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Beyond Indy 5

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I'm curious to see what opinions there are out there regarding any future for the Indiana Jones franchise once Harrison Ford hangs up the hat and whip this year.


In your opinion should:

  • The franchise be ended.
  • Another actor be cast as a middle-aged Indy during the 1930s/40s.
  • Another actor be cast as an aging Indy in the 1950s.
  • The franchise explores Indy's professional start with a younger actor portraying Indy either in grad school or right after he gets his doctorate.
  • The franchise reboot the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (youth to teen years) in a way that is fully canon.
  • The franchise be expanded with stories focused on other characters from the franchise (Short Round, Salah, the goddaughter, etc.)
  • Nothing on screen, but instead make canon games, audio stories and books.
  • Some combination of the above
  • Something else (please describe)


You'll notice I've left the Indy multi-verse option off the list.  😛

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I think we're past the point of making it into a sort of "mantle" a la James Bond.  That being said, (and I loathe to bring up the concept of prequels), but there's the time period between Young Indy and Raiders that could be explored by a younger actor...

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The idea has merit.  That would put Indy into the 1920s and early 1930s, the pulp fiction era.  Exploration of the interiors of continents and remote islands was still a thing, and the era had a lot of mystery exploration stories, such as some of the Doc Savage books (though Savage leans towards the superhero genre).  Though we'd have to get new actors all around, a younger Indy story could develop secondary characters more like Dr. Jones, Sr.  It could also provide first introductions to Marion, Sallah, and Marcus.  I'd be interested in seeing them tackle cultures not seen in an Indy work before:  Scandinavian (Thule?), Inuit, Polynesian, and aboriginal Australian spring to mind as a few examples.  Japanese, as well, which might dovetail nicely with the established films seeing as the country would eventually become the eastern end of the Axis forces.

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