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  1. I offer this: Don't get so hung up on your hooks that your characters can't grow. Or that you can't grow out of your characters, for that matter. On the flipside: If you want your characters to remain static and unchanging, because that's how you like them, then take breaks frequently. Rotate around, or play a different game entirely. That way when other players see those characters around, the feeling is like finding your favorite old hoodie in the back of the closet rather than the same pair of socks you wear all the time.
  2. Our hero wakes up tied to a chair in a dark room. The briny air and undulating floor beneath suggests a ship. From the shadows, a tidy monologue begins. "Enough with this talk of trade. Do you wish to know why you are here? It is simple. There is only enough room for thirty on this vessel. No more, no less. When a fresh new face arrives, room must be made on the roster. A fellow traveler goes overboard into the abyss." A sanctimonious smile spreads into a wicked grin. "And you have failed to earn your place. Goodbye...." TLDR: I only keep
  3. Recent commission Glyphica by AcuDraws! [mildly NSFW] I requested that he take some liberties with her in-game design- specifically her tattoos. There were a lot of elements of his personal style I wanted to see imprinted on Glyph. It's my current favorite of her art collection. I'm just incredibly thrilled will how it came out, and how much attention he paid to the details. Speaking of details, if you want to zoom in to see the tattoos, blemishes on her skin, logo on the grill of the truck, etc, etc: there is 16mb version available as well.
  4. This is how I always have, and always will, imagine Stunts. One of my favorite heroes to see on Everlasting. Franchini is soooo talented, he can do so many styles. This is such great art, congrats!
  5. And it did not work for me. Reasons for this probably exist, but it's irrelevant. The whole point is to not have Afterburner in a tray slot. I already posted in the OP that a workaround is to drag AB into a tray before turning off the Popup Tray. If I had to guess, because I had trays 1-3 already full, it did not automatically place the power in a tray.
  6. This does not work. As I said: The issue, according to @Faultline is that EvMa still has "Afterburner" as the internal name, while new Afterburner is named "Fly_Boost" internally. The solution for now appears to be using Fly_Boost in any bind or macro involving Afterburner.
  7. So it seems like this bug from Beta has cropped up again but in a slightly different form. Issue: Key binding Afterburner [Bind KEY "powexecname Afterburner"] causes that bind to instead activate/deactivate Evasive Maneuvers. Caveat: This only appears to happen when the Popup Tray is hidden by Null. Otherwise, the bind works as intended. Also tested [Bind KEY "powexectoggleon Afterburner"]. When the tray is up, it functions normally. When the tray is hidden, the power fails to activate. This is different behavior from how Jaunt and Translocation worke
  8. Not sure if I should post this minor bug here, or in travel powers, but going invis causes a little bit of weirdness on Flying Carpet, allowing you to see through yourself and it sometimes, (not always).
  9. This issue is persisting in Build 4. Nevermind, fixed on zoning!
  10. Blaster > Temporal Manipulation > Time Wall This power slots damage IOs, but not damage set IOs. I was confused by this, and not sure if it's working as intended or a bug.
  11. Can confirm, the base is looking pretty great!
  12. Don't tell me we can get this miracle of modern graphics, and not FEMALE HUGE.
  13. I am a VIKING. Emerging from the Black Forest, my troll-hide garb covered in sweat, mud, and blood. I trudge toward my banner-hall. My weapons are warped, tools shattered, but in my travel sac is a load of prized copper and tin. By morning, I will have a fine new bronze spear added to my arsenal. Anyone else enjoying Valheim?
  14. It doesn't. A long, loonnnggg while back it was changed so there were diminishing rewards; basically solving the OP's problem. (wow a nearly 2 yr old zombie thread!)
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