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  1. No opinion here, but you are strong and pretty
  2. I lvled a kin/ea , staff/invul and a elec/shield. Gotta by far the most fun one is kin/ea
  3. Depends on your powersets, those that doesn't have their own way of recovery, it's either body mastery or ageless. Because Miracle+Panacea+Numina aren't enough.
  4. It is not that bad, i lvled a regen scrapper here, but it's no longer that OP monster.
  5. Don't have to be cautious with a full IO build and incarnate powers. It's a stroll.
  6. Too many times the Mo*insert tf* are done at +0. With all the incarnate powers and IOs, it is simply a cake walk.
  7. i like forming +4 speedruns at 50, very hectic, very fun! Funny thing is, people don't read the +4 part, see "Speed" assume it's +0 😛
  8. She is a cat, has 9 lives, so it is *their* eviscerate
  9. In a team setting, slow AS very often ends up being corpse blasting. Or you end up being a non factor because you just fired 2 ST attacks before the whole group of baddies is down. Opening with an AoE or other ST attacks allows you to do more dmg overall. AS is still very important to your rotation i.e. use on cd and is still the best place for the hidden.proc.
  10. My KM/EA's standard rotation is BB, SB and AS. Sprinkle in as many Moonbeams and BU as possible. Open up with Burst or CS. CS may not be efficient but i do like using it when hidden on AV/EB, allows for nice BU stacking for either MB or AS. While my build does have some End issues, Energy Drain helps deal with it. But overall, aside from Burst and CS, the attacks are fast and has very fast feeling to it.
  11. Depends, if you a going for pure flavor, do whatever you like, a ninja at peak human physique or a ninja with throwing stars. But if you want the "best" power pool, go Soul Mastery. It is arguably best for stalkers. Moonbeam hits hard and Shadowmeld is a 1 slot wonder. And it's shadowy and dark, fits a ninja. You always play Moonbeam off as some sort of secret ninja technique.
  12. Tough/Weave/CJ are great for rounding out your def/resist. Even if you don't use Tough, it's a good mule. While Weave and CJ helps with softcapping, CJ is also a great place for LotG global. As for Body Mastery, i took it for 2 reasons. No need to add slots and when i need Endurance. Just slot the 2 autos with Perf Shifters and call it a day. Otherwise it's Soul Mastery for Moonbeam and Shadowmeld. I only took Laser Eye Beam on my tank because she's a robot, no self respecting robot leaves out laser eyes!!
  13. Leveled 3 incarnated stalker and I play them like scrappers that can control their crits with stacked BU. Normally i would look for important targets, jump in, AoE and arrest the important target(s). Spam the heck out of BU with the gaussian proc. When hidden procs, use the biggest ST attack, usually your T9, not AS. I try to move ahead of the team as well, unless i know it's a bad idea, but that's almost never.
  14. Tanked him on my EA stalker. Used barrier and have shadow meld on 50% uptime. Got hit once.
  15. Well i went for bio/spines, not 50 yet but i made a build by combining multiple bio/x and x/spines builds. Not sure how it will work out. But i tried going without purples.
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