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Sustain IO Set (End Mod/Heal)


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There are quite a few powers in the game now that can be slotted for both End Mod and Heal. The Blaster sustain powers are the obvious ones but there are many other support and armour powers such as Soul Absorption and Inexhaustible that could benefit from being able to enhance both these attributes. So, I'm wondering if there is room here for a new category of IO set that can be slotted in powers that can enhance both End Mod and Heal.


For maximum utility this new set would probably need to enhance Accuracy and particularly Recharge in addition to End Mod and Heal. Touch of the Beyond needs Accuracy; Drain Psyche needs both Accuracy and Recharge; powers like Chrono Shift and Painbringer need Recharge before anything else. Using @Vanden's handy dandy IO set designer I've come up with something like:



End Mod/Heal

End Mod/Recharge


Accuracy/End Mod/Heal

End Mod/Heal/Recharge


This gives: Accuracy 47.7%, End Mod 91.78%, Heal 91.78% and Recharge 95.11% (after ED).


I'm not sure what set bonuses would be appropriate. Ranged Defence would seem to fit the majority of powersets that have these powers. +Recharge is always nice too! If it simply copied the bonuses from Preemptive Optimization I'd be very happy.


Struggling to think of an appropriate name though. Boundless Vigour?

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