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Toughest primary to pair with Kin


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You're going to want to spam Transfusion(the AoE heal) to keep your guys at full health.  This heal, though very strong, requires your henchmen to be within 20' of the target.


Bots, Mercs, and thugs are going to be No-goes.  So, what are you left with?

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I am by no means an expert on MMs but, with the changes to bots I have noticed that they are pretty self sufficient with the healing drone.  Depending on the difficulty you may get away with using bots. Possibly zombies as well if you stay in bodyguard mode. Either way good luck and hope you find your match!  Edit: Beast mastery might be good as well. They are all melee and fortify pack will help with survivablity. I still recommend staying in bodyguard mode. 

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Beasts and Necromancy seem like the obvious choices. 


All beasts are in melee all the time so they'll benefit from your heals, not to mention they buff themselves a bit.


Most of the Necro pets stay in or close too melee and have a reputation for toughness.


Both choices also have some degree of self healing after buffs are applied. 



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Tried it with necro/beasts/thugs/bots and my vote goes for bots. I just use a simple macro, move the bots into the mob and hop in and fulcrum them. Running repel keeps most stuff knocked down and although you'd think bots would splat the fastest being the flimsiest pets once the big guy drops the swarm missiles and patch the mobs too busy running in another direction to hit them, none of the other pet sets have this ability- they all get targeted regardless. All you need is a 1 click:



/macro ATK "petcom_all aggressive$$petcom_all goto"


fulcrum and transfusion. It does help if you also have an epic aoe immob and enough def+res so you can keep them in aggressive and not die when attacks get thrown your way.

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