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  1. @Michiyo, is it feasible to allow external images? I'd like to use some animated gifs that I keep on other sites like Imgur, but since I can't really do that with anything uploaded to the wiki.
  2. Normally this wouldn't register, but for some reason it's killing me that someone with the bearing and gravitas as Lord Nemesis Mender Silos is making this kind of grammatical error. I guess I sort of imagined his voice with a very posh, Cambridge kind of accent.
  3. Just a thought, it would be really nice to the animations from Ninja Run and Beast Run available for Super Speed, in addition to the No Effects option. Personally, it makes me a bit sad to lose out on the unique weapon/shield stance from Ninja when going with Super Speed. Maybe people would like to have a super-fast beast/vampire/etc type of character as well? Simple thoughts for simple pleasures; hoping it's simple to add.
  4. All of your costumes are next-level, but Gold Gorgon is just outstanding. I love this design, lots of different little bits that come together perfectly with the right colors. You nailed it!
  5. Showing off some of the effects of a criminally underplayed alt: Doktor von Totenkopf (DP/Dark Sent). I always thought this was pretty cool. Shame I messed up the lighting 😕 ezgif.com-crop.mp4
  6. Myself, I'd vote for the Synapse's proc. Mmmmm 15% Runspeed... (and still a bit of endmod to boot!)
  7. Stunts looked great at the CC today! And I'd vote for Bonehead, for sure, if you're going for a Golden Age look. Grin is a bit too.... "out there" for Golden Age, methinks. The pinstriped pants are perfect.
  8. Bigger doesn't get played much anymore, and her situation is more if a costume change than a costume proper.... but she was kinda fun for a while. I think these days, some of the novelty has worn off and people aren't as entertained by the shtick. If you want to see some clearer shots, here is the Imgur I used for a Reddit post I made to show off the concept. 1 - b2y71hq.mp4
  9. Glyphica was my main on live. I didn't play CoV much (never CoH) but it was pretty easy to recreate her from memory. I don't even know what server I used to play on... but I always loved the design. She's got some art... and a VirtueVerse page (if you're into that sorta thing).
  10. Oooof, ad hominem. That's unfortunate. You cede some moral ground there.
  11. Just so you know, this is called a rebuttal, and then counterargument. Just FYI since you're adhering to the mechanics of debate properly here. To quote a great man: "Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man." Unless you can quantify this, I think you're falling way short in convincing folks of your counterargument. To get my Elec/MA to Permadom was just as easy if not easier than getting my /SS Tanker's footstomp down to 4 seconds recharge, or my BR/Kin Corr's defenses to softcap. It was almost built in in to how to optimize almost any character I make. Again, point being the significance of the challenge, not whether or not the challenge exists and affects your personally desired build plan. Including a Red Herring in your rebuttal? Not sure why as it weakens your overall argument, but okay. Do you mean "don't share your opinions with me?" Because this is what it reads as. If someone were to project their feelings onto you, that would mean they are upset about something else, and using this as an opportunity to vent their frustrations at you. Also, "objectively bad" is an oxymoron, use of which undermines your argument. Hey, don't actually care about your beef with domination. If it gets changed for the better, great. Right now I see it as a one of dozens and dozens of weird game design issues that the overwhelmed HC devs are trying to work on. Maybe they'll get to it? Dunno. My issue is that your debate process needs some work. You got the fundamentals down, but I think you need to step back a bit and separate the emotion to really get your points across stronger.
  12. No I don't, cause you're totally right. Went over my logs and saw exactly what you said. I think I was fooled in combat log by there being no activity around me and PT:Heal proc'ing back-to-back, but there was always a 10 second interval between them. So probably...when I glimpsed it I just saw a stack of heals from PT all happening within the same minute and thought it was same time.
  13. Sorry, I really should have been more clear in my original post: as 0th Power said, I'm looking to be able to see more mail at once, not resize the other portions of that window. That can actually be done while it's still docked, but all you effectively accomplish is the ability to see more of the body of the email. Not super helpful since most emails are just items being shuttled and has no benefit for the account items window.
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