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Dragon Ball Z Character ??


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You know, it's wicked funny, because I've had this character concept kicking around for a bit, but never actually went to the effort of playing it. It's just a set of costumes and a backstory hanging out on my character list, and just this morning I went and blew the dust off and tried freshening up the build.

I'm thinking you're dead-on with Energy Blast, though the right colors could maybe make Electrical Blast look like Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon? For defense, I went with Energy Aura, but not for any aesthetic reasons. The Battle Fury aura was already the aesthetic I wanted, so I figured I had space to min-max a little, and +recharge is always nice to find in a primary or a secondary.


On that note, I think Invulnerability and Willpower are also appropriate thematic choices, and don't have a ton of flash interfering with your costume, so those could both work.

I'm curious what your thoughts are on ancillary/patron powers. I went with Psionic, which I think is a nice combination of lore-appropriate and mechanically useful. If you wanted to go in a bit of a Trunks direction, though, Ninja Tools would get you a sword, and everyone knows swords are really freaking cool.

I know you said you weren't looking for builds, but for what it's worth, here's a relatively low-budget Energy/Energy/Psi build for whoever wants it. I tend to build cheap, so it's missing many fancy bells and whistles.

Not Goku - Energy Blast - Energy Aura.mxd

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On 11/1/2022 at 4:34 AM, smnolimits43 said:

Are there any other choices, you guys can think of ??

Well, something like fire/bio could work, with the offensive/defensive/efficient representing different forms, along with different coloration for the fire blasts and different combat auras, (though I'd stick to the minimal FX options for the bio armor powers).

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Your best bet is probably Energy Blast with either Willpower, Energy Aura, or Invulnerability... But... I can tell you now, it wont be quite right. It'll never fight like a DBZ character in practice.


I'd honestly just not bother, personally. You're not going to be happy with it, as a "DBZ style" character, no matter how much you tweak it. I've gone through this like four times now, three of them during the OG run of the game. Unfortunately, if you're looking to make shonen characters in general, you're barking up the wrong tree with this game. It's never been doable with any real amount of accuracy, because you need...


>A mix of ranged and melee attacks

It's fairly common in comic books for heros and villains to use both ranged and melee attacks frequently, but it's almost ubiquitous in Shonen. I have trouble thinking of a Shonen character that doesn't fight at both melee and range in nearly every appearance... They do exist, but it's hard. Even characters who approach battle with the singular strategy of PUNCH A DUDE tend to punch so hard they can hit their opponent at range with lethal force, by creating a shockwave.


>A good degree of durability

Even characters on the weaker end of power scaling feature superpowered levels of speed or durability. Yu Yu Hakusho characters barely reach early DBZ levels of power, and characters like Hiei and Kuwabara almost demand Super Reflexes and Willpower, respectively. Oh, and Elder Toguro who is perhaps a great candidate for Bio Armor. Or just the creepiest interpretation of Regen ever.


>A good degree of damage, with at least one super powerful attack.

Beams and massive energy balls are common in DBZ in particular... Sentinels probably are your best bet for DBZ in particular, just because of how frequently the fights in that end with a giant nuke attack... But throughout shonen you'll also find a lot of big lethal punch attacks, or characters with giant beam swords, etc...


>Preferably some martial arts, or at least skilled brawling.

Even more ubiquitous than the mix of melee and range, is that everyone is kung fu fighting, or at least brawling, when they're not chucking around fireballs.


You might be better off drawing inspiration from a shonen other than DBZ, honestly... Even then, it's hard, though. Yu Yu Hakusho style characters you might be able to get away with, by making a Tank or a Scrapper... But even that show often had incredibly powerful ranged attacks, Hiei being an extremely good example of this, fighting with fists, a sword and a massive energy dragon he whips around an enormous area. Younger Toguro's power was basically that he could ponch reel gud, and he could use his arm strength to flick objects with such force as to drop an opponent instantly.


DBZ characters are basically outright impossible, as you need a set that mixes energy blasts and martial arts, or a summoned energy weapon of some sort.


Getting ranged, melee and an armor set together is your main barrier here.


Champions Online is or at least was a much better game to try and make these sorts of characters in... It even has something that works well as a giant beam attack. Champions let you put both martial arts and energy or elemental attacks on a character... It was with varying effectiveness, but you could at least do it. CoH has a strange inflexibility in getting certain features together in a character, making certain archetypes close to impossible to do properly.


A lot of why it's hard to do a shonen character justice is also why it's hard to do comic book low-power anti-hero types justice, ironically... Both tend to fight with large kits and regularly rely on a varied or flexible approach to combat. CoH just isn't kind to this. Even Deadpool falls into this problem just because he's a regen character that chooses to fight with both ranged and melee weaponry.


Actually, come to think of it, Silver Surfer is hard to make for the same reasons. Silver Surfer has much of the same skillset as a Shonen character, sans the martial arts... Incredible speed, super strength, high durability and energy projection/cosmic powers... Huh. Y'know, that never occurred to me until just now.


This is an old lament of mine, it's one of this game's oldest weaknesses. CoH invites the player to create their own supers, presumably mixing and matching tropes from all over fiction, but in reality it's less of a canvas and more of a coloring book. ...And that coloring book struggles to cover just the traditional cape and tights superhero genre properly sometimes.

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On 11/4/2022 at 2:24 AM, smnolimits43 said:

So far i'm having a hard time with Tsoo missions.

Some of the Ink Men (minions?) can siphon speed and/or power from you - very frustrating if there's several in a group, especially at lower to mid levels and if you don't have any resistance to speed debuffs...

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