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Tech fans unite! If you want to get help, advice or share your rig, this is the place! (Primarily for Windows users, but if you manage a Hackintosh or Linux build, you're welcome, too!)
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  2. I guess that explains why all these boards seem to lack slots in general then if the cards are so big.
  3. Essentially 4-6 expansion ports FOR A SINGLE VIDEO CARD! Not FANS. SLOTS! What the ever-loving hell? You may hear "3 slot". Nonono. Most of them are 3.SOMETHING. Meaning you can't use slot 4. So, essentially it's a 4 slot card.
  4. You can still get one on Newegg. EVGA's site is OUT. They have regular, non-TI 3080's in stock. But pretty much everything else is GONE.
  5. Not that I had the $$ before, but with EVGA pulling out, I kinda wish I had a 30 ti now from them.
  6. Yeah. And the power draw on these cards is going to be ridiculous. Basically they're saying MSRP will be $899 for the 12GB 4080. Realistically, you're talking $1000 all said and done. Sorry, but those prices are, as the commercial says, INSAAAAANE!!!
  7. Covered already very well buy these two, but the gist is that EVGA won't be making 40 series cards, but will support existing customers by keeping part of their existing inventory for RMA purposes.
  8. I went that Whole video like "I know this voice..." and then their page demo vid had the list of names. "Oh, that's Wendell!". I'm not sure if he worked with Linus a while back or what, but I remember him being like the IT version of that Tool Time neighbor in that we never saw his face. Might have been working somewhere that really wouldn't want to see him on youtube. NeWay, yeah, LTT talks about ZedFS a lot (hurts my ears everytime it's said >.<), but certainly, it would make more sense for the FS to be the thing to handle stuff since it's already handling the data itself. I know my current board has the option for RAID built into the controllers too, but I don't think each controller can handle more than like 4 drives anyway. In the end, I think it'll probably be the board handling all this (once I can afford a newer build and scavenge from this one) later.
  9. In the many things I watched, one of the big tech reviewers (GN I think they're called) said it seems like the Synology units have power issues after not very long in service. They had multiple units (of different models / owners) fail all within like 6 months of service. Otherwise, they looked nice with the whole hot-swap / rebuild method. The data's not really being accessed much at all, so it'd be more of an archive. Give or take me adding ISOs or Finally getting on that media archive project. It sounds like the recommendation here is to get the 4-bay unit though, even if I'm not yet using that many drives. As for RAID itself, I thought it was best to have these things in pairs +1 for parity? I've read that RAID 5/6 are designs to be avoided and I think I remember RAID 10 (1+0?) being the best for redundancy / recoverability. I stumbled into the software RAID world around the time I came across the (don't laugh) LTT videos on the horror stories Linus has heard about standard raid (parity drive pushes corrupted data to good drive, etc). The RAID F1 vs SHR was interesting to read through and the advantage (when using the boxes) seems there for sure.
  10. And yes, I KNOW this isn't a "cheap" solution. I've seen WAY too many people try the "cheap" solution and get themselves burned. BADLY. Suddenly that data they "didn't really need" is irreplaceable. And do you know how much hard drive recovery costs?
  11. You could PROBABLY get away with a it. But for data durability I don't recommend it. You're looking at a hard drive enclosure stuck on your router. It's generally bad engineering-wise. As you really have no way to MANAGE the setup. And you're always a single drive away from data loss. If you're looking to get something you can manage and use with a backup solution (network drives get EXPENSIVE to back up FAST), look at an actual NAS device. https://www.amazon.com/Synology-bay-DiskStation-DS218-Diskless/dp/B077PJX8TH Of you want to save a couple bucks, get the Play version, which isn't as upgradeable. https://www.amazon.com/Synology-Disk-Station-DS218play-Diskless/dp/B076G1G2ZT/ While the person who's experienced both "I've got my data backed up" and "What's in the box? WHAT'S IN THE BOX!!!", I shy away from 2 disk setups. It's still doable. Synology has a technology called Synology Hybrid RAID. Helps keep you from losing data and makes your setup expandable at a later date. Just by trading up drives. This makes the function similar to the old Drobos. Also, as I said, the cost and hassle of dealing with mapping network drives (most backup solutions charge you for CLOUD STORAGE, rather than just backup). With the Synology setup, you can actually mount your drive setup as a local drive through iSCSI. Meaning it appears like a local drive to the OS. So, for an online backup like Backblaze (can't recommend it enough), it simply backs it up like it's another drive in your system. So with SHR, you can start with a single drive, expand it to two later, and as I said, upgrade it down the road. And the management interface is web based and fairly straightforward.
