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AE Badge Guide


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Does anyone have or know a link to a guide to getting the badges in AE? I remember one from a while ago that I used but can't remember where I found it.

I know there are a few missions set up for badges and can access them by searching for "badge" I can get a few of them, but not the whole set.

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Here are the AE badges.  You can get all of them yourself, except for 1 where you need to test an arc with a team of 8 - unless you have 8 accounts yourself.  As for missions in AE already specifically for this - they are not really needed since you get badges for creating an arc - so, you might as well make your own with all the requirements.  


(Thanks to @KeyboardKitsune for the list and her badge tracker here:  https://n15g.github.io/badger/)  



Play Mission Badges
Gamer Complete one player-created story arc (Required for Mission Engineer Badge)
Admiring Complete one Developer's Choice story arc
Critic Complete one Hall of Fame story arc
Heroic Complete one arc of heroic alignment (Hero or Vigilante only)
Villainous Complete one arc of villainous alignment (Villain or Rogue only)
Cunning Complete one arc of Rogue alignment
Walks the Line Complete one arc of Vigilante alignment
Early Bird Play a newly-published arc (Required for Mission Engineer Badge) (Account-wide)
Test Mode Badges
Virtual Victor Defeat one enemy in test mode
Virtual Extractor Rescue or kidnap one hostage in test mode
Virtual Destruction Destroy one object in test mode
Virtually Impulsive Interact with one mission objectives in test mode
Among Friends Test an arc with a team of eight
Bug Fixer Test one of your own arcs (Required for Mission Engineer Badge)
Virtual Victim Be defeated one time in Test Mode
Player's Published Arc Badges
Author One player has completed your published arc (Required for Mission Engineer Badge) (Account-wide)
Recognized One player has rated your published arc (Required for Mission Engineer Badge) (Account-wide)
Mission Objective Badges
Poor Impulse Control Interact with one mission objective during an Architect mission
Workaholic Complete one non-required objective during an Architect mission
Extractor Rescue or kidnap one hostage during an Architect mission
Destructive Destroy one object during an Architect mission
Ticket Badges  
Ticket Taker Defeat enemies to earn one Architect ticket (Required for Mission Engineer Badge)
Payoff Purchase for 1,000 tickets from Ticket Vendor
Miscellaneous Badges
Energized Earn one inspiration while playing a published Architect mission
Architect X Earn 10 Architect Entertainment Badges
Architect XXV Earn 25 Architect Entertainment Badges
Assassin Defeat one Custom Critter in a published Architect mission
Customizer Save and load a mission with a custom Boss (Required for Mission Engineer Badge) (Account-wide)




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Thanks for the reply. I already had the info on what badges are needed, but the guide I saw walked you thru the making of an AE story that will get you the needed badges.

I know that if you search "badge" in the AE computer, it will show you some arcs that will get you most of the badges, just not all.

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