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  1. I'm a few bubs away from 50 with my Sonic/NRG blaster. I am a bit underwhelmed at her performance, but figured maybe if someone had some builds to suggest, and perhaps the highest DPA rotation it might change my mind. Thanks in advance!
  2. They definitely need a natural origin control set! I had a similar idea, a "Hunter/Trapper" set- T1- Trapping Net- you throw an electrified net on your target, immobilizing them and draining some endurance. (single target immob, Energy damage) T2- Lasso- you lasso a rope tightly around your target, holding them in place (from hand? From a gun? single target hold, smashing damage) T3-Bear traps- you throw out an array of bear traps, once triggered, targets will be held in place and bleed out for lethal damage. (group immob) T4-Decoy- You use a decoy of yourself to confuse your foes, the decoy has no attacks, but will taunt ever few seconds. (basically a taunting post) T5-Camouflage- You meld in with your surroundings, making it harder for foes to detect you, additionally, you are able to detect stealthy foes(self stealth with +perception) T6-Flashbang grenade- you throw a flash bang grenade to a targeted area, disorienting foes(aoe disorient) T7-Birds of prey- you call on your trained hawks to attack and annoy your target, lowering their chance to hit(cone lethal damage, -to hit) T8- BOOBY TRAPS!- you set out a poison trap, once sprung targets will choke on the poisonous cloud, will be slowed, and unable to regenerate hit points(AOE hold with slow and -regen) T9-Hunting pack- no hunter is complete without a pack of hunting hounds! (summon pet)
  3. I mostly agree with you. I have always played Controllers and Doms, my buddy plays Brutes and Scrappers. He always liked high recharge sets like /Fire and /Bio. Bio is an interesting set, because while it's obviously beneficial to hit S/L caps, you can slot for pure recharge and the performance difference is minimal, because your healing powers are up so often. Doms are somewhat the same, I have a Grav/Energy dom obviously with permadom, and capped defenses. I've solo'd most TF's with him. But I also have an Ice/Ice/Ice dom, that slotted for pure recharge murder machine. I farm +4/+8 Ice farms with her with ease. The difference between them is really minimal. I notice not being capped on iTrials, but other than that, not really. So I figured I would suggest Doms to my melee buddy, because I know he would love a tricked out Dom. He could even build one to be mostly melee! He got to his upper 20's, and couldn't handle it. I told him "You have to wait till you get permadom to see what a Dom is really made of, it's recharge based, just like you like!" And he replied with "Yeah, but I'm pretty much worthless until then. I can't level a toon all the way to 50 and not even see the potential, at least with brutes I can still have a functioning toon until I get tricked out." I never thought about it that way, I love the class so much, that I didn't realize he was right, which is your point now. While there is a night and day difference between SO's and sets in other AT's, but Dom is the only AT where if you don't absolutely build it to hit permadom, you're basically useless. You're a shittier controller without buffs/debuffs. The only argument really against what you are saying is "But min/maxing is a choice". And while that's true, you don't have to min/max your toons, you can build them all sorts of crazy ways if you like.....you don't have much of a choice with Doms. TBH, and off point, I would like to see hasten either be inherent or done away with entirely as well.
  4. Ok, I just tried this build, and it's amazing, it's an absolute wrecking ball!
  5. I'm wondering that as well, just hit 50 on my DB/EA, I'm wondering how this build holds up at 50
  6. My buddy swears by Spine/Bio for all melee AT's
  7. The reason I suggested it, is we already see this in other secondaries. Plant gives a +toxic damage, Time gives +recharge, and I know there is another I'm forgetting. Boost range feels old and clunky. I already click build up, aim, and boost range on most mobs, so I figured why not combine them? I would go with fewer BR's personally. I think EM for blasters is a far more decent place than EM for melee, given the AT, but I think it still needs love when compared to newer sets like Rad.
  8. It's no secret that Energy Melee needs some rework. It was once one of the best power sets in the game, and hasn't kept up with the changes and nerfs implemented by OG devs have really hurt the set. I have a few suggestions that might help and anyone else that loves and misses energy melee can add their suggestions. -Dominator "Energy Focus" mechanic should be implemented across the board to all Energy Melee sets across all Archetypes -Blaster EM boost range should be combined with build up, and whirling hands or Energy transfer should take it's place in that tier -Melee power sets should get a fill the bar/build energy mechanic. Doing damage/taking damage could fill the bar, and that bar can be spent on whirling hands, total focus, or energy transfer. All will do extra damage depending on how full the bar is, but whirling hands could do a secondary debuff, total focus could have 100% stun chance with longer stun duration, and energy transfer would do pure extra damage. Using any of these powers will spend the "Energy Focus" and deplete the bar. -Obviously, shorter animation times, even just slightly. IDK, anyone have any suggestions? I really love EM, and hate to see it fall by the wayside.
  9. Looks good enough to me!!! Thank you!
  10. I'm level 24 I have nothing but an idea that I like this toon lol, I'm sorry
  11. I'm actually leveling a Sonic/EM right now. Any way you could help me out with a build, procs included? It's my first blaster!
  12. There's a scrapper build, but I was wondering if anyone had a stalker build to share
  13. What incarnate should I pick with a Demon/Time?
  14. Do you have a build? I just hit 50 with mine. I agree it's super fun, looking to maximize the toon with a good build
  15. I was just thinking of making this same power set!!! Sounds fun!
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