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Unhandled exception Attempting to build a Dark/Dark controller


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Hi,  I just updated my MIDS to the latest release and started working on a backlog of builds.  Everything was fine until I wanted to do one for my Dark/Dark controller.  For some reason I get Unhandled Exception errors on both my laptop and my desktop machines.  

This isn't the first new build I've started with the updated version but the exception seems to get easier to get as I move forward.  The first time I get this error is when I open up City of Heroes to look at the character when I had powers filled out to level 20.  I got as far as 26 before MIDS crashed again.   Restoring the build at level 26 consistently crashes after a second or two without doing anything.  

This error was indepndently reproduced on both my laptop and desktop systems.   Both use Win 10, latest version.  Both reinstalled the new version of MIDS at the same time, maybe 2 days ago.   Desktop has 32GB of memory.  Laptop more like 8GB

Moe details available on request.



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