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The Krow Games (Huge Server Event)


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WHEN: November 5th, approx 6-8pm eastern (early gatherers/invites around 5:30pm)
WHERE: Meeting spot is in Atlas, under Atlas statue
PRIZE: One winner will receive 4,500,000,000 inf!
INFO: This event is limited to 45 players only, toon must be lvl 35+ to participate.  Come join the Krow Games! A huge payout is within your reach!!!!!

Event will start promptly at 6pm eastern, but if all the spots are filled before then during the early invites time period, we will move forward with those who showed up early without any extended invitations to those who show up later (except in the case of someone dropping out before the start time).

NOTE #2: I'm aware this is the Excelsior section. Naturally, any member is welcome to switch to Everlasting this day to compete! I have heard a rumor that Everlasting tends to have more competitive folks. I wonder if the rumors are true. 😏

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Just to be to try to understand more clearly,


Is this an actual event on Excelsior or on Everlasting?


Also I don't see where this is explained as being a pvp, pvpve, or pve. 


Never mind.  You posted more on this in your thread on the Everlasting server's thread on it that you're having this like a sort of squid games theme:




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