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Tech fans unite! If you want to get help, advice or share your rig, this is the place! (Primarily for Windows users, but if you manage a Hackintosh or Linux build, you're welcome, too!)
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  2. I'm running the GTX 970 FTW (reminder) and from the looks of it, I may be using 3+ screens. That said, I'm wondering what the effect of using the 3770k`s APU via the motherboard as well would have on overall performance. Perhaps use it for the extra port needed for something like that. Seems like we're scrolling back to here though I didn't mean to. 🤣
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Eviciv-Portable-Monitor-Display-1024X600/dp/B07L6WT77H/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=USB+monitor&qid=1618276171&refinements=p_36%3A-11000&rnid=386442011&sr=8-4 And if you're on anything NVIDIA 10** series or later, you've got support up to 4 monitors. Hell, an old GTX 780 will do 4 monitors Or were you planning to USE all 4 monitor connections? Or, if you have a spare PCI-E 16 slot, https://www.newegg.com/evga-geforce-8400-gs-512-p3-1301-kr/p/1FT-001K-002F6
  4. Heh, yeah I saw the Jay vid when I first thought about the concept. Unfortunately, to do what I'd want, the panel would end up being basically a little picture frame on the desk (because the CPU's on the ground). Looking at what I'm Used to seeing vs what these seem to be capable of (and the fact that you're burning a display connection), I may be better off just hoping these never break. I don't OC, so honestly it's more of a nice thing at a glance, but it does help me see if something's bogging me down without opening the task manager. The Gadgets use two, light weight background apps that a
  5. You're looking for something like AIDA64. You can buy a cheap little ($100 or less) HDMI screen (usually used for Raspberry Pi stuff. You can then use AIDA to set up the monitors. Here's a couple examples. In the second one, DO NOT use the guy's reference for cheap software. The place he's pointing to is a bulk license abuser. They buy a bulk license, meant for a business, then resell the key until it stops working.
  6. That answered the question I had. Why the 3. Granted, WTF NOT, but heh. Aside from all of the above, since my performance stats Widgets (CPU, GPU, Network, etc) will eventually (possibly) break in the future (as they were retired for security for Win10); Do you know of something, maybe a breakout box, that would give me all the stats I would want to know at a glance? IE: The CPU/CPU ones show per core temps, usage, RAM/Swap utilization, etc and the Network shows me current utilization, etc. I'll probably have to deal with the Power Options (Restart/Sleep/Shutdown) widget when it fi
  7. Like all the equipment that's supposed to come with the ROG board. It came in as an unwrapped open box. Outside of the third M.2, the ROG is a slightly better board. My setup kinda depends on the triple M.2 though. Going OS, SQL, VM/Scratch Disk, as M.2 RAID-0 doesn't really increase throughput or latency, it just speeds disk queue processing.
  8. I haven't built a new rig in a few years, however I have built some very good rigs with ASUS (inc Crosshair) MBs. That photo made me drool a bit. But I understand. You have a goal. Do not deviate or be tempted to compromise. 👍 I've zero experience with the m.2 stuff but it looks pretty cool. Mind if I ask though.. where any of the other things that you consider showstoppers like m.2 support? I ask because some day, maybe this year, maybe next, I am pondering building another rig and I like ASUS Crosshair so that MB would be a contender. Which leads me to wonder what else i
  9. EXTREME 0.00001% PROBLEM INCOMING! The board I ordered for my new rig was an ASRock X570 Taichi Razer. $380. Has all the features I require from a board. So I get home today from work and find THIS has come for me. A $560 board! I lucked out right? While it's a nice board it's missing some of the things I require. Not the least of which is Triple M.2 support. So, back it goes!
  10. Have it coming. Ryzen 5950X. Unfortunately the deal I used is now sold out.
  11. You know, it's funny how we just luck out quite often when it comes to what we need and want, part wise.
  12. The difference between low-latency DDR3200 and DDR4000 was only about $60. I don't plan on overclocking on a $4000 rig. At least not immediately. But I'm planning for the future.
  13. Yeah, I could understand a couple virtual machines or hosting a server. Not even main rig! Well that's not a bad rig regardless.
  14. Hehehe, this isn't even my main VM machine and I've done it once or twice in the last couple years. I forget what it was I was doing, but it wasn't VM either. f remember capping it out a long time ago when I was testing how many accounts I could have open at once (CoX, Live Servers). The answer was roughly 2Gb per account. 😄
  15. Yeah, this case of mine has a nice toggle on the top/front that allows me to cycle colors and OFF as well.
  16. Repost from the Off Topic thread. System Specs: Case: Corsair Carbide 275R Mainboard: Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 CPU: Intel i7-8700K CPU Cooling: Corsair HYDRO SERIES H150i PRO RGB 360MM AIO Hard Drives: Corsair Force MP500 120GB M.2-2280 NVME SSD & Western Digital Black 1TB M.2-2280 NVME SSD Memory: Corsair Vengeance LED 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 CL16 Memory GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB GAMING X 8G Video Card Case Fans: Corsair ML 120MM x6 Power Supply: Corsair RMx (2018) 750W 80+ Gold Peripherals Monitors: (Le
  17. Man... 64GBs of 4000MHz? Is it cheap? I mean... damn that's a lot of RAM. I have 32GBs of 3000MHz and I never see anything hit 16GBs usage.
  18. 1: Yeah. 2: For a display unit, cool. Great. Fine. But when I'm working, I don't need all the flashing and throbbing and...wow that just sounds WRONG!
  19. On the items highlighted red: 1. I think you mean Ryzen. 2. I know, right? What's with all the LEDs? My memory, video card and PSU fan all have LEDs.
  20. Welp. Due to some emergency dental bills (some very big ones) my free cash for the build got cut in half. So, here's what $3600 will buy you. Case: Thermaltake Core X9 CPU: Ryzen 5950X Cooler: Alphacool Icebaer modular/refillable AIO GPU: RTX 2060 (recycled fro my current build because new GPUs just aren't available and NVIDIA's actually turning out new 2060s!) Memory: 64GB Trident Neo Z DDR4000 (Not happy about the LED, but I can turn it off.) Motherboard: ASROCK X750 Taichi RAZER (Not happy about the LED, but I can turn it off.) PSU: Seasonic Fo
  21. In the same line of thought as above, what about this scenario. What if I wanted to use as many HD displays as my system can push? Say, up to 6. Could we do it? I've confirmed that the GTX 970 is rated to push up to 4 HD displays (2x DVI, HDMI, DP) and the Intel 3770k's appears to handle 3 HD displays, but IDK if it is even Possible to use both the onboard iGPU/APU at the same time as the discrete GTX 970. The motherboard has a very similar port listing (VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP), but I can't find where it says there is/isn't a limitation on which ports can be used at the same time.
  22. The waiting for the high end 5000 series Ryzen processors is starting to REALLY work a nerve... Waiting in dread of my current 11 year old rig dropping out from under me.
  23. The poor, hardly ever used soul in my group of devices. It has been upgraded with a custom 1 Ghz CPU, 2 Gb RAM, I believe the GPU has been upgraded as well, a USB 2.0 card was added, and an ATA133 card was added as well. It still has several ATA drives installed, but I may retire those in lieu of an SSD (or both). It's currently setup to Dual boot OS 9.2.2 and MacOS 10.5 Leopard (the most it'll handle). I really should sell it, but IDK, they'd Have to be local 'cause shipping is stupid. Note: The images are reference only

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