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Disintegrate Spread

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I've noticed two things - might be related to each-other...


1) On Live, Disintegrate spread pops up pretty much with the damage numbers on impact.

-Currently in beta it takes maybe half a second after the hit and damage have shown up and affected the target.


2) On Live, kill-shots can spread disintegrate.

-On Beta disintegrate does not appear to spread if the target dies between the hit that would spread it and the actual spreading event. How this is a problem for Lancer Shot and Penetrating Ray especially, should be rather obvious.

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Just jumped on Justin since it's back up and noticed that disintegrate effect is now spreading off (at least) Lancer Shot and Penetrating Ray even though I haven't fired Disintegrate at all. Rechecking the patch notes, I don't think this is intended, unless I am reading it wrong.

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