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Tech fans unite! If you want to get help, advice or share your rig, this is the place! (Primarily for Windows users, but if you manage a Hackintosh or Linux build, you're welcome, too!)
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  2. Okay, ripped this off from Jayz2Cents. But still good advice. Tried to get as inexpnsive as possible without taking components from no-name vendors or crap I wouldn't use myself in the same space. https://newegg.io/a8666687 Easily do 1080p. Is using on-chip graphics (AMD Radeon RX Vega 7) 6 core Hyperthreading CPU 16GB RAM 512GB SSD Air cooler. Want a liquid cooler? Add $30. Decent Fractal Design case. All "In stock" and "new". USD before tax and any promos/codes. $634.45 $12 Shipping (Delivery to Illinois_ $45.25 (Illinois tax) Total: $691.70 Transplant your keyboard, mouse and monitor and you have a perfectly acceptable gaming rig to start. Basically this rig is not some blazingly fast game-burner. But for CoH, and most modern titles at 1080p, this'll put down respectable framerates and won't look like total ass. Allowing you some time to wait on graphics card prices to come down more and the market to normalize. Additionally, the rig is expandable. Grrr. There's room for more SSDs and other types of drives. The power supply is up to dropping in something like a 3070 or lower without worrying about overtaxing the PSU. There's plenty of cooling. Yes, this probably would have been a $500 build a few years back. Market reality.
  3. I think they're the ones doing the Start11 app
  4. Well, I had to go back to NVSurround because trying to full-"screen" windows was insanity. And the taskbar in Win11 is ALMOST as stable as a pissed off Chuck Manson on an acid trip to Hell. And I spent the money for Start11. Hopefully it'll leave me with a working implementation.
  5. Stardock used to be something I used all the time. Not sure if they are still around or doing Win11 but i wouldn't doubt it.
  6. Maybe? IDK, but sounds like something I may have looked at.
  7. The only thing I had to be grateful for was that I hadn't dropped REAL cash on a Threadripper or EPYC setup... And you may be thinking "Window Blinds"? Maybe?
  8. You know about Start11 right? I haven't bothered with it Yet, but it exists. *looks again* Hmm, not the package I meant to find, but somebody out there made something that allows you to adjust the shell quite a bit.
  9. Admit it, you let Linus build it. 😉
  10. Note: Reloaded with my RTX 3070Ti FE. (I have the BEST friends! One of them even works at NVIDIA. And deliberately made the mistake of going Win11. I'm starting to see LOTS of clients with new rigs with Win11 preloads on them. And I was starting to have trouble finding stuff. The interface is a mess. You have to REGEDIT to move the taskbar! And it breaks the Quickview when you do! Also, no Task Manager in a menu off the taskbar anymore! WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS SMART? So I pinned Task Manager to the Taskbar instead. I swear, if we research these programmer's family history, it'll be a straight line...and their parents will have been brothers... And NVSurround. It's kinda a mess on Win10. It's a frackin' JOKE on WIn11. But I have to deal with whibbly Windows taskbar. Because the full-screen functions, instead of the "No NVSurround" "snap to screen" full-screen is invaluable to me.
  11. Had my main rig barf its BIOS back right before the new year. RMA'ed the board. Got it back last week. Put it all back together. Would power on. Wouldn't boot. Now, had this been a year or two ago, I'd have stopped everything to troubleshoot it for a while. Unfortunately I no longer have the time for this. And while running my work rig on my laptop MOSTLY works, it's driving me nuts. So I schedule the local Micro Center to take a look at it. $40 and I'll at least figure out what's wrong. So I bring it in, and I have the techs staring at it in horror... 😁 So the tech opens it up. After 20 minutes. The verdict. BENT PIN... Originally, the chip cost me $800... Well, it cost me $1000 because the only way I could get it was in a bundle with a monitor I didn't need. Tech comes back. The 5950X is now $550 plus 80 in labor. We have them in stock. *SIGH* Okay, do it. I need the machine back. So he says "gimme 20 minutes". I go and window shop. Inspect the latrines (damn egg salad sandwich for dinner). Come back and the tech asks me "Can I convince you to buy a $130 warranty? We'll cover your computer for 2 years (and this is my self-built system). And you just pay any labor costs. Seeing as I somehow managed to *BLEEEEEEEP!* my CPU, I say "Sure. Why not!" So he goes to ring me up for $250. ... "Uh..." "We're going to cover your CPU under warranty." Cue me needing to re-inspect the latrines...(damn shock). On top of that, the original batches of Zen3 were...a bit squirrelly. The more recent vintages are a lot more stable. Because of this tech, (name and location remain unsaid because I want to make sure this doesn't get him in trouble), I'm going to be spending more money at Micro Center!
