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Would like a assessment of this build.


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     Never played or even built in Mids a Poison character.  Did run a couple Rad blast characters on Live but none yet on HC.  

Two things though jump out.  First endurance recovery vs endurance consumption is seriously insufficient.  I suspect you'll have lots of endurance issues.

Second, which will worsen the above issue, is damage output on your blasts is low.  As in only 3 powers actually get effected by Diminishing Returns one of which is your Nuke.  Solo work with this character would be a nightmare.  You need to slot Irradiate and Cosmic Burst for damage first and foremost then any secondary effects.

Below is where I'd start with your non-Poison powers.  Potential slotting and enhancements included.  Hopefully my attempt to place the Mids build works.  I haven't done this often yet on HC and still figuring out formatting.

This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn 3.4.7

Click this DataLink to open the build!

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  • Replace Neutrino Bolt with X-Ray Beam
  • Don't skip Proton Volley
  • Antidote doesn't need more than the base slot and typically serves as a mule. Slotting damage resistance is a waste as it only provides cold and toxic resistance.
  • Slot Cosmic Burst for damage, not stun.
  • Don't skip Poison Trap. One of the best powers in the set.
  • 6-slotting Corrosive Vial with Frozen Blast is a waste. The power does 4 points of damage. I would drop the power entirely, as you don't need it.
  • Slot Venomous Gas for -tohit, not -def (or slot 2 Enzymes). 
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Uunderdog - Radiation/Radiation Scrapper | Uundertaker - Radiation/Dark Corruptor | Uun - Martial Arts/Invulnerability Scrapper | Uunison - Gravity/Storm Controller | Uuncola - Ice/Temporal Blaster | Uundergrowth - Plant/Martial Dominator

Uunstable - Super Reflexes/Staff Fighting Tanker | Uunreal - Fire/Time Corruptor | Uunrest - Dark/Tactical Arrow Blaster | Uunseen - Illusion/Poison Controller | Uuncool - Cold/Beam Rifle Defender | Uunderground - Earth/Earth Dominator

Uunknown - Mind/Psionic Dominator | Uunplugged - Stone/Electric Brute | Uunfair - Archery/Trick Arrow Corruptor | Uunsung - Dual Pistols/Ninja Blaster | Uunflammable - Fire/Nature Controller | Uunflappable - War Mace/Willpower Brute

Uundead - Dark/Dark Tank | Uunfit - Water/Martial Blaster | Uunwrapped - Dark/Dark Dominator | Uunchill - Ice/Kinetics Corruptor | Uunpleasant - Energy/Energy Stalker | Uunbrella - Radiation/Radiation Sentinel | Uunsafari - Beasts/Traps MM

Uungnome - Nature/Seismic Defender | Uunsavory - Poson/Sonic Defender | Uunicycle - Broad Sword/Shield Scrapper | Uuntouchable - Illusion/Time Controller | Uunferno - Fire/Fire Tank

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