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Build request. Stj/Wp


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Here's mine, it feels solid and fun to me.


not tried exporting from the new mids yet, so hopefully this works.


nvm the export didn't work, here's a screenshot




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export didn't work correctly
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Here's mine. Same, export is being a dick but I'll try anyways. SS just in case. Mine is geared for solo'ing so it's heavy on regen/recovery and the defensives are all full slot. Also, I never take taunt, so I threw perfect zinger into Rise to give it *some* threat generation in the event I've gotta step up in a group.



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I took the liberty of making a few changes to your build @HVAC3

  • Replaced Hasten for Super Speed: I dont like Hasten that much and I figured with that many attacks, it would not be missed too much
  • Replaced Combat Readiness for Combat Jumping: I ended up not using the Power Up much at all so I replaced it for a bit more def and some recharge w/ LOTG. I used the 2nd slot to add some HP with an extra Prev. Medecine in Rise to the Challenge
  • Removed a slot in Resurgence and added to Focused Accuracy for cheaper endurance cost of the power and more HP
  • Removed a slot in Superior Conditioning and added to Fast healing for some recharge


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