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  1. FF proc can be up all the time if you put it on multiple powers. and I thought hasten was 70% which is less.
  2. That may be fine and dandy that a snail one shots people but without a plausible explaination on how it does that nobody will like or possibly even accept the narrative.
  3. Hell at her peak (not yet reached power) one of my characters can easily lift something weighing a lot more than a navy destroyer. this doesn't mean she can't start at street level or maybe a bit above it. ability to use powers effectively is based on practice much like in mutants and masterminds how power levels can increase.
  4. I would like to be able to customize lore summon costumes.
  5. I mean if the story doesn't make sense to those participating or the audience it's not a good one so whats appropriate will vary.
  6. Like I said we have friendly fire in the form of confusion. if you like it so much go do Avatar of Hamidon in underground and attack during that. I'm sure everyone else will love it.
  7. Nobody wants their horse to be high. it's not safe to ride a high horse.
  8. I would suggest the name "Guardian" for an AT like that, although arguably it would make a good support AT name as well.
  9. if only pets had no collision no one would be having this discussion.
  10. So what you just said is... if Rularu the Ravager comes down to the streets of paragon city and we fight him we are all street level heroes for that event. makes a kind of literal sense but a literal sense only. However many of my heroes begin their journey at street level. even the mighty astera (an incarnate) starts her career there as she learns to control and use her vast potential power, and as it grows she steps up to higher and higher threats. theres a sort of progression. also the reason why retcons and universe restarting events happen in comics. An incarnate is absolutely NOT a god. they are not all powerful, there are threats which would stomp an un aided incarnate such as battallion or rularu. Astera for all her power is mortal although she may not age, and can be at least theoretically killed. Mortal MEANS able to die.
  11. There is. a bad build or not using IO sets.
  12. The game needs to be balanced around performance as well as fun. if a set is bad, it needs to be fixed and whether people still find it fun is irrelevant.
  13. I mean... they could level scale some of the lower missions and make some "endgame" street sweeping for those who enjoy limiting themselves to that I guess.
  14. Collision detection is one of those things which works great thematically and -TERRIBLY- for actual gameplay quality.
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