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Inside #9 (and other comedy-horror classics)


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So. A thing about comedy / horror films and TV, and comedy generally...


If you're gonna parody something and do it right, you have to do it as well or better than the real deal. Shaun Of The Dead is an obvious example - it's a straight, extremely tightly directed zombie movie that two British idiots and their friends happen to have landed in the middle of. Similar praise/plaudits for Attack The Block.


But the recent masters of it on Brit TV are Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, plus frequent collaborators in crime Mark Gatiss and Jeremy Dyson. Following the terrifyingly funny League Of Gentlemen, they came back with a series of one-off stories called Inside #9. If you can find it where you are, give it a look. Especially this week's episode...



...which if you'd tuned in from the start or even a few minutes in, might have initially disappointed you - as the credits rolled on a 70s-inspired farce with a horrific twist.

Then broke down.

And instead, you got a pilot episode for a new gameshow hosted by shiny-floor regular and solid stand-up, Lee Mack. 


Or did you?


Lee turns out to be quite the remarkable actor, having to diplomatically handle the strange, abusive relationships between his contestants. Before - through a subtle combination of cues and references - we build the tension to a very final round... 🤯


For those of us that like walking the line between fear and funny, what would you recommend?

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Not really into horror myself, but I've been told that the comedy horror Tucker & Dale vs. Evil  starring Alan Tudyk was a riot.


I suppose from a certain point of view Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckensale's Van Helsing would be a comedy-horror.  I did enjoy that one, mostly.


Anything else of interest to me in the category usually falls close to The Addams Family.

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