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Everlasting Base Code Pop-menu


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Hello Everlasting,

For the heck of it, I decided to create a Pop-menu for most of the base-codes that can be found at these two below locations.  So, credit to them for all the codes.



The lists for each server are talked about in this thread:


I went through all the codes and didn't include the ones whose base code was no longer valid, so there are a few missing from the pop-menu that are currently included in the two above links.  (If you look in the MNU file, those bases I've commented out.)  I've sorted and ordered the list similar to the spreadsheet but not exactly 100%.  I removed some base codes from the 'Transit Hub' category as I wanted to make sure that they were all generally close to 100% functional, within reason. 

Zone-8888 I put at the top since it's popular and has everything you could need in one simple room and everything else in that list is generally ordered by functionality and secondarily by looks.  Any bases I removed from the Transit Hub category I moved elsewhere.  All other categories are in alphabetical order and generally left as-is.

Like any macro, it does the 'enterbasefrompasscode' for you when you're near a base portal, taking you to that base.  So, less referring to the website and/or keeping separate macros for many of the common bases you might want to visit and hopefully more base visibility in general.





How to install:


Either get it through the City Mod Installer:  https://mods.cityofheroes.dev/modView.php?id=195


Or, you can manually install it by copying the attached MNU file to this specific folder in your City of Heroes directory.  Create the series of folders if you don't have them.  \data\texts\English\menus


For example:  C:\Homecoming\data\texts\English\menus


from chat: /popmenu ELBases
as keybind: /bind "popmenu ELBases"
as macro: /macro ELB popmenu ELBases

You can use this macro below, if you wish:
I.E. /macroimage "Temporary_BasePortal" "Everlasting Bases" popmenu ELBases







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A few of my bases on the list are going to be undergoing some renovations in the spring - their codes should be still available though the build might be vastly different when it's completed. I'll take them off the list when I get started on them and make them private until it's done. o7 Figured the heads up would be a good idea.

Roleplaying mentor volunteer, and mentorship contributor.

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