  12. I got through that Whole build nodding my head until this. And then I started snickering like a pre-teen. >.<
  13. Yeah, I finally decided to migrate to Win10 for the primary OS on my circa sunset rig as OneDrive is no longer supported as an app on Win7. It took me a while to decide between running Win10 vs the cracked Win11 as the primary OS. Both run just fine on the machine and I've moved the Win7 install to a smaller SSD on the rig (isolated multi-boot config) just in case I need it.
  14. New here, figured i would post my build. CPU | Ryzen 7 2700X Mobo | MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC RAM | Corsair Vengeance 32G GPU | MSI RTX 2070 Ventus 8G PSU | Rosewill 650W Case | Fractal Design Meshify C Keyboard | Corsair K68 Mech Drives | Samsung 860 1TB, 860 250GB x2 Mouse | Logitech 403 Hero Pioneer Blu-Ray Writer Monitors | Samsung G5 32" 144Hz Curved, Samsung 32" Non-smart TV ETC | QNAP Raid Box 4x 6TB Nightwolfs connected to Pi-Hole
  15. Couldn't sleep immediately. So. Jelly Caps!
  16. Now to squeeze out a PS5 (disc version) and Halo Edition Series X. 😉
  17. I have the best friends... Have a bud at NVIDIA who's been keeping his eyes out for cards for me. Could possibly have scored an engineering sample. But those are actually locked so you can only internal drivers not available outside the company. But he came back today and I was able to score a 3070TI! I'd tried to go for a 3080 but they sold too quick. And couldn't justify nearly doubling the price for a 3080TI or double-plus for a 3090. Now, a month ago, I could have. A flooded basement and cleanup later... Still a 3070TI is a heck of a step up!
  18. Oh and if it wasn't clear. This is probably going to be a 2022+ build eta.
  19. Honestly, just get the 520's. In the 1GB variety. If you're going to be beating on these drives, you want the higher capacity. As it translates into longer device lifespan. They're also readily available NOW. With the 530's, you're going to be contending with stocking issues for several months. The actual performance difference is going to be unnoticeable for you without benchmarking software. As someone who bought the Taichi product for his X570 board? The board itself isn't bad. The Killer NIC is absolute CRAP! I've only had my system together for 3 months and I'm OVER the Killer NIC. I ordered a nice Intel 10GB NIC. It arrived today, sans the full-height bracket. So I gotta wait for that. But once it goes in, I'm disabling the Killer NIC and uninstalling all the Killer software. And that's pretty much all the ASROCK boards offer. Pick someone who delivers either an branded Intel or a Realtek chipset. In my estimation, spend the extra you're currently "saving" over the AMD rig and buy the Asus ROG Maximus APEX board.
  20. These comparisons are making me blind at this point and so far I'm restricting to NewEgg, but I know that's bound to keep my parts knowledge base rather limited as well. So here's what I've got based on that for now. If you'll notice, I'm starting at the bottom of the barrel, while doing things like doubling my current storage capacity numbers since user data will be on the existing SSDs). By the time I'm ready ($$ etc), then we'll probably be seeing PCIe 5 and such. :p AMD Build Currently ~$1,500 Intel Build (for kicks) Currently ~$1,300 Again, just in case things change drastically over the next year or so (whenever I'm actually ready to do this), I'm leaving both paths open for now.
  21. Yeah, I was using this at first and was getting confused. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/cpu-hierarchy,4312.html?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_content=tomsguide&fbclid=IwAR0YzFDJsc_a6NJj9g2tsJsjJKXChCyykkMN8q32wReWEcyAF1nsRycdwO4

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