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Return of the Low Level Elite Boss Farm


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I mentioned this farm in another post but i figure it needs its own highlight since the low level elite boss farms are almost completely broken since the last AE update.  They either no longer scale to elite boss so you are fighting bosses for low xp or they are elite bosses but hit like a semi and you quickly die.  In my not too extensive testing i was getting 3.5 times the xp/min compared to killing bosses and infinitely more xp compared to fighting the broken elite bosses since they kept killing me.   I dont farm much and i never door sit,  when i need some quick xp on an alt I hit up my elite boss farm.


Here is the meat and potatoes for those who just want to get to killin'


     Arc ID:  48471    Dr Meinst EB Farm-Quick XP -set AV Off (Updated 12-12-22)


This farm also takes advantage of placing the player at lvl 3 to give access to your lvl 8 ability while exemplared.  The extra attack really speeds up the kills compared to being level 1 or 2 and not having the level 8 ability.  You will want to set notoriety to +1, no AV.  Setting it higher actually forces AE to reduce your exemplar level and block access to the lvl 8 ability.  If you think you are hot stuff then you can set it to +2 for about 25% more xp per kill but without your level 8 ability your kills will probably be more than 25% slower.


The Buff Bot is set to the imprisoned in green fire emote.  Take a quick look around the map for the huge green fire and head over.  I recommend flying or a jet pack when you head over to the Buff Bot.  He has almost everything - fortitude, forge, accelerated, fulcrum shift, speed boost, painbringer, enforced morale and alot more.  If you are squishy,  let him toss a few buffs on you before you commence the slaughter (the enemies arent very strong but they arent helpless).  You will become essentially unkillable after buffs, and even if you do take a hit,  he has 2 single target heals that he will toss on you.  It was necessary to set his behavior to aggressive in order for him to buff while out of combat.  He is also set to melee to keep him close for fulcrum shift and siphon power.  He will occasionally choose a target and run towards it as a result.  Just follow him and kill that target.  For the most part, he will behave.


Have fun,  and remember you cant spell slaughter without laughter.


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On 12/29/2022 at 3:30 AM, TheZag said:

He has almost everything - fortitude, forge, accelerated, fulcrum shift, speed boost, painbringer, enforced morale and alot more.

How many layers of AE tricks are you on, my man?


Impressive stuff!

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