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  1. Was going to write a big long thing but it all boils down to; less arachnos, more agency.
  2. The difficulty of the game in teams, particularly at high levels, is something of a hot button topic around these parts. There has been significant power creep over time and this always was designed as an mmo that could be solo'd. We now have the situation where people are teaming on characters that are perfectly capable of handling the same content at maximum settings solo and this of course has an impact on the experience of their teammates. At lower levels where characters are less developed this is less of a problem but there the tendancy is for content to be run at easy settings for maximum kill speed. This has the same effect for characters built more with support in mind where they can feel like a fifth wheel. However, when the going gets tough a debuffer (or a good controller) can make all the difference. One answer to all this is to make your own teams and crank the difficulty up until the kill speed drops out of the cakewalk bracket. Also don't be afraid to ask for the difficulty to be raised when on someone else's team. I've had refusals but never seen anyone get upset by this. Another thing to be wary of is joining teams running at a very different level to yourself. The xp is fantastic as a lowbie joining a high level team but you won't feel like you are doing much. Ultimately this game is designed to be very casual friendly and solo friendly. All characters are expected to contribute damage and not all support powers are going to be needed in all situations. If you find yourself in such a team then concentrate on blasting away or leave and do something else if that's not proving to be fun.
  3. I've been giving this a bit more thought and decided that I'm going to drop mace and go fire. I don't strictly speaking need an epic shield because of ranged softcap, to hit debuffs, immobilize and knockdowns. Adding bonfire into the mix just sounds like fun. It also makes this build even closer to my ta/dark defender with bonfire subbing in for oil slick arrow. I put the two side by side and it's amazing how well the defender compares in terms of damage (many, many procs). Not as survivable though in most cases and the blaster can bring the hurt constantly whereas the defender is a nightmare on the blue bar.
  4. Because of everything really. Mag 3 hold with good duration on a shortish cooldown with no crash. On a blaster. Cap P has said he screwed up with this power in particular and it will be 'adjusted'. I just hope the nerf hammer only hits this power and leaves the rest of the set alone (which is top tier even leaving this power out altogether).
  5. Oh sure there are trade offs. Mind you the regen that the numina proc gives you seems functionally irrelevant to me. Regen in general needs to be huge in order to make a real difference. I guess what I'm saying is that I have a priority order for adding things to health and stamina that looks like: panacea > perf shifter proc > miracle > perf shifter end mod > end mod > numina proc. Don't get me started on my real pet peeve which is blaster builds that mule the sustain and then slot health and stamina out...
  6. But the point is that if you don't need to three slot stamina (perf shifter +end, perf shifter endmod, endmod) then you don't need to three slot health (panacea, miracle, numina). If you really need the end though and you are looking to spend three slots on health and stamina slot a pure endmod in stamina rather than adding a third slot to health for the numina proc. Also technically if you are only running stamina with the base slot you can save a bit of inf and slot an endmod rather that the shifter proc, it works out much the same (and better if you 50+5 it).
  7. I see this slotting quite a bit too but I'm pretty sure the numina proc doesn't give the return that moving that slot to stamina would give with a plain end mod in it. 50+5 it and it's way ahead. Of course the numina also gives regen so if that's a thing in a build then it's a consideration but I think most people are chasing recovery primarily.
  8. I finally took a deep breath and did this on my badger over the weekend. I just went through my alts and emailed hero merits to myself from anyone who could make one. I was surprised just how many merits were sitting around on characters I haven't played in ages. I had enough before I'd reached halfway down page 2 of my roster. It still hurt a bit spending it all but it had to be done.
