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Broad Sword/Shield Defense


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I played CoH back during the before times, and I'm getting back into it. I decided I wanted to play a scrapper because a)I wanted an AT that could solo well while still being useful in a group and b)I also did Master Minds and Controllers back in the day(I can't imagine I'll stay away from those archtypes for too long). I played around in the character creator and settled on a Broad Sword/Shield Defense angel/valkrie type character. Working on the background for said character I started to think maybe Stalker would make more sense as hiding/sneaking/assassination would be in their wheelhouse, and Shield Defense is something Stalkers have now, so I figured I'd look into it.


So my for my question, is Stalker a good AT for these powersets, or should I got scrapper instead(or even brute or tanker). Is there anything I should know, power pools that are required, or pitfalls I should avoid?


Thanks in advance for any help. So far this community looks really great, and I'm excited to really get back into playing.

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I have a BS/SD/Soul Stalker myself. The guide linked by @Zerethonabove still has some pretty reasonable insight.


You can make a pretty tanky stalker with Shield Defense. It gets the 2nd most DDR after SR. Shield Charge doesn't break hide as it's a pseudo pet. Grant cover is amazing especially when running an all shield defense team on something like the ITF.


I typically go soul on most scrappers/stalkers for moonbeam and shadow meld otherwise a proc'd char and melt armor can be fun as well.

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