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Game apparently self binded keys


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I am at a point where the game has basically become unplayable. For someone reason, the game has mixed my key inputs (not binds as I don't use them and may have a few macros for some characters).


The first issue I had for quite awhile when I activated a power was it requeing itself to activate again. Didn't matter character, power placement, or tray number. The game basically doubled my input - this was not an issue as it mostly annoyed me after a mob as finished and them the group starts to move onward to the next group, a buff or heal would activate again on a team member.


Today, I longed onto a recently new Elec/Rad defender I created and copied some TP target macros and a funny emote when my character uses Defiberlate. Joined a Yin task force and mid-way, I was pressing the 1 key (Neutrino bolt is on Tray 1, Slot 1) for a buff when my character didn't animate and the game said the power was recharging. Neutrino Bolt is a fast power, even when unslotted, so there is very little waiting for it. Then Rejuventing Circuit fired off (tray 2, slot 1). Further quick testing of other powers (1, 2, or 3 keys) activates powers in the Tray 2. Swapping Tray 1 with Tray 2 kinds corrects the issue, but throws off my gameplay, as I usually keep attacks on the first tray and look there for when a power recharges.


After the Yin task force was finished, I jumped onto another character and it persisted on that character as well, a press of the 1 key activates tray 2, slot 1. Tried options, resetting keybinds to see if that would fix the issue, no dice.


I guess I should mention as well, all my newly created characters chat bubbles start off as as my main character, which was the first character that I colored its chat bubbles.


So, suggestions?

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or the keyboard itself, alt key could be stuck, you wouldnt believe what u find in used keyboards.... keys that are glued together cause someone drank lemonade is the least..

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