  9. I tend to build my ranged blasters focusing just on ranged def and my blappers with s/l and ranged. This works out because the melee attacks allow you to slot s/l defence much more easily. The problem with relying on res of any description on a blaster is mez and debuffs. Without defence to avoid attacks (particularly ranged def as a lot of mez is attached to ranged attacks) you will eat an awful lot of status effects which will end up getting you killed even if you can brush off the initial damage. It is pretty easy and cheap to build for ranged def. Thunderstrike in your single target ranged attacks, artillery in your taoes and makos bite in melee attacks (if not chasing s/l as well). The ato sets do provide a healthy chunk too alongside other juicy bonuses but they aren't required to build for ranged def. In general I find ranged blasters among the cheapest builds I make, winters and purples are not go to sets when all you want is ranged def. Having said all of which you don't have to chase defence at all. If you are going to team all the time and are careful with aggro then it's not so vital. The other route is heavy control and that can work too. I'm thinking of trying to put together a water/cold/fire blapper that is likely to not have much defence but will rely on debuffs and control to stay alive. It might well not work but it looks like fun!
  10. I got inspired to have a play and see what I would do with this. I've switched to hover blasting (hover at capped flyspeed) and made a couple of small adjustments. It perma's hasten without ff+rech or upshot boosts and is kinder on the end bar.
  11. Actually fair enough on ice arrow. I was comparing this to the ice/tac/cold I am currently running, there ice arrow makes a handy upgrade from bitter freeze ray. You already have 4 main single target attacks plus the immob so you don't need it. Tac arrow really is a great set. As you say the free recharge is always welcome. I've been a bit reluctant to take esd arrow though because I can feel the nerf hammer of damocles hanging over it! Something I've been a bit on the fence about is the value in slotting a heal set into any blaster sustain rather than some end mod. You get such huge numbers from it. If you were prepared to lose the set bonuses from preventative medicine you could slot it with 2 end mods, 2 heals if you wanted and then would likely be able to strip stamina down to its base slot. That would free up slots to do something like put ragnaroks in glue arrow. Just a thought.
  12. Should we at least merge discussions about dark affinity and dark miasma together? I'm guessing miasma is coming given the current trend but they are more or less the same set. We could kill two 'they are basically very good sets' birds with one stone. As a side note I'm going to be very annoyed if this dark theme ends before we discuss the only dark set I'd really like make a couple of changes to: dark blast with its wonderful array of mismatched cones. Anyway, back on topic. Dark affinity (and miasma); basically very good. Black hole is an auto skip as troo says which is a shame. I also have a small gripe about the cast time of darkest night (and all other toggle debuffs in the game for that matter). In today's fast paced team game these become quite unwieldy to use. Also the change that leaves it running on dead anchors is fine until you engage the next spawn and find you forgot to detoggle it from the last one. Maybe a small reduction in the cooldown?
  13. Flash arrow is unresistable according to the in game info. I like it because you can cast it prior to engagement so it seems free in terms of activation. In your build I might be tempted to drop it for ice arrow though, with procs that becomes seriously heavy hitting and rotating two holds in your attack chain is great. I have a defender proc monster version of trick arrow/dark who I love but is basically just an end hungry blaster. I also have this blaster combo rolled up but sitting at lv1 waiting for me to get around to it. So many alts, so little time!
  14. That one on the city map in the freaklympics drives me insane every single time. It hasn't once gone well.
  15. Surprised you haven't had more response to this so here goes. Freeze ray is a great attack that happens to hold and should be slotted and used as such. Bitter freeze ray is a terrible attack (low dpa) and is often dropped. You have three endmods in stamina and none in frigid protection. Frigid protection gives twice the recovery that stamina does so slot that first. I would try to get more enhancement into ice storm and definitely into blizzard. Blizzard is a fantastic nuke with good secondary effects and a technically higher mob cap than any other nuke (due to being a rain it can kill mobs and then start effecting others). Frost breath is the more skippable of the aoes if something has to give. If you do take frost breath I like to get range enhancement into it. 5 posi's including the dam/range and a pure range io is my default cone slotting. Try to add the guassian's proc to build up, it makes a big difference. I would lose the regen tissue proc to free up a slot. Actually if you get a couple of endmods into frigid protection you might find you don't need the extra health and stamina slots at all. Leave the panacea in health and a single endmod in stamina and you should be good.
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