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Correct the display order of pets for Demon Summoning

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Just a quality of life improvement..


I know I am OCD, so please bare with me...


When I play my MMs in general the pet display goes from the most powerful (single) to the next most powerful (two of them) to the basic (three of them) from top - down.


When I play my demon summoning alt, it goes most powerful at the top, the basic minions (3) and the medium powerful (two), which is asthetically  displeasing.


I understand its just a peeve, but I would appreciate the re-ordering of the pet display for Demon Summoning.



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Posted (edited)

From my experience, the window displays the pets in alphabetical order. Not tier order. And the names assigned by players doesn't count, just the actual game assigned names. So for bots, it goes:

Assault Bot

Battle Drones

Protector Bots







And as you already saw, demons goes:

Demon Prince (because of the space)




Always in alphabetical order.



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