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Midnight Visage Temporary Power Should Not be Deletable

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Hi.  I'm a great big dumb-dumb.  The last mission of Darrin Wade's story arc requires a temporary power by the name of Midnight Visage to complete.  Except you can accidentally delete the temporary power, like me.  I am tired, and thought that I was deleting another temporary power instead, and then I saw "You have deleted Midnight Visage."


So now I can't complete the mission.  So I suggest not making the Midnight Visage temporary power deletable.


Don't be a great big dumb-dumb like me, kids.

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Maybe at level, but pretty sure you can't if done through Ouroboros. (Edit: Not without having to restart the arc at least.) I think this came up back on Live too though. And I think you can just go back to Darrin Wade and get a replacement power without having to drop and restart. Not sure though.

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