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Mix 'n Match for my new dominator!

Random Axis

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I wanted to pick the forum's brain for my new dom. To combat alt-itis, I have a private rule to try and not have repeat powersets, so for the new one it's limited to 













I don't want to say no ice/ice, but I've already got dual ice on a blaster and a stalker, so the dom will need a good elevator pitch for the set combination.


Given all those completely arbitrary restrictions, what would you folks go for? No need for a build since they'll be rocking with white IOs for a while, but I'd also be interested in any must-have/must-skip powers in the set. 

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Fire/Thorns sounds like it could be pretty awesome! I don't have that particular combo but I've played them both separately. Smoke is skipable from fire, it's not trash it's just kind of situational. Skip Ring of Fire too, on a troller is useful as another damaging attack but on a Dom your whole second set just for damage so it's not very valuable. Thorns is harder because its all good, gotta make some tough decisions. On my Plant/Thorns I took all the high damage single target stuff from thorns and rely on Creepers, Roots and Disruptor Blast for AOE damage but I've been thinking about respecing because Thorn Bust would be very useful. You could build in a similar way with Cages, Hot Feet and Bonfire as your main AOE damage.

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SCRAPPER: Sir Kit Breaker-Elec/Shield *DumDum Pounder-WM/Shield *Snoglobe-Claws/Ice *Ice Flow Joe-Axe/Ice *TANK: Gamma Goon-Rad/Rad *Bernjamin Tanklin-fire/claws *Skullgrin Von Killjoy-Invul/SS *Frozen Snowshoo-Ice/Ice Quarry Goon-Stone/SS *BRUTE: Megahertz Donut-EM/Shield *Ohm Ahgerd Stone/Elec *Shadow Goon-Dark/Dark *Devilaint Le'Z-Rad/Fire *STALKER: Double OHM 7-EM/EA *Sir Kit Interupt-Elec/Shield *TROLLER: Chilly Lilly-Ice/Rad *Chlorophyllis Vance-Plant/Storm *Mechamoo-Elec/Cold *Johnny Burnsalot-Fire/Kin *Countess Gone-Ill/Dark *Lady Gone-Dark/Dark *Calpernia Tomik-Ill/Rad *Porkchop Scallywag-Fire/Nat *Gone Daddy-Plant/Dark *Merrie Melody-Symp/Dark *Toot Sweet-Fire/Dark *Lord Gone-Grav/Dark *Misty Burnsalot-Fire/Storm *Maddie Burnsalot-Fire/Rad *DOM: Scorched Eartha-Earth/Fire *Gazebo Malarkey-Dark/Psi *Clawsin Bloom-Plant/Savage *Diatomaceous Earl-Plant/Thorn *Permafrostasha-Plant/Ice *Corn Cob Earth/Earth *MM: Stupid Robot-Bot/Elec *Dark Leader-Demons/Dark *Silas Greenback-Thugs/Time *FENDER: *Dr. Gone-Dark/Dark *BAG3L-FF/Sonic *BLASTER: PinPointress-Arch/TA *Shimmy Burnsalot-Fire/TA *Lil Beefy-Ice/Fire *H0TT-fire/fire *CORRUPTOR: Shady Burnsalot-Fire/Dark *Kinetic Koala-Ice/Kin *Atmospheric Hazel-Water/Storm *Hami Dum-Seismic/Nature *MiHami Heat-Fire/Nature *SOA *Big Gravy-Crabbermind *Sentinel: NP Seymour-Elec/Regen

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Elec/earth sounds like a potentially powerfully resilient dominator. You have Conductive Aura and your controls to sap mobs, and then also get mudpots to help keep them in melee paired with tremor and fissure procing FF procs to help with domination. And you have power boost to really sao things fast.


Then you work things over with your gremlins and mallets like it owes you money.

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