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  1. Yeah I've suggested this same thing before and for exactly the same reasons you have. It's such a shame that the self rez powers don't get more use. The debt itself is largely irrelevant either way but they still carry a stigma of 'planning to fail'. And of course there is the issue of the defeat counter and master runs etc.
  2. Yeah, fair point. I guess I am saying that I feel the intent behind ppm was sound but that the reality isn't where we want to be. Trying to take the focus away from recharge in the build meta might be impossible now though. The game is built around recharging and using powers, the faster they recharge the more often the good ones can be used. People would still build for massive recharge with or without ppm. It's only really the way ppm reacts differently to slotted vs global recharge that sends it in an odd direction compared to how everything else works. The way I see it ppm
  3. Yeah glue arrow operates like a 'rain' type power which are generally bad for procs. It's an argument for trying to make the system more easily understandable and even in its effects across all powers certainly. Bear in mind ppm was an attempt to achieve the second part of that even if it was hugely at the expense of the first. The original system overwhelmingly favoured quick recharging, quick activating 'buzzsaw' powers. Ppm made more types of powers worth proccing so it succeeded on that front, but of course in practice it has turned out to be a gameable system and still quit
  4. It would also get around the problem of other people not turning off stealth auras or casting invisibility on you.
  5. Don't worry we all had to start somewhere! This game manages to be both simple and complicated at the same time with a lot of that complexity hidden from plain sight (like how best to use procs). Bear in mind that there is no 'one right way' to either build or play characters. Experimentation is always the best way to learn what works for you. It is generally accepted that freeze ray is the superior power to it's bitter cousin but you can happily take both and try them out for yourself. Until I read the reply by @Chelsea Rorec above I'd never noticed freeze ray has less range. It i
  6. On a blaster it does a lot of base damage and blasters tend to need to slot sets for the bonuses. Ideally you would eventually want to put the unbreakable constraint proc in it so 5 of something else and that proc is what I usually end up with. 5 apocalypse including the proc + the unbreakable constraint one would work very nicely.
  7. Freeze ray every day of the week and twice on Sundays. The important metric is dpa (damage per activation) and freeze ray is streets ahead of bitter freeze ray.
  8. Parabola

    Gauss build up

    Where Guassian's really shines is on positional defence melee builds; SR, Nin and Shield. Each of these is typically shooting for softcaps in all three vectors and that 6 slot bonus is a very efficient use of slots. A typical 6 slot positional defence bonus will be 3.75% working out at 0.75% defence per added slot (5 on top of the base slot), but if you are using all three vectors Guassian's is giving you 7.5% defence at 1.5% per slot. When I'm building a SR, Nin or Shield the first thing I do is stick Guassian's in the build up power.
  9. Parabola

    Gauss build up

    You're not slotting the full guassians set for the recharge though 🙂
  10. Parabola

    Gauss build up

    With a full guassians set slotted at lv50 you have 73.78% recharge. This loses you something like 1.8% from the chance for the proc to fire in a 90 sec base recharge build up type power ... It really isn't worth worrying about.
  11. My take on this subject is that the ceiling of difficulty for regular play (non challenge conditions) is too low for the level of power available from the IO and Incarnate systems. This isn't a problem for solo play but I feel that the teaming game at high levels suffers as a result of this. There is a teaming dynamic that exists at lower levels which I consider to be the core gameplay experience of CoH and this evaporates when a team has several members who can happily solo at the settings the team is running. This is quite similar to an idea I posted a while back for enemy buf
  12. Well I've already demonstrated my 'happy to watch the world burn' credentials in this thread so why not! In all seriousness though I would totally get behind the limits on inspirations and particularly removing level shifts. In my anything but humble opinion level shifts were one of the worst thought out design decisions made by the original devs (alongside several other bad design decisions in the incarnate system). In a game with a fixed ceiling of enemy difficulty artificially lowering that ceiling while simultaneously adding powerful new abilities to characters was not a good i
  13. I'm not sure why a name change would affect anything here? But the bigger issue is that the damage that confused critters do isn't counted against you or your team, this is a misconception. The only limitation on your ability to gain xp and drops is time, there are an infinite number of enemies. Therefore anything that helps chew through mobs quicker is a benefit, even if each mob is worth slighly less xp. As I said before we gain far more in kill rate than we lose from mobs damaging each other by using confuse powers. This has been proven but the perception that confuses are in some way detri
  14. If a confused enemy defeats another without any other damage being dealt you get no xp for the kill. But if you do even a sliver of damage you (or the team) get rewards. My understanding is that the distribution is rather generous so if you do 10% damage you get a lot more than 10% rewards. And the confused enemies are upping the kill speed by harming each other. Way back on live clever people did all the maths and proved confuse powers are a net gain to xp and drops.
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