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Kin/Bio with stalker ATO?


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    Was thinking about making a stalker with the specific purpos of keeping buidup on as much as possible.


Using the following rotation and depending on the hide ATO


Start fight



assassins strike


burst                        will have the hide ato and will always wait for concentrated strike to be up before using

concentrated strike    will hopefully always be in hide mode from ato. 



the idea would be to get the buildup proc from concentrated strike every time.


would this work or is the hide ato not dependable enough.


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I tried something similar when the game was live back in 2012. It didn't really work, CS didn't always proc BU. BU recharge was like 50/50. Stalker's Guile had a PPM of 5/min so created an attack chain that was 12 seconds long and CS did proc BU like 90% of the time. Maybe the newer Stalker AT IO might help with it.


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I have a fully IO'd Kin/EA, i would usually start with BU, Concentrated Strike, BU, Assassin's strike, Concentrated Strike, BU. Often i would loop that combo several times for 3-4 BUs. Since i have the Gaussian IO, sometimes it will end up with a 3 stack BU. With perma hasten and assassin's mark, you would be clicking the BU button like a maniac.

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