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  1. Ff+rech is way more reliable in aoes. I've generally found it very disappointing in single target attacks. It also tends to work better on proc builds where you aren't going to have many recharge bonuses. On a more normal build you may as well keep stacking the recharge bonuses and ff+rech can get a bit lost in the noise.
  2. A lower fx option for icicles would be nice. They are phenomenally ugly when you've taken the low fx option for your other armours. I may as well add that frozen fists desperately need a low fx option too. I have a soft spot for ice armour as my first 50 on live was an ice tank. Ice is fantastic at keeping aggro but just feels like it is missing a little something. The fire hole isn't too much of a problem but the psi hole becomes very apparent late game. It's not all that easy to patch on a mainly defence based set due to limited opportunities to slot impervium armour. Hoarfrost is good without being amazing, icicles is a little hamstrung by weak damage of a very resisted kind and permafrost is one of those little powers that I always begrudge taking because why on earth is there so much cold resist?! I like hibernate, I view it as a more useful self revive because you don't need to retoggle. Energy absorption is great, by the time you get it you are generally crying out for it to fix endurance problems and it can add decent defence in a group. If I could have any changes I liked I might look at upping the damage on icicles (along with the aforemention fx option) and changing permafrost to give less cold resist but perhaps adding some psi resist? I'm wondering if I might prefer a version of hoarfrost that had less max hp but more heal on a lower cooldown. Or maybe absorb might be the way to go? It's not a bad power at all but I feel ice needs just a bit more survivability.
  3. Yeah this is it. Annoying isn't the same as challenging. I'm firmly in the 'there are balance issues at the high end' camp but not being able to find hostages is not some game balancing factor, it's simply tedious.
  4. parabola


    I was looking at elec/traps for my next controller (sidetracked by half a dozen other things though). My thinking was that both like melee, it should be safe enough, elec can be draining while you are laying down traps, and toebombing should work pretty well. I like the theme too.
  5. Probably scrapper for me. I'm one of those that can't imagine playing a set that has no aoe at all so that rules out the stalker. And the main draw of MA on a tank is the +def bonus which you really don't need on SR, particularly at tank modifiers. You'd hit some very impressive numbers but ultimately it would be overkill.
  6. Bottom of his posts. Unless you are on mobile in which case they don't show up.
  7. I think numerically gfs is pretty strong, far better than the ice version. I just don't get on with its animation, far too ponderous and I feel it breaks the flow of the set. I take an inferior attack chain to have a smoother one on my fire melee (but it is a scrapper in case there are numerical differences).
  8. I think Basilisk's Gaze is in that category with Cloud Senses and a couple of others in that they are lower level but still very sought after. The supply is limited due to them being below the normal ranges used for bulk conversion and so the price stays high.
  9. Yes, it's random within the categories; set, type or rarity. The only restrictions are that you wil never convert to the same io you started with (in one conversion, if you convert again though you may end up back where you started). Also if you convert within type (pbaoe, hold, etc.) you will always convert out of the set you started from.
  10. Well, sort of. In the same way if you farmed until your eyes bled, set fire to the inf and sold all your drops for 1inf you would deflate the market regardless of whether you were earning inf at twice the rate or not. But this sort of activity isn't how anyone actually interacts with the market. The market relies on an influx of goods that needs to be balanced against the overall buying power of the consumers. If the ratio of that buying power to the available goods rises then inflation is the inevitable result. The economic principles simply are what they are computer game or not. You can choose to not believe this but that doesn't make it less true. Yes there is indeed no central bank. We are all engaged in printing our own money as we go about our in game activities. No-one is paying us from a central reserve, the inf literally appears out of thin air. Luckily we are also creating goods out of thin air too and the hope is that between those and the market fees things are overall kept roughly in check. That balance is all this change is trying to maintain.
  11. My trading in lotg was actually in the three most commonly used pieces, not just the proc. I've seen prices drop for all of them. But as someone once said the plural of anecdote is not data, we just have to leave this one to the devs. I believe both in their good intentions and the economic principles they are following, but I appreciate not everyone is seeing it that way.
  12. This has never been stated by the devs although it has been repeated ad infinitum by those unhappy with the change. The intent of the change was never to address wealth inequality, it was to address the problem that earning extra inf was unbalancing the ratio of inf to drops that was being added to the market. There are multiple posts in this massive thread where the economics of this have been explained but the very short version is that wealth doesn't drive inflation, pumping extra inf into the system does. This is completely contrary to what I've seen. I know for a fact things like lotg have gone down in price because I have been trading in them before and after the change. For a while I was left in the position of having stock that was suddenly grossly overpriced. But, as the above poster says, this is just my anecdote. The devs will have access to much more reliable data than any of us and they seem happy the change has worked as intended.
  13. Good work @Galaxy Brain, interesting results all round. It looks like the top performers are the sets that are fairly self contained in both single target and aoe which makes sense. It would be interesting to see the effect of allowing the secondary to fill in the gaps. Some of the lesser performing sets would really benefit and may catch up a bit. Elec blast really loves a good hard hitting single target attack or two from the secondary for example, likewise psi and aoe.
  14. Ah right yes of course; completely untyped damage. Presumably they go straight through defences too unless they happen to be stamped with vectors?
  15. The other thing about pure defence that often gets left out of discussions is that enemies exist that punch right through it with autohit attacks or massive tohit buffing. This is a serious problem that no amount of ddr can help with. I'm not sure the equivalent exists for resistance? I don't think anything simply ignores it? I used to firmly believe that defence was the better protection because of the avoidance of debuffs inherent in it but now I've realised the value in simply having broad resistance hard caps. It helps that the mostly pure resistance sets tend to have built in debuff protection and this can be built upon with things like focused accuracy and ageless radial.
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