  12. Essentially this is a no-effort attempt to dump their stocks of older GPUs using doctored benchmarks and pointless numerical data to misrepresent cards and appear to be an actual review. On top of it, this is an attempt to create "reviews" by the people actually selling you the video cards. Shady at best. If you need reliable information to make a purchasing decision, PLEASE GO ELSEWHERE. All this site will do is cause you to spend money stupidly.
  13. So this came to light as a thing to revisit because started working on expanding / adjusting how I use my available cloud storage for shared data access, but the more I look into What I was doing, the less I think I want to rely on the cloud for now. The Online Stuff: The Offline Stuff: The Network Concept: Let me know your thoughts..
  14. https://www.thermal-grizzly.com/produkte/522-cpu-contact-frame-for-12th-gen-intel-by-der8auer Long and short, the Intel CPU retention mechanism for 12th gen SUCKS. Using it results in excessive flex of the CPU, and leads to improper contact between a CPU cooler and a 12th gen CPU. Thermal Grizzly has come up with a replacement for the lever action frame that eliminates most CPU flex.
  15. Heh, Personally, I need people elsewhere to bite on the NIB ACs and [email protected] equipment I have in the garage. 😛
  16. Not getting any bites elsewhere... So I may have another one of these (a FTW2) available here after the 20th.
  17. Stop making me want to spend $$. NM, I have the EVGA GTX 970 FTW that apparently (beyond power consumption) appears to be the better card.
  18. What're you doing in my YT playlist again? Also, be super careful right now (and for quite a while) when buying a non-NIB GPU as the miners are doing what they can to get something back.
  19. https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=04G-P4-1357-KR On the cheap end. $200 for an EVGA GTX 1650.
  20. Basically NVIDIA is trying to clear the market of cards BEFORE ther 4000-series cards hit.
  21. Because I'll be linking this eventually, here's the newest Mac that's prepping to take over the VM tooling around I do for fun. Mind you it's 6 generations newer than the 2012 (and the PC for that matter), but it's quite a bit lighter, quieter, faster, and the looks/sounds are nicer of course. I actually got the darker grey unit and I think I like that almost as much as the M1 Dark Blue color. Partially because of the fact that you can't upgrade anything, I've decided to not run bootcamp on here. I'll still tool around with Windows in VM, but I've generally got my PC for real use. It's taking a bit of getting used to the touchbar. Well, mostly trying Not to touch the back button when in the browser, but I find it is somewhat intuitive. The touchPad, however, is WAY too big for what I'm used to. I swear they meant for you to use both hands on it as it's causing me to have to move my hand more to the right because I use right click a lot.
  22. So yeah, the more I looked into this, the more I realized that I'm liable to end up paying MORE to build the damned thing than I would to just grab a final gen intel Mac. Which is exactly what I did, but I blame PayPal as they gave me WAY too much credit on a whim and I paid a whole ~$50 interest to finance the thing for two years. The upside is that it's the newest computer in my personal possession, so if the older stuff fails, then I've got some time with this before it starts to show its age.
  23. I recently decided to get back into re-hackintoshing my i7 (on a dedicated SSD/BIOS config), but ran into a few compatibility snags. This made me sad for a few reasons ($$ for one) as I didn't realize that little things like RMAing my GPU for a newer one (way back) was enough to push me into a hole. And then there's Apple being Apple and dropping native support in OSes for older hardware. After thinking on it a bit, I started contemplating a completely new build, but with a more focused philosophy in mind. The only Real reason I 'want' one is to allow me to run Parallels / VMs for basic (possibly pointless) testing and to have a backup for when this 2012 MBP eventually fails. Originally, I went looking at deals on the latest Intel Macs, but damn these things still bite the budget even years later. Great for resale, bad for saving a buck. Now I think I've settled on what is essentially a Mac Mini, but in Hackintosh form. I've seen a few things online, but like many Hacks, the easy to find stuff isn't fully compatible to the point that I wouldn't get things like wifi OOB. So I posit you this question. Does anyone have a good lead on a relatively painless build for such a concept? I came across the Reddit thing, but I'm not a fan of the site as it feels more like Twitter / FB in that people will read your stuff for the first few days and after that nobody comes back. That or it just gets buried from the bulk of the masses, reducing your visibility. I've also been on places like TonyMac(?) for a long time now and it feels like things aren't any better TBH. IDK, if I had any sort of Real budget that allowed for just buying a Mac, then this'd be simpler, but I'll be lucky to be able to build what I'm imagining here without having to spread the cost over a long period of time.

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