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Dark Armor choice


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After testing it out for a while, I'm going to be dropping OG from my DA/Staff tanker.  If my secondary had stuns (mace, KM, etc), it'd probably be great -- it would push the stun magnitude over what's needed to stun bosses.  Right now it mostly just makes minions wander out of my auras.  Nothing I've tested has suggested OG's stun stacks with itself, which would also make it work well.  In response to the above comment, I've never really even noticed OG's hp drain.  It's small enough as to be practically invisible on a tanker.


I am planning to keep CoF.  Both CoF and OG apply a mez, which means threat.  (And they taunt, but as far as I can tell taunts don't stack from same caster.)  CoF also applies a -tohit.  Although Terror isn't the most useful mez (particularly in a kit with a damage aura), I'm ultimately content enough to keep CoF even without specific other synergies.

No-Set Builds: Tanker Scrapper Brute Stalker

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Ive wondered about the toggles with the Mez Hybrid, but thats a power thats only ‘doing its thing’ half the time...

Great Justice - Invuln/Energy Melee Tank

Ann Atomic - Radiation/Super Strength Tank

Elecutrix - Electric Blast/Super Reflexes Sentinel

Ramayael - Titan Weapons/Bio Scrapper

C'len - Spines/Bio Brute

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I'm running DA/Staff and CoF plus Death Shroud is sufficient at low levels, as they both taunt and CoF gives some decent control.  OP isn't that good until later, and some would say it is never actually good.


With Staff, I can run 6 toggles at level 28 with no END issues.

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