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Corruptor Primary Damage


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A quick look at the corruptor vs blaster values for primary powers will show some rather impressive numbers... on the Corruptor side. Besides quite a few of the nukes being similar damage, a lot of Tier 1/2 powers offer superior damage for a Corruptor, as do level 32s such as Rain of Arrows.


This was first noticed by others on Justin, but can also be seen with the starter powers in live right from character creation (thought there'd be a thread on this already actually). The low level hits (as well as their scourge copies when it triggers of course) as well as the scaling slider's promised values were apparently both significantly higher than Blasters.

As far as I can tell on the test server however, at least for one primary set, it's the detailed info that's failing hard - the actual shots in practice seem more appropriate on their final damage.


Example: Beam/Traps vs Beam/Devices - I wanted to check Caltrops just in case, everything unslotted. Nothing is "on" and Defiance is allowed to burn out before firing another power. Scourge was - given the target selection - a non-occurrence as well.

Level 40. Tick and hit values are on level 2 atlas park Fallen Buckshots (and only them just to be sure). First number is Corruptor values, second Blaster.

Caltrops: 114.53 (ticks for 12), 114.53 (ticks for 12)

Single Shot: 99.26 (hits for 187.06), Blaster 91.62 (hits for 280.59)

Charged Shot: 148.13 (hits for 306.78), 128.27 (hits for 490.54)

Disintegrate: 164.77 (ticks for 40.4), 123.69 (ticks for 60.6)

Cutting Beam: 70.17 (hits for 171.9), 52.63 (hits for 258)

Lancer Beam: 184.78 (hits for 396.57), 155.76 (hits for 594.86)

Penetrating Ray - Slow: hits for 841.79, hits for 1262.68

Penetrating Ray - Fast: hits for 426.5, hits for 681.98

Piercing Beam: 165.69 (hits for 405.92), 124.27 (hits for 608.89)

Overcharge: 190.88 (hits for 561.19), 200.43 (hits for 841.79)

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Those numbers look about right to me, the Corruptor is doing two-thirds of the Blasters damage which is what I would expect (0.75 damage scaling versus 1.125).


As for the displayed total damage, the displayed power is showing the total damage if scourge activates, i.e. it's showing double damage. This is a common problem with critical hit type effects in the power display and I believe this was the case on live as well.

Defender Smash!

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The detail-window displayed damage doesn't include scourge.

0.750 vs 1.125 would be


If 92.62 is 1.125, 1.0 would be 81.44 and 0.75 would be 61.08 (which doubled by scourge would mean a listing of 122.16). 99.26 would be double of 49.63.


The actual damage results don't match the displays either - they certainly show the corruptor in action (at least on those sets) doing a proper 2/3s before either scourge or defiance are taken into account but they're also pretty much unrelated to their offered values:

Single Shot: 99.26 is 188.45% . 280.59 is 306.25% of the lower 91.62

Charged Shot: 306.78 is 207.1% . Blaster does 382% of listed

Cutting Beam: 171.9 is 244.97% of 70.17  while blaster's got 490% of what the detail box announces it would do.

Piercing Beam: same % as Cutting Beam at least - 245% and 490% respectively.

Overcharge: 294% and 420% respectively.


Now obviously damage is gonna be multiplied when shooting a level 2 buckshot, but there'd be consistency against the same target in such multipliers if the details had anything at all to do with the results wouldn't there? Instead I'm seeing corruptor detail numbers higher than blaster without seeming to account for Scourge at all, and in both cases numbers that don't seem to have much to do with what it says on the tin.

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So I went on the test server last night to check this myself (since someone else was complaining about it in the Corruptor forum). I rolled up a level 1 Beam Corruptor and went around shooting some level 1 hellions. My Single Shot was doing 9.49 damage per hit. If you open the detailed power description window and scroll down to the detailed section you will see that the power lists two ticks of 9.49 damage. What's not listed is that one of those ticks is the regular damage and one is the scourge damage. So as far as I can tell everything is fine, this is purely an issue with how the power display window calculates damage per attack.


As for your specific example, it's hard to parse it accurately because you're mixing a bunch of variables (level 40 rather than 50, and fighting much lower level enemies) but I'll give it a go. Single Shot is a damage scale 1 power (like most T1 blast sets). So at level 40 a Blaster should deal 57.265 damage while a Corruptor should deal 38.177 damage. You are 38 levels above the NPC which applies a 4.90 damage modifier. This gives us a final damage of 280.599 versus 187.067 which matches your results. So the damage dealt matches what I would expect to see.


As for the display numbers, all I can tell you is that when I tested it last night the listed damage matched what I would expect to see (i.e. double damage for corruptors regular damage for blasters). Most of the powers you've listed seem to have the right stated damage, the corruptor is about 33% higher than the blaster which is consistent with the corruptor damage being erroneously doubled. Charged Shot is off as well but I suspect that's due to it calculating the extra hit on disintegrating enemies in a weird way (which I can't easily validate). I'm not sure what's happening with the stated damage for Overcharge either, but agian the relative damage seems to be correct.

Defender Smash!

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On Live. Single Shots at Level 1.

Corruptor Level 1: 9.49 x2 = 18.98. Apparently a .72 for 11s (disintegrate spread? it's certainly not a regular inflicted DoT from the power) adds 4.34 to this for 23.32 average damage if it ticks the damage 6.02 times in total


Blaster Level 1: 10.25 (hits for 10.24) and 1.02 for 11s makes 16.76 average damage. 6.52 damage would tick 6.39 times though on that same duration if that was it? 7.9% harder hit than the Corruptor.

The corruptor on-hit damage certainly isn't 2/3s the blaster's here, though what may be the spread ticks do seem to be 70% of the blaster version.


And then Charged Shot. This time level 2:

Corruptor: Average Damage 37.99. 16.67 for each of Scourge and base hit. Alleges 2.50 on target if disintegrated which would bring us to 35.84. 0.77 (up at level 2 from 0.72) for 11s would be worth... 2.15 damage?

Blaster: Average Damage 25.04. 18.07 damage for the attack, 2.71 if disintegrated, and "1.16 for 11s" so here the 11s would be worth 4.26 extra damage. Also 18.07 is 8.4% harder a hit.

That "x for 11s" is all over the place in terms of what it alleges to promise to the average damage.


Meanwhile, on Justin:

Level 1:

Corruptor Single Shot: 9.5 x2 = 19, A much cleaner-to-read (that's nice) declaration of 6 ticks of .95

Blaster Single Shot: 10.25, claiming to add 6 ticks.


Level 50

Corruptor Single Shot: 108.44 (41.71 base, 41.71 scourge). Promises for 6 ticks of 4.17 over 5.5s and the numbers add up.

Blaster Single Shot: 100.10, Damage 62.56. Promises 6 ticks of 6.26 over 5.5s so that adds up at least.

-Disintegrate spread is quite bugged here, as the first hit of using nothing but single shot actually caused spread to get announced and start ticking


So it appears that the damage scaling on both Live and Test gives Corruptors a lot more than 2/3 of a blaster's firepower at level 1, but grows into the proper ratio over time which would explain low level test results.

The Live numbers in the detailed boxes are also completely jumbled due not (or not-only) to Scourge being auto-added in but a badly calculated disintegration spread that's tacked on to all powers separate from on-hit disintegration damage buffs.

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So it appears that the damage scaling on both Live and Test gives Corruptors a lot more than 2/3 of a blaster's firepower at level 1, but grows into the proper ratio over time which would explain low level test results.

That is correct. Damage scales at low level are a lot closer together. You cna find the full list here:


Defender Smash!

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