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A belt that can simulate an untucked shirt/sweatshirt


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One of the things that's a little out-of-step with modern fashion in the CoH costume designer is that chest pieces almost all come down to a sharp end at the border between the chest piece and the leg piece.


It would be great if we could make it look like we were wearing shirts or sweathirts that were untucked from our pants.  I think this could be done with the addition of a couple of belts.


A belt that smoothly continued the "Baggy 1" pattern for a top but went down a couple of inches would give us a lot of power to create sweatshirts/hoodies.  Another that matched the female Cyberpunk 1 (and related) patterns would give us a nice way to create some subtle differences in a popular top option.  One that extended the Dress Shirt pattern would perhaps be tougher to get right, but also valuable.  Oh, and one that continued the Retro Scifi 6 shirt would really help complete a number of choices for representing ordinary clothing.

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