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tristram's 🔥 burning - diablo themed characters


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so main rogue, ya?


anyway - coh diablo themed characters. what would you pick.  i'll try a couple...



honoroit the fanatic

(titan weapons/energy aura scrapper)

- why titan weapon? demon sythe model, long cones, kill zones.

- alternatives - the firey 🪓

- looks amazing with cot guide prism costume

why energy aura?

- in dark it look nicer than dark

- stealth + hidden without smoke bombs.

- alternatives (strong) firey aura.  more drainey, the pbaoe rise of the phoenix is real. rapid healing, an auto power with good regen improve.



ring of roses (archery/thermal rad corruptor)


why archery?

- fast. really fast. people get their rain of arrows recharge to like 15-20s. its a half nuke, but its up when you want it and a t9 spammable with explosive 🏹 etc.

- its due buffs

why thermal rad?

- look of it dark amazing

- very good power coverage for support. you have a st heal, an ape heal, a st buff in forge, debuffs...

- not a big loss vs defender for this set for values on the set functionally. in exchange we get scourge, and generally more damage than def.

- res shields give you a bit of space for your primary, but you remain flexible enough to mix things about


sincerely yours,


Honoroit, the venerable/distinguished/valiant/cultist

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Dual Blades Brute (is there a hatchet/axe option) with Whirlwind from the Speed Pool. Any secondary to taste. 😉

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"I woke up despite my head; To see the trail I blazed last night with the words I said; Still she laid there in the charred and smoking wake of fears I fed ...

Then she got up to look around; Muttered words I’d never heard a human sound; Then from her hair grew forty serpents, from her eyes a fiery shroud...

From her mouth came forty voices, and I heard them cry aloud: The Sun Won't Cast No Shadow Anymore! The Willows Never Weep and the Wind Will Never Moan!"

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Diablo II:


Amazon: Archery / Super Reflexes Sentinel

Assassin: Claws / Ninjitsu Stalker

Barbarian: Dual Blades / Invulnerability Brute

Druid: Beast Mastery / Storm Summoning Mastermind

Necromancer: Necromancy / Poison Mastermind

Paladin: Shield / Broadsword Tanker

Sorceress: Fire Blast / Cold Domination Corruptor

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i really hope they 3x xp rate on seasonal.  the grind is real, and i cant imagine that in several seasons a year.


maybe its the lack of auto-matching, like in d3, thats kicking me - but solo to 100 is SLOW.

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