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Hide Fire Shield FX?


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As far as I know there is no minimal fx but you can do a bright flames/fire option then choose the farthest to the left column and 2nd row color as both colors, that's the most minimal color/fx that I know of for fire shield. If it is the same as the fire shield of fiery aura from tankers/brute.

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/suppressclosefx 1

/suppressclosefxdist XX


XX is the distance the camera will be from your character, in feet, that you want the FX to stop being displayed.  If you play with the camera close to the character, 20 is fine.  If you play scrolled out, a higher number, like 150.


These settings shut off most character-specific effects.  They won't disable something like AM being cast on you, and some toggles have persistent effects even when these settings are used (might be the case for this toggle, i've never used it, so i don't know), but most of your toggles won't show any graphics with these settings.  And this only applies to you, other players still see all of the effects.

Get busy living... or get busy dying.  That's goddamn right.

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If you color it black it does reduce teh flame fx.  I have a Elec/Dev blaster with flame shield and have the color set to black.  It makes it look more like smoke than flames.  It doesnt eliminate it but it does seem to reduce it as much as it can be.  And even if I turn off Devices cloak power it still keeps the effects at a bare minimum.

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