reading ./bin/clientmessages-en.bin ... Message store contains 80574 entries. Reading ./bin/attrib_names.bin ... Reading ./bin/classes.bin ... Unable to parse classes table. Expected 464 bytes in struct, but read 460 bytes. and I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something wrong or if maybe the file formats have changed.
  12. You might need to complete Dean's arc before you can do Leonard's, since Dean introduces you to Leonard.
  13. In my opinion the Storm set was semi-broken way back in...I don't remember what issue...8 or 9 I'd guess, when Hurricane was changed due to PvP issues. Up to that point it could be used to reliably corral mobs. The repel pulsed many times per second, so it was basically constant. Mobs couldn't run through it and get pushed out the other side like they can now. So you could put them in a corner and keep them there while your lightning and tornado worked them over. Now they run to the far side of the map, often until you lose your target on them. There are two sets th
  14. To silence the Umbral Beast barking I had to put in seven files...Dog_Bark_01 - Dog_Bark_07. Same location as the howl file. It seems that the game randomly chooses from among the seven so all are required to silence it completely. You can just leave in one or two if you want an occasional bark but not the incessant noise.
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