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  1. I've had a bit of fun with kill x missions when using them as an opportunity to work on that factions defeat badge. It takes longer as often you are hunting bosses but it's far more satisfying to assassinate 10 bosses than to mow down the first 10 minions you find. Of course this only works with certain factions and certain locations.
  2. Further to this and as a general comment about the idea that we already have the tools available to make the game harder for ourselves: Yes, any individual can choose to not incarnate, or to not use IO's or even to use TO's at 50 if they want to make the game really hard. However that is beside the point because in the team setting it isn't just that one players level of performance that dictates their experience of the game. When I was kicking around an idea for a buff to enemies in another thread I specifically wanted it to only apply when teaming for this reason. Solo it really doesn't matter how op or how gimped a player wants to be. Whatever they consider fun is fine as nothing they are doing directly impacts anyone else. However in the team setting each individual is affecting the game experience of everyone. We all need to feel like we are contributing, that we are collectively working towards something. Playing on teams where individuals in that team are perfectly capable of soloing the content is in my opinion never going to be fun for anyone else.
  3. We've got a ton of IO sets in the game that no one uses because the bonuses are not considered worthwhile. At the same time we (I am among those that argue) have an overperformance problem due in large part to the power of the top end IO sets. I think we should be looking at what we have and tweaking that before adding any further complexity and power into the system. That said if we really have to have some new unique top end enhancements it might be fun to consider packaging them with built in debuffs to balance things out. +x% res all with -y% def all for example (or -to hit, - damage, etc.)
  4. I tend to think of thermal as a better primary for defenders than secondary for controllers. It's quite a busy set with buffs, debuffs and heals which would conflict with another full time set. That said it might pair well with a hands off control set - ice perhaps?
  5. Any chance of this being looked at somewhere down the line? ☺️
  6. There's trying to keep the team alive and then there's FWOOOSH spamming the FWOOOSH heal aura FWOOOSH while standing FWOOOSH outside the FWOOOSH mission.
  7. Pretty much the most important piece of customisation available in CoH this. I bind my numpad keys to powertray slots (with shift+number for tray 2) and fire off all my powers by spamming the buttons. That recharge sound would drive me absolutely insane if I hadn't killed it. However just to say that I would caution against binding your aura heal to your movement buttons. The sound that it makes is quite invasive and rocking it at all times isn't the best form. I've actually had to strip that sound out as well to make teaming a less stressful experience.
  8. parabola

    War Mace?

    Still makes me laugh out loud every time. It's the attention to detail as much as anything - the attempt at drawing the UI elements in is just great. Also I concur - WM is very strong and EA is very pretty (and also very strong).
  9. Really don't see there being this kind of problem (also a Reunionite). Hell, I'd probably still play if it were just me and 7 others on the server. We'd just have to get to know each other and organise when we were going to be playing so we could team up.
  10. parabola

    Squeezed out?

    Yeah it would be nice to use an ato enhancement to buff scourge. Interaction between the ato's and the inherent has done wonders for stalkers. Well as it stands for most of the available buff set/blast set combinations rolling a defender is the default choice whether you want to solo or team, primarily blast or primarily buff. Each AT should have it's niche and at the minute corruptors seem to be struggling for this. It will be interesting to see what they do with this. It wasn't clear if it is going to be a large scale revamp or just an adjustment of some edge cases (proccing out epic holds etc). We will have to see if it has a significant effect on the balance between defenders and corruptors.
  11. I could get behind giving hostages much improved perception so they can follow even a hidden stalker. The mechanic of leading them to the door through ambushes isn't my favourite thing in the world but at least it's variety. The pain of it is them losing track all the time.
  12. Unsurprisingly I have voted for there being a very definite need for more difficulty in the game but I can see the merit in pretty much all the different suggestions for getting there. I take the point that there is challenge in the game if you go looking for it and perhaps my thinking about this is coming around to there being two main things to address: 1) Challenging content should be properly rewarded to encourage more people to play it. 2) Steamroll content should be made more challenging. Maybe point 2 could be as simple as buffing specific enemy groups so they stop being quite such cannon fodder. Council at lv50+ for example really don't stand a chance - how they manage to keep recruiting so many soldiers is beyond me. The idea of giving some bosses leadership toggles (or an aura similar to masterminds supremacy) was suggested in another thread and I rather like it - it's thematic, it scales and it seems a reasonably simple way to improve the chances of the whole enemy group.
  13. As I understand it the epic pools are designed to fill in specific gaps for specific AT's - they are tailored to that purpose. If it was a free for all there might be significant balancing issues and the strength of the epic powers would probably be lowered. I'd certainly like to see more epic pools to give a greater range of thematic choice though.
  14. The only thing in this vein I keep wishing for is being able to take tough and weave without boxing/kick to free up a power slot. Even that would be power creep we don't need overall though. The trouble with freeing builds up for more flavour is that 99% of players would drive straight by more flavour and simply stuff more performance in.
  15. The homecoming team seem to be trying to run these servers in as professional a way as possible. That is going to mean careful changes and as much testing as possible. As many have mentioned they are also working under the hood to improve the game for the future. The pace of change may pick up when they have these foundations in place, and particularly if they are able to break cover and go legit. In the meantime there are other servers available which are being run in a different way. I know who I trust but others may of course feel differently.
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