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  1. True but you can be a Big-Brain Scrapper tanking Hamidon!
  2. Then you don't understand your own argument. I'm not trying to be mean; if you have a point you're trying to make you need to fully understand the context in which you're operating. You're saying "why should I lose out if I want to do X?" with you having defined "missing out" as not choosing the optimal power sets for combat when you would also like to choose the optimal sets for convenience. But there is always going to be a "best way" to do something. Everywhere, not just in the game: my example alluding to both Zeppelins and Stealth Bombers having the capacity for areal bombardment but one obviously being better than the other. Maybe that was a bad analogy. The bottom line is, you need to make a choice somewhere. If that's taken away, then we're literally all playing the same hero, and that means none of us are super anymore.
  3. This is generally true in just about every aspect of everything, even outside of the game. Sure, I want zeppelins to be as good as stealth bombers, but they're not.
  4. I think it's amazing, and the only T9 worth taking, for all the reasons that Laxx pointed out. Also, it doesn't have a crash! You can pop it every minute-thirty and it doesn't have a crash. So personally I think it's essential if you're ever in a situation where you can be reasonably expected to soak an alpha. Repeatedly.
  5. I used Mighty Radial on my Tanker for exactly this reason. It's ludicrous. It's also very solid soft control, because of how high it launches enemies. They're locked out of attacks for a solid 3-4 seconds as they recover. Useful for helping to keep lowbies alive on 54/8s. Also, the knock-up effect on lower level enemies is hilarious. They go orbital.
  6. That sounds very rational, I personally agree with you. The flipside to that equation is that if someone jumps to that extreme in reacting to something that they don't like, it's possible they're doing you a favor in precluding future interaction with them.
  7. I've personally never took to Katanas due to the animations (I think I'm in the minority) and my only attempt was on a tanker, so this feels like moving the couch and finding a $20 bill. Honestly if building for high global recharge to maximize self heals out of Regen, it seems super easy to maintain 30% Melee defense from this ability alone in combat. Am I misreading this?
  8. Oh! I was very wrong! Edit: The stacking blue boxes icon on the right indicate a "stacking effect"
  9. Not that I am aware of? I don't think any offensive powers which give Defense allow you to stack that stat. If I'm wrong, I'm very excited to be, cause I'll have a new character to roll.
  10. This, or, place yourself in the appropriate setting to make this sort of play work. Pocket D upstairs bar isn't that place. I've had great experiences RPing with other players who wrote for "loveable" asshole characters. The caveat was that I was in a villain group, and a lot of that came with the territory. At the time I RP'd a ditzy, size-changing mad scientist as well as a self-serious flying brick with delusions of grandeur. Both characters offered great foils for the "assholes," but the foundational premise was that it was expected due to the setting of the play.
  11. As you've seen from the spectrum of responses, OP, what rates as "fun to play" varies a bit from person to person. I'd say that if you enjoyed your Kat/Regen before, you'd problem enjoy him again. Give it a shot and find out! As @Troo correctly observed, Regen benefits from being paired with fast-animating powers. Kat is a good choice for this. Noone has really asked what AT this is going to be on. If you're flexible, I'd recommend Brute. Brute's higher HP values gets more net benefit from Regen's core abilities. Also, there is a bit of synergy on a Regen Brute in that Fury works well at lower levels, complimenting Regen's strengths there too.
  12. When this was the case, I was in Korea where Netflix didn't have license to operate. So I ended up paying for a VPN. Now I'm in Korea again, and though Netflix is available I now have the same problem with Disney+. Luckily NordVPN is very good and will automatically cycle IPs (or something?) until Disney+ relents and plays*. Anyhow, all that to say basically the more things change, the more they stay the same. A good VPN is sometimes the necessary evil you need to get around regional restrictions. *Disney+ blocks known VPN-associated IPs
  13. Honestly, if your decision point is this refined, I strongly recommend you go to the beta server and test both out. See which you like better. It seems like you have focused build goals and have thought about this a lot, so I'm assuming you have builds ready to test at 50. Take the several hours to fully kit them and run them through something. I personally like doing Mender Ramiel's arc at 54/8 to test how the Honoree/Captain Pantsface dual-AV fight goes on a new characters. The constant rikti ambushes are a nice touch. Again, it's a few hours worth of time investment, but it could save you several days worth of playtime and then regretting the option you picked based of of feedback from the wretched masses (excluding Bopper).
  14. Hi, sorry for the pseudo-necro, but about this line: Have you ever run against 54 PPD? The are stacked with PBs, which have -def on every attack they use outside of dwarf form, and the dwarves taunt. This is offset by taking Tactical Training: Assault to a large degree, but it can still create frustration on Blood Widows and Fortunatas attempted to disrupt priority targets in a fight. Also all of those attacks are energy, so unless specifically built for it resistance is going to be on the low side. Oh, and sometimes they rez themselves. The way I usually get around this is the same way I handle them on my Invul/ Tanker: pop Ageless Radial. Although it's got a long recharge, typically the effects within the first half of the duration are enough of a boost to get you through a massive DDR failure. Just to emphasize, again I run into problems with this group even with an Invul Tanker. Meaning Defense stacked up to the 70's in a full dogpile of enemies can still get cascaded into sub-softcap. They are my #1 most hated enemy group across all of my characters. Consider adding them to this line?
  15. That sucker's lit up like the fourth of July. Basically Rudolph over there.
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