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  1. This used to be the case but they changed it back on live. The ddr in active defence now isn't affected by enhancements (mids is wrong). The power can be double stacked to get twice the ddr though. Not just a small budget in terms of inf but also in terms of slots. SR gives a ridiculous amount of freedom for the rest of your build. It makes a fantastic base for proc builds needing so little help from set bonuses to acheive it's potential.
  2. No that's what I was saying. It's slightly less powerful but still good in my opinion. Mechanically it fills a niche as being the only all ranged manipulation set too. I had hoped that the inevitable rebalance was only going to hit esd arrow (which was clearly unbalanced vs controller mass holds) but the other changes are liveable with.
  3. Damn I forgot arch/ta. Yeah that's my favourite matched pair. I27 took a little gloss off of it but I'm still a big fan. I can't think of another secondary I'd rather pair with archery and tac arrow works with many primaries but archery is a really good fit.
  4. Fun topic. I too tend to avoid matched pairings though. Apart from the 'too obvious' thing it's funny how often matched pairs don't actually synergise as well as mixed pairings. Some other pairings like various flavours of fire/fire can suffer a bit from being too much of one good thing. Of the matched pairings I have played my dark/dark tank takes some beating (literally and figuratively).
  5. I'm going in circles? Pot meet kettle. Perhaps you can point out where they have said that logs older than 30 days will be reviewed.
  6. What are you talking about? The terms and conditions you quoted say that chat logs will be held for 30 days. The application form says logs will be reviewed. They will struggle to review logs that no longer exist so there is no conflict or smoking gun. This is clearly absolutely pointless. For the benefit of the overly excitable perhaps a gm could drop in and state for the record how far back the logs go that they will be reviewing for this process?
  7. The section quoted from the application form just says 'logs'. If they are only holding chat logs for 30 days then presumably it is those 30 days that will be reviewed because anything prior to that no longer exists. I get that you are absolutely convinced there's a problem here but I really don't see it.
  8. That wording is from a wiki. Do we have anything official? Their definition of 'information you post publicly' and yours may well not be the same.
  9. You mention these private tells a lot but I'm not sure they exist. Is there anything in the terms and conditions that states that /t is actually private? To my knowledge there is no encryption and no guarantee that messages aren't being logged. I just don't see the equivalence between a company trawling through your entire digital footprint to dig up dirt and homecoming looking at your in game chat logs when you are specifically applying for a position with them. Particularly given that they are stating up front that this is what they are going to do. If you don't want that to happ
  10. This would be where I'd start. Many of these toggles have dreadfully slow cast times making them unworkable in a fast paced team. Of course said team might not need these debuffs in the first place but that's a different issue.
  11. Something seems to have gone a little wrong here. There is a preview function that is worth checking when you are using forum exports from mids to make sure the formatting looks ok. Also there doesn't seem to be a question or context of any kind to this?
  12. I have read through this thread a few times and I'm still utterly mystified as to where the controversy is. They want to use in game communications to vet applicants for a position of some responsibility within the game. Makes sense to me. If I applied for a job at a bar that I frequented as a customer, and I had previously been rude and offensive while drinking there it should come as little surprise if that counted against me.
  13. There are two types of people in this world. Those that carefully arrange IO's in set order in powers, arrange mixed slotted powers so that any groups are to the left (in order of how many are slotted from each set) and single procs are to the right and hate having to use unattuned IO's because they look messy in a mostly attuned build. The other type of person is simply wrong :). And yes, more than once I've spent the money to attune a proc that dropped for me just to tidy up the enhancement screen. Actually I have to fight myself to not attune purple sets. It hurts me that they l
  14. Yeah, I like the idea and would use it. Tracking down the plaques for history badges is a pain even with vidiot maps as it's so easy to miss one and you get no indication of which one you've missed. I'd suggest a single contact per badge who gives a chain of missions that direct you to each plaque. You could even weave a door mission or two into the chain to spice it up. You could end up with a series of mini story arcs ranging across levels appropriate to the zones the plaques are in, that give a merit reward as well as the history badge. That would give an incentive to take this
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