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Bug: Praetorian-Only Alt Auto-Targeting Stirga Contact

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This is weird.


I have an alt - Sideswype - who is a L20 Praetorian Resistance character in First Ward.  Since rerolling her last year, I decided that she would not shift to Primal until she'd finished the First Ward and Night Ward story arcs.


However, for some reason - and I have ZERO clue why - since hitting L20 the mission log and contact list are glitched.  Any time I select a contact in the contact list, a mission in the mission log, or a spot on the map, the Nav screen automatically targets Lars Hansen on Stirga Isle after a second's hesitation.  If I am quick enough, I can get it to stay on a single mission, during which time whatever contact or spot on the map I select will stay the focus of the nav bar.  Once that mission is completed, however, it goes back to auto-targeting Lars on Stirga.


This is a character who cannot for any reason access Primal on either side.  What is going on, and how do I fix it?  (I really do not want to have to run the "Enter the Rift Enclosure (Single Player)" mission from Steve Sheridan, as I want to stay Praetorian on her, not make her a resident of Primal.)

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I would check you mission list and see if somehow you were assigned a mission requiring you to see Lars Hansen, and if it is in your list, Auto-Complete it and don't recontact the Contact. Who knows what caused it but that should clear it if that is what happened.

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That is weird. I took a praetorian tank from 1-50 goldside during the summer and never encountered what your describing. The nature of your bug only pointing to Lars is peculiar as well.


Could be a bug related to page 4 or 5. I wonder if you boot up a praetorian on brainstorm and advance it to your level of it introduces Lars, or if the triggering catalyst was something else?

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