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  1. A big portion of those packs will be opened on his personal account. He has a few dozen 50s that are completely unslotted. If you ever see oddly colored melee AT's with animal heads, wings, and headache inducing aura effects flying around town with randomly selected powers nuking grey mobs and being completely unresponsive to all forms of chat, it is probably my son. Last night I was ambitious and I converted about 10K merits into converters and purple recipes. I listed what I could and then used some others to make a few hundred sellable enhancements. I ran out of steam and energy with about 3K converters left over. I am thinking I may just give up on the liquidation goal for now.
  2. I think I am going to start liquidating 5K merits/day by different means and see what works best. I have a few bases full of crafted yellow enhancements that I can blow converters on so I don't have to list so many on the market. I had not considered Winter IOs, as I was expecting them to get real cheap in a month or two due to winter event, but I will look into it. If I fall short of 50 bil I will not be upset. I just figured having my son opening thousands of winter packs would keep him entertained for a few hours and it would give me plenty of busywork to marketeer during my January zoom meetings.
  3. My precocious 4 year old loves to open super packs, which I find boring. I plan on letting him hit the winter packs hard in a few months as well. One of my accounts has a great big stash of merits. To get super/winter packs, I need inf, not merits. My goal is to liquidate 250K merits into 50 billion inf as quickly as possible so he can go nuts opening super packs now and winter packs over break. Selling converters/boosters seems too slow and tedious, but that is probably what I'll do if I can't find something better. Any suggestions?
  4. ... for maximum epeen flex? Obviously there is no tangible benefit to going past vet level 100, but I want to look as hardcore as possible. I was thinking about stopping xp at lvl 69, but it is too late for that on any of my main toons. The next logical stopping point is either 690 or 696. Obviously 999 is trying too hard. I don't think I will ever figure out how to be a hardcore gamer.
  5. Considering all of the time sinks associated with making a "fully developed" toon, the influence making is only a fraction. Leveling 1-50 and unlocking all of the incarnate slots takes about 4 hours, getting accolades takes another 4-10 hours depending on what accolades (just passives or geas, vanguard, etc) and I am being honest it takes me 2-4 hours to get all the costumes the way I want them. Having a stock of transcendant merits and a toon with all of the badge contacts and missions available speeds things up quite a bit, but some things just take time. I have way more lvl 50 toons IO'd and T4 incarnate slotted but still pending on accolades than accoladed toons that have a use for influence. If you could buy accolades for a billion inf I would probably spend more time marketeering, but as it is, inf is not a bottleneck at all.
  6. Any increase in rewards for certain behavior will just cause it to be farmed. Since accounts are free, there is nothing to stop an overachiever from using multiple accounts to farm radios or WSTs or Ouro arcs or whatever. Anything a team of casual players can do an efficient player can do solo or duo with a team or league full of leeching accounts.
  7. I will have to post my proposed "e-peen" mechanic and the ways that vet levels over 100, badges, and SG prestige could be used to increase its size.
  8. There is a lot of great creative content in the AE, but many people never see it. Would it be possible for the Devs to "curate" selected AE content and make it a "real" accessible TF that rotates monthly. Give it merit rewards and regular xp/drops, and put the contact in an appropriate zone. Maybe give guidelines for the types of arcs that would be considered for selection and then include a keyword in the description to make it easier for the devs to find. Obviously, farming maps and the like would not be selected. This would give incentives for players to create content, and then maybe some day the best of the best could be made "real" permanently with potential upgrades in mechanics that the devs could add.
  9. My questions are specifically about buffs. Do the pets have high base damage/def/tohit/recharge/other attribute that is easily buffed or lower base attribute with a built-in buff? What are their caps? If someone has tested this or numbers are available, please post a link because I have been unable to locate the info. If the answer to the previous question is very complicated, a simpler question is what buffs are "transformative" in how they boost the pet. (like SB/FS on fire imps or bubbles on bots) Thank you for any insights. I hav
  10. In no particular order: 1. If the tech allows it, an increase in the zone cap would be amazing. I always have so much fun when 40+ heroes are working towards a common objective, but organization of "raids" takes a lot more time than it needs to because everyone rushes to reserve their spot in the zone . 2. A "butt" slider. 3. I would love to be able to dump market transaction data into a spreadsheet or database to analyze offline. This would be a very low priority for the devs, but I am a data nerd and I think the market would function more efficiently with more transparency. 4. I LOVE outdoor bases. However, the mechanic for making outdoor bases limits the accessible geometries quite a bit. The ability to simply remove the ceiling and walls from an indoor base to access the outside would open up a lot of creative space, especially indoor bases with outside landscapes. 5. It would be neat if there was something (with an incentive) else to do besides raid again once everyone is organized in a league. For instance, double the rewards for a mothership raid in the hour after a hami raid is completed. Or make a successful mothership raid give a 30 min temp power that debuffs hami. Or make either give a temp buff for incarnate trials. The goal would be to maximize the playtime/organization time ratio for league events.
  11. @Gerswin checking in on Excelsior. Just started today and a bit overwhelmed. Made a bio/ss tank named Nostalgicron. I will probably have 30 Alts before I get him to 10 though.
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