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  1. I've had a stab at this combo: It's a bit more expensive with the purples and ato's etc. I dropped Mu for Energy - War Mace is a pretty self sufficient set for aoe (particularly at perma hasten levels of recharge) and doing that will help out with the end issues and free up the alpha to take musculature instead (radial if extra end mod is needed). You may have concept reasons for using Mu though? I also dropped Bash; with the recharge available in the build you should be able to use Jawbreaker->Clobber->Shatter as a single target attack chain so even Pulverise is basically a mule. Putting more defence in the passives gets DDR closer to the cap - if you +5 a couple of them it will get there. You could also free up a slot from somewhere to mule a second pair of Blistering Cold in Brawl to cap the slow resistance.
  2. You can do something like this by running an appropriate story arc in ouroboros. It exemps you down to the right level and you still earn xp and best of all merits. I spend a lot of time running lower level story arcs as I really like the feel of the early game and the rewards are often pretty good.
  3. It's worth mentioning that brutes are very good at low levels. Fury gives them a massive leg up in the damage game. They have added lots of boosts to make the low level game easier. I don't see this as a balance problem, I haven't found the character yet who is in any danger of soloing at 4/8 out of the gate. It's the high level game where balance becomes more of a problem.
  4. Brutes have some advantages. Vs scrappers they get taunt auras in all secondary sets and they have higher resist caps and more hp. They also get their damage in a very predictable straightforward way. The crit mechanism is inherently streaky, sometimes you waste a load of crit damage on a target that doesn't need it, sometimes you don't crit when it would be useful. Scrappers do more damage than brutes in general but I'm not sure that the gap in damage is as big as the gap in survivability. Vs tanks, brutes do more damage in single target and sometimes in aoe. This is a bit muddy with the arc/area bonus tanks get and the fact that they can leverage procs more effectively (needing to slot for survival less). Under high damage buff scenarios a brute will way outstrip a tank though (hence farming brutes). Tanks are a lot tougher than brutes though, particularly taking ato's into account. I often struggle to choose between them. The other factor vs both scrappers and tanks is that brutes are a joy to level. Fury really takes the pain out of early levels. They also generally have better power progression than tanks with getting attacks earlier and at the same time being tough enough when compared to scrappers that can feel a bit squishie at lower levels.
  5. I've been looking at my dark/ta too. It had bonfire in it originally but I may swap that out for oil slick. Is it autohit when lit as well? It does look like it does good damage, I wish it had the area of the defender version though.
  6. I now have several dark melee tanks, it's hands down my favourite secondary. One tip: if you split the gauntleted fist set you can get the 6% en/neg res bonus twice which I find really helpful. I put the three pieces with the most rech into soul drain and it doesn't need any more slotting beyond that (this also gives it the absorb proc which is nice). The other three pieces I put in shadow maul leaving room for procs. I'm just eyeballing your build but I'm not convinced about having cloak of fear with no end reduction slotted in it? Touch of fear without damage (or damage procs) too? And put the theft of essence proc in dark regeneration, it completely changes the power. Overall I suspect you will have endurance problems with this build. Cardiac is a long term fix but I'd prefer to build in more end management earlier on.
  7. Yeah I'm wondering why 17 was chosen too. Presumably it had specific significance over 16 or 18. Anyway, in my opinion an aggro cap is absolutely necessary for the teaming dynamic of the game and the current cap of 17 seems about right. As much as it would be satisfying as a tanker to 'herd all the things', it would be more boring for everyone else. The current set up does create some odd situations where mobs over the cap are standing around looking at you but that's only really a solo thing, on a team those mobs would be making life exciting for the squishies and that's a good thing.
  8. Hi @Bopper, just wanted to thank you for your work on mids (and anyone else involved). CoH would be just about unplayable for me without it!
  9. Shield is a scrapper set. Shield charge is better on scrappers, against all odds works better for them due to higher damage modifier, same defence softcap, not enough res to hit caps either way and scrappers still get a taunt aura. It's not a bad on brutes because it's a great set but scrappers get more from it.
  10. Hurricane is a set defining power and the repel is a big part of that. I would much prefer to go the other way and restore the repel chance back to what it was before it got nerfed (in pve anyway). It is much more difficult to use now than it used to be and that does lead to more scatter than used to be the case. On the subject of the debuffs, I believe the debuff area is bigger than the repel area? So, mobs at the limit of the repel are still debuffed? I could be wrong about that though.
  11. Apologies if this has been mentioned before but I'm seeing animation errors on a dual pistols sentinel using the ninja run stance. Empty clips is the most common power that goes wrong as I tend to use it first when engaging the enemy, she often doesn't come out of the bent over stance and fires the bullets behind her rather than towards the enemy. This doesn't seem to effect who gets hit - just an animation error. I'm using no redraw on the pistols which may be a contributing factor.
  12. You missed out arch/nin sentinel but that may have been deliberate?!
  13. It's worth emphasizing this point. The recovery given by sustain powers is huge, and slotting end mod in them is more efficient than any other end gain slotting. If you're thinking of adding slots to either health or stamina for end gain, no matter how expensive the proc you are thinking of using, a simple end mod in the sustain is way better. Unless I am really desperate for a set bonus (usually ranged defence) I always slot the sustains with two lv50 end mods and two lv50 healths.
  14. I agree with the general sentiments about which tf's could do with work and why. Less repeating missions, less hunting and more map variety and interesting mechanics please. I wanted to chip in on the scaling to 50 idea though to say I am strongly against it and that's putting it mildly. The game does need more incarnate content to give incarnates something to do other than trivializing regular content, but giving them more regular content to trivialize certainly isn't the answer. The experience of teaming as even a highish level character sidekicked up to tricked out incarnates is seriously lacking, as a genuine lowbie there is no point whatsoever other than doorsitting. Also the progression through the levels with the tf's as milestones is an integral part of the game structure. This game thrives on encouraging people to roll alts and enjoy the journey, allowing people to sit at 50 and play all content at 50 would in my opinion undermine this. The exemplar system is already an elegant way of allowing lv50's to do anything in the game, they just have to accept losing access to some of their powers to do so. With much better slotting and access to extra powers an exemped character is already way more powerful than a character actually native to the level. In fact needing to keep half an eye on exemplar performance is a useful constraint on endgame builds. I always try to make sure my characters function reasonably well at lower levels where possible and if not there are always second builds. And of course there would be the technical challenge of making all the enemy groups scale to 50 and how it could then be balanced for such a wide level range. Posi 1 would be lvs 8 to 50 ...
  15. I like the idea of playing up the 'armour set that debuffs' angle of ice armour. Might there be mileage in making some or all of chilling embrace unresistable to help out against the purple patch? Less cold res and more fire res seems very sensible, might there also be a way of throwing it a bone against psi somehow? Psi tends to be from ranged sources so debuffs aren't going to help much there. Maybe some psi defence in wet ice which would provide an excuse to open it for defence sets at the same time?
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