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Non-Set (or generic-use) Dual/Tri IOs

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So, there are a few powers in the game that don't accept set enhancements. Assault, Fulcrum Shift, etc. There are also some sets with a gaping hole in what they enhance. So, I wanted to propose new IOs that can be slotted into such powers, or fill these gaps.


Now, I know what people are thinking: Hami-Os. Also, Incarnate Alphas. Sure, but, good luck finding one that fills in all the right spots. Tell me which of those enhances Accuracy, Recharge, AND Endurance Reduction. I'd wait, but I already know that the answer is "none of them" (well, I looked really hard, at least), so I'll save you the trouble of looking!


So, along that vein, I'd like to see enhancements (that can be slotted into just about any power, like a generic IO) that enhance the following:


Acc/End (Uncommon)

Acc/Recharge (Uncommon)

Acc/Recharge/Debuff (Rare)

Acc/End/Recharge (Rare)

End/Recharge (Uncommon)

End/Recharge/Buff (Rare)


The Buff and Debuff ones would have to be programed to enhance every buff/debuff in the game, which would be a huge chore, I'm sure =/


Wanna make this a set? Okay, let's call it "Vhazilok's Generic Substitution", available from levels 10-50. Here are the Bonuses:


2/6: +2% Damage

3/6: +5% Healing received

4/6: +2.5% HP

5/6: +2.5% Toxic and Psi resist

6/6: + 3% Def (All)


Not really worth slotting all 5, especially at the expense of things like damage and mez duration, but, if someone were that masochistic, the set bonuses are just that, bonuses.


Or just nix the "Set" idea all together and just have them be stand-alones, which is kinda the idea in the first place.




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I would really appreciate "crafted HamiOs."


Even if they were deliberately weaker than the corresponding regular HamiO, I'd like to be able to have something like Hami enhancements, without having to kill Hamidon and/or Recluse/Statesman or spend 10,000,000 INF to get a multi-aspect enhancement.

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