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Just wondering if the Intel ARC cards will work with CoH or not?


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Haven't had a hand on them or tried one.  Doesn't look like many folks have.  From what I read, Intel made a command decision and chopped out compatibility for any games, systems, and resources specific to DX11 and older titles, which would include us. 


Arc is intended as a budget-friendly option to play games made for DX12 and forward. A750 and A770 are their RTX 3060 contenders.  The A380 isn't even up to par to a GTX 1050, that's best for a 3rd or 4th Monitor card to add displays or video editing at best.  (It DOES have AV1 hardware decoding built in, but that's not worth the price.  AMD and NVidia's next model lines are going to include it too.)  If you're thinking of one for a 2nd system and are willing to eat the cost, maybe a shrug?  Try it?  If this is to be your daily driver PC, I'd really advise against it and wait for a braver soul to give it a rundown.


Before I'd pick one of those, I'd look at AMD Radeon RX or R7/R9 cards that are more affordable, or NVidia Geforce GTX 1060/RTX 2060's still out there that are similarly priced.  If budget is a real concern and you don't have a need for AAA-Gaming or Ray Tracing (meaning you just play MMOs, Emulation and older games that don't demand as much) give the Ryzen 3/5/7's with Radeon Graphics (Vega/Navi/etc.) a serious look.  That way, you can play COH as soon as it's built and save on cash until you can get the card you want (and possibly a Power Supply that does a better job for that card) for more intensive gaming later.

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