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  1. That was my thought. You'd want them very low key but would still want to be able to identify who was being affected.
  2. Yeah I love the theme. Sort of the leadership pool on steroids. Creating vfx that are fitting could be something of a challenge though!
  3. I have no experience of pvp and am almost allergic to it as a concept so take this with a pinch of salt. But ... if the armour tier 9's in their current form are indespensible to pvp I would ask the question whether that doesn't say more about how pvp currently functions rather than the tier 9's themselves. It's always worth taking a step back and checking whether the wider picture is itself a problem as two wrongs rarely make a satisfactory right. In any event it would be perfectly possible to have these powers working differently in pve to pvp. They may be working well in the cur
  4. I've no objection to this idea but if I could add a channel myself it would be a farming one in the hope that looking for group could be spared the incessant spam...
  5. Two versions of what I'm planning for a dp/mc after the changes to the concealment pool drop. The first is a fairly standard softcap s/l/e/r build (using agility): And the second dropping the e and r softcaps for more damage (using intuition): The blanks in both builds are ff+rech procs. Also the selection order in both isn't what I'd really do in practice.
  6. The tanks vs brutes thing does depend on sets as well. Now they've had their damage modifier raised tanks do very well with sets that have +dam. I wouldn't play dark melee on a brute for example as it is the absolute bomb on tanks. Give a brute a set that doesn't rely on a +dam mechanic and has decent aoe without the tank radius/arc buffs and they are golden. Brutes are easier to level as well. Fury does so much of the heavy lifting in the early game. This also means they exemp well. Another thing I'm almost embarrassed to admit I consider when choosing between tanks an
  7. You mean aside from the Travel power (which is definitely useful to every AT)? Has some strange timewarp phenomenon happened here?!
  8. Arachnos are a difficult group. They do hefty psi, energy and even some chunks of toxic damage alongside the more normal types. This makes it hard for any one set to cover it all. They also do plenty of debuffs that one way or another can make like difficult. Radiation armour is an option. You can plug psi with impervium armour and the aegis unique and the other hole (cold) can be ignored. Take focused accuracy to help out with debuffs and you should be in a decent spot to go arachnos hunting. They are never exactly fun to fight though!
  9. My response quoted both yourself claiming the devs seemed to be acting out of spite and another poster claiming the devs seemed to be pursuing a vendetta against a power they had taken a personal dislike to. I was pointing out that these attacks on the devs motives are completely unwarranted. You are absolutely free of course to disagree with a change or the general direction of game development but that doesn't excuse those kind of statements. Not agreeing with the devs isn't the same thing at all as claiming they don't have good motives and that sort of posting just makes the debate more tox
  10. It would be great if they could open up all the palattes for any power. My biggest bugbear is trying to match colours between primary and secondary if they use different palattes. Another thing I'd love to have would be a saturation slider to use in conjunction with the colour selection. It's frustrating to find the perfect colour but to just want a bit more or less of it.
  11. I was about to say that I think they should be kept for the lower levels as a boost for starting characters. But thinking about it I wonder if the fact that people are used to starting each squishie characters career with always on mez protection is part of the problem we are seeing with the RoP changes. Once you have become used to something it is a wrench when it disappears, far more than if you never had it in the first place. Assuming people are reluctant to keep paying for the amplifiers they then look for the thing they have had in other places and RoP as part of a cycle of powers become
  12. Maybe it just comes down to the power being someone on the dev crew's proverbial personal bugbear? A power they just intensely dislike for whatever reason, and would love to flat-out nuke from orbit if they could? Taking a heavy nerf-bat to it may be the next best thing in that case. If it becomes even more uncommon a pick than it already is, I could see that being counted as a win for someone who really wanted it out of the picture. We all have something like that, I think... Some bit of the game we want to punt right into a volcano... 😝 Or we could assume th
  13. This should probably be a discussion for a separate 'HC design philosophy' thread. Personally I am encouraged that they are prepared to make bold changes, feel that underpinning everything with solid numbers is a good idea (original devs not balancing around activation time being a huge failing is this regard for example) and generally I like combo mechanics as they add interactive interest to the button pressing. It also seems to me that we can infer from these changes that they are trying to improve baseline performance while limiting it (where they consider necessary) at the hig
  14. Are you fighting enemies lower in level than you or ones like clockwork that are vulnerable to kb? In both cases the mag of kb can be increased enough to become actual kb rather than kd.
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