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Pet Summons Pop-Menu (v2)

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With the switch over to the new City Mod Installer: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/38272-city-mod-installer-released/  I decided to update my Pet Summons Pop-menu and actually make a thread for it so there's some pictures to go along with it.

If you have the old version installed by the defunct CoH Modder, you'll want to remove it from the \data\texts\English\menus directory, first.  It'll be named:  PetSummons.mnu

Then, install the current version from the City Mod Installer, linked above.  It's in the Popmenu catagory.  You can also manually install the newer version, if you wish, using the attachment on this post.  The mnu file needs to be placed into your "<game directory> \data\texts\English\menus".  If folders do not exist then you'll need to create them.



What it does is simple;  Creates a pop-menu for summoning temp pets that you tend to collect.  This version even has a 1-button Incarnate Lore summon with a sub-menu for common commands for them.  I've tested it on a number of characters with different Lores and it has been summoning them all.  I also added the Portable Workbench too (Because why not?), towards the bottom.

This menu takes advantage of the PowerReady flag to grey out powers you do not have or aren't recharged. (Not for the 1-button Lore.) Summons with the Ouroboros icon should be rechargeable by re-running the arc that gave the power. It also uses Powexeclocation to immediately summon the pets at your location, no needing to additionally place the pet. Note that some pets still require you to be on the ground to summon them, not flying.

This pop-menu, along with the game's built-in Hologram Matrix Accolade/Pop-menu, should allow you to summon just about pet in the game, currently.


from chat: /popmenu PetSummons
as keybind: /bind "popmenu PetSummons"
as macro: /macro popmenu PetSummons

You can use this macro below, if you wish:
I.E. /macro_image "Loyalty_SignatureSummon" "Pets" "popmenu PetSummons"








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