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Patch Notes Discussion for June 7 Minor Update

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Bring back the conversion for Empyreal & Astral Merits into Reward Merits.

I have characters with hundreds of Empyreal Merits and nothing to do with them. They are fully incarnated and I previously used tthe conversion to help get some helpful enhancements and recipes, especially to help my lowbies.


I'm not coming back until this is reinstated into the game. You have forced me off a game which I loved from my childhood. No, I don't have hundreds of hours to spare running extra TFs when I have characters with Empyreal Merits who should be able to use them for rewards.

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This isn't goin to happen. Have you thought about transferring them into threads and then buyin super inspirations (sell them on the market) or transform them into transcendent merits and email them to the toons you can use them on?


Honestly, this isn't goin to happen.



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A character can go from 1-50 in two weeks of play, with maybe a weekend thrown in.  100 would be a bit much.  50, perhaps fair split across two weeks.  Some folks can manage that even faster.


Transcendent Merits are the best way to help your lowbies, especially when 1-30 game play is able to be done in a week of casual play and the rest of the way to 50 takes a handful of raids.  (Most progress realized in two MSRs under a 2XP booster and "Experienced" charges on hand, it'll take some more to hit 50.)  Single Origin Enhancement Sets and the "Upgrade" button makes this cake, don't need to touch a single IO until Level 47 when it's time to kit your L.50 IOs out.


Then at Level 50, it takes only 4 TMs to buy six very rare Incarnate Components as a point of comparison (180 EMs with 20 left over) if you know which Tier 4s you want to make.  This saves a colossal amount of time.  Sitting on hundreds of EMs, 12, maybe 15 TMs could mean having Tier 4 Incarnate Powers built out as soon Veteran Level 2 or 3, earlier if you don't mind spending Threads for iXP.  Also folks forget Hero/Villain Merits do the same job now, send a Hero/Villian Merit instead of RM in email to send 50 at a time.  Surely, your fully incarnated toons have some to spare if they're 'finished'. (Of course, never discount a Respec needed for a new Issue release, so keeping enough to adjust a couple of sets later makes sense.)


Finally: Enhancement Converters.  I've kitted out a toon with random stored recipes that have nothing to do with a build and an open Auction House window. A highly survivable build as well with high defense. And I didn't even need a single reward merit to do it.  Maybe less now, since prices on most recipes except VR and PVP Procs have dropped a bit since last year.  Cost?  400-600 million INF, some patience, and a free afternoon.  One Saturday, had eight hours and did it for two toons.  I'm nobody special, this could be you, too.  (Won't help with your Purple IOs and ATOs, but those can be bought with Reward Merits and crafting.  And 60-80% of a build is realized without them.)


Finally, a change of subject: none of this including my musings has anything to do with the Patch Notes above.

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My math sucks, shut up, it's 11:40 pm.


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@Tock, I don't think the poster cares about what you and I are sayin. What he don't understand is that  this is the devs court and it's their ball. He isn't realizing that they are not goin to change something just cause he is throwin a tantrum and threatening to quit playing if he don't get his way. 


I'd hate to see a player leave but it's for the best if he moves along to another game where rage quitin will get him what he wants. 


This goes for anyone, myself included. They are holding the card and most of us are just happy to sit at the table.


But to make demands and expect the devs to fold is ridiculously foolish. We pay nothing to get to play with the exception of the devs askin for a donation.


This is extremely generous of them to sacrifice their time so we are able to live out our dream of being more than what our daily lives permit.


They are the true heroes. 


And as far as the OP...




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