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  1. When levelling I usually only solo on Red or Gold because those sides have the better story lines, and honestly the only reason to solo (for me) is to read the stories, rather than any mechanical benefit. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm all alone in the zone on Red and Gold. .... Honest.
  2. I'm sorry for your loss. If you'd like to find out his global name, type in /getglobalname "Hurricane Rick"** and in your General tab (not Genchat) it should return the information you're looking for. If it says "Hurricane Rick does not exist" (something like that) you may need to try again on a different shard. But eventually you should be able to find his global name this way. **(usually this works without quotes, but I included them to be safe)
  3. I'm a relative novice Blaster acolyte (I too enjoy the press and scrum of melee), but the two I most enjoy are an Elec/En/Elec and a DP/Nin/Mace. The Elec/En is mostly a ranged build, taking supreme advantage of using Power Boost before activating Aim and Buildup to max ToHit and Damage before launching the Ranged Nuke. Also has two hard hitting melee attacks for vaporizing anything that gets close. That said it's actually the tankier of the two and can suffer standing in front of anything short of an AV. The DP/Nin is a whirlwind of damage, with little to no thought re
  4. I want a trebuchet that yeets me into orbit.
  5. Woof. Now there's an example to hold up high.
  6. It's written as if it's a legend, but apparently he fell into a rift in the ocean floor during his final battle with a monster called Chimera. Then lava spilled out and created the actual Talos Island. It's superheroes so anything can happen, but that's a pretty good soft-kill and a little hard to come back from without some narrative boogaloo. Also, I think we should all take a moment to consider the differences between mutants (little 'm') which have been occurring naturally since the existence of life, and Mutants (big M) which are humans with goofy god-tier powers that develo
  7. Just here to say: imagine thinking roleplaying is 'cringe' in an online roleplaying game.
  8. I know we've drifted from the this point into more broadly agreed-upon topics of conversation, but I'd like to reinforce Luminara's point here because it's a good one: On Rebirth I had my T3 Alpha in 3 days (~10 hours) of play after hitting 50, using only shards (I was hording threads for the later unlocks). The time to godhood was nearly infinitesimal. On Rebirth. With its dramatically lower player count. I just advertised and ran the TFs I wanted that offered the drops I needed, did one Weekly, and the spare shards I picked up along the way filled the gaps. The argument that H
  9. I'd suggest to you that you bundle requests 2-6 in a popmenu macro and drop them into team chat before you start your runs. You've cast a broad net here, and I'm sure you're frustrated. You might get more return on investment though if you communicate this to a more targeted audience.
  10. Ah so let's assume OP is the only person who this helps. +1 for OP, would appreciate this option as well.
  11. Like colorblind mode and accessibility ramps, a costume change option would have zero effect on you should you elect not to use it yourself.
  12. Cleared out a page and some characters had decent names, so posting here to help them find a new home. Detail High Fidelity Mystic Kid Party Crasher Sine Language ( a Bots/TIme MM ) Stray Voltage
  13. Precisely as @Mezmera has laid out; explained better than I could have.
  14. It basically already has in some regards. The recent rework of Afterburner is basically Jetpack's Turbo Boost with a new coat of paint. The power itself is even called "Fly_Boost" internally. I have my own theory on why these pools aren't going to get added, but it has nothing to do with OuroDev servers and more to do with how the HC player base has interacted with what's already provided. My forecast is we'll start to see more of what works cannibalized from the unfinished sets and incorporated into reworks of existing powers. I've played with this power on S
  15. Something like this has been an ask from the RP community for a while. Probably the #1 requested change. Thanks BH for taking output from your conversations and putting them here, with the rationale behind the specific suggestion as well.
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