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So, I did a thing.....


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I usually play Doms, with the exception of a Cold/Fire Def. I pretty much have my Dom builds down to a science at this point. 


I have tried a few Corrs because I wanted a max level Corr with a build flushed out I could use,  and I have a few high 40's Corrs and a 50 Elec/Kin, but I never seemed to vibe with them. Until I made a Energy/FF Corr, and with the changes made to bubbs I absolutely love this toon. 


I know, I know......"FF would be better on a Def", and "Energy isn't the best primary", and I agree with both of these things.


That being said....can anyone help me out with a build? I'm looking for S/L and ranged soft capped def, I'm looking to take the GW patron pool, decent if not capped S/L resists, and basically do anything the game can throw at me with her. 


Keep in mind I'll have to slot for KB to KD for Energy. I know this is kind of asking for much, and thanks in advance. Inf really isn't an issue so if the build is more on the expensive side that's not a problem. Thanks in advance! This community rocks!!

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