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  1. Wrong on all counts. unless you are rabidly antisocial the grouping isnt an issue. FFXIV's community is better than the lauded COH community easily. there should be no issue with grouping for a story dungeon once in awhile. and Anime? really? you use the word yet have no understanding of what it means. FYI its not "Anime" all your arguments are invalid. you may not like it, but none of your reasons pan out.
  2. Already false and completely ignoring my previous explaination. Way to go, you never had any interest in debate, you had your mind made up to begin with. When comparing the amount of fun I have in different games with different combat systems COH and games with combat systems anything like it rank last for a reason. for the last time, lower rank enemies wouldn't NEED to be constantly blocked. either read my arguments or stop making your own.
  3. A mistake. that would attract a small and ever shrinking audience. most people who played at all would not be playing becuase they liked the combat system just like COH now. A game does not have to forgo the element of reaction based combat and fast paced action to be accessible to 95% of people of all ages. if you're missing a hand or several fingers, that sucks, but you cant let that dictate the design of games intended for a large audience. Pso2's combat is the most fun I've had with a combat system in an online game ever. COH is 2nd to least, least being maibongi lol. COH has great OTHER features. anyone who asks me why I'm here is not even bothering to read my posts. If you know how to actually make good builds in CO this is false for like, every powerset which isn't dual pistols. A good melee build, say, single blade has 1 combo aoe, one bleed rupture, and then you need an attack to proc rush or something like Vorpal Blade ultimate to maximize damage. so it ends up more like 3 or 4 attacks not even counting the lunge, something COH sorely lacks in most sets- a gap closer.
  4. Not everything. CO's costume piece system and selection is without any argument superior to COH, but its very flawed in implementation due to too much being behind paywall or grind. Male faces, and face sliders in general could use a lot of work though. on top of that CO's combat system has some of the right ideas- but its mixed in with equal parts dead wrong ideas for that kind of thing, completely negating any advantage and making it just not work well at all. If I was to make a more action focused superhero game I would definitely model it after something like Pso2 and not CO.
  5. Yeah, either one would be much less annoying and bad design without the other. if theres gonna be the blue death zones, she needs to be able to be pulled out by the tank waaay more easily. If she's gonna go taunt immune, those death zones cant be a thing anywhere next to her.
  6. The fact we can take on more than 3 enemies of any rank at once is brokenly OP, please nerf it so tankers die in 2 hits if they take more than 3 enemies. Jack Emmert said so, it must be true. Fun clearly only comes from being stomped by anything with an attack. Feeling powerful is bad design. 🤣
  7. I'm glad you have nothing to do with development that would be a brain dead stupid way to implement it. it would have to be a button you hold down to instantly go into block mode- and all powersets would have a version of it. Obviously attacking during block would be limited if allowed ever, but making it a toggle is moronic. COH is better off without block than with a block implemented by fools, that much we agree on.
  8. Actually Neverwinter, but it sounds like block worked sort of similar. your block strength on classes that could block was equal to half your max HP and would recharge based on a few factors, one being your Strength stat. in addition tanks all got some way of auto blocking for a short time. Barbarian tanks could enter rage mode, which when a tank would be more defensive, although it would still speed up your attacks you'd gain defensive bonuses instead of a damage bonus. Paladin tanks would gain an auto block from any direction plus a buff to any auras they might be running. and blocking on top that auto block as paladin would create a bonus defense and heal over time zone behind you. This is seriously a question? smaller enemies would simply not have the same strength to their attacks so you wouldn't need to block or dodge as much. Not to mention stuff like Neverwinter's auto blocking skills. When they come at you in armies it might pose a challenge, or when you fight high damage big bads.
  9. See what I mean about block being poorly implemented? nothing makes you use it until endgame content at least! also being able to block forever and ever anytime? broken. if the game was designed decently enemies would have attack patterns capable of being learned and then you'd know when to time your limited block abilities. Block should have a stamina that depletes the more you consecutively block, and break if you keep it up too long. I played one game where block was way stronger than in CO but it was also limited. holding block in the midst of a huge pack of enemies was normally suicide, becuase it'd run out fast from all the quick hits. the block mechanic is a good idea poorly implemented. superheroes in comics again and again are depicted as sometimes having force fields, shields to block attacks, deflect with a weapon or fist, you name it. why leave that to chance when you can make it more engaging? no, CO's issue is not that it had block, COH issue is it does NOT have block. CO's issue is it did basically everything even GOOD it did VERY WRONG.
  10. for mechanics, CO has combat mechanics which are superior to COH, like block and lunge, but block is implemented very poorly right now, and the "Cosmic monster fights" are lame sad excuses for content. Have you ever been to Dino? its literally people standing around a dinosaur and her baby in set positions the whole time hitting it and sometimes blocking. There is nothing at all interesting or superhero about how that fight works. Superheroes have MOVEMENT, tons of it. these battles require almost none (With the exception of flaming king kong for the dps and heals, and the purple man who's been broken for years) not to mention CO's versions of "raid mechanics" are ridiculously sad, limited, and badly made excuses. as someone who has done actual raid endgame in FFXIV, I know what real team mechanics are like, and even at levels of difficulty beyond what CO players could imagine, they are more fun than in CO becuase you can predict and learn them to a science, as well as the fact only the most difficult of the difficult content will always instantly kill you for a small mistake, instead mistakes can cascade into a wipe, and its possible to recover with skill most of the time. COH mechanics as far as powers and buffs go are far superior to in CO becuase in COH CC actually does something worth talking about, buffs make an even bigger difference than healing, and debuffs are huge as well. COH lacks block, yes, that could have been great in CO if CO had anything approaching good design. sadly it never did (Jack Emmert) and never will (Kaiserin).
  11. Thats ok until you try +4 stuff solo the damage is SO low you'll be on a single group for like half an hour.
  12. Empathy gets a bad rap becuase people think they should play it as pure healer when the real reason people love it is things like RA, Fortitude, and the other buffs. the healing is a side benefit- a great one especially at lower levels but a side benefit.
  13. Honestly there is only one powerset I would currently actively discourage new people from playing for their own good. Energy Melee. anything else is easily just fine. EM is just too far behind in about every way.
  14. I raided with a woman in FFXIV old enough to be my mom, that makes her like 60. FFXIV raids are INTENSE and require several times better attention and reaction time than anything in COH. she could handle it just fine with a little practice. It's no excuse to claim COH combat is ok becuase old people. severely disabled maybe but you cannot balance games around those people, only add features to make it a bit easier for them while balancing around the majority. COH combat is literally nearly the worst in any game I have ever played. I think Maibongi was even worse, only example of worse than COH combat I can come up with. now, COH powers are great, buffs are great, but none of those things are not possible to do with another combat system, nearly anything would be superior to what COH uses. I enjoy COH too, but obviously that isnt becuase combat itself is fun. no, what makes COH fun is the feeling of power, and fun with a group when you team. beating up bad guys as superheroes. punching nazis, in CAVES!
  15. I state my opinion becuase it matters and becuase some people would have COH turned into a "Challenge" (Super sarcasm). COH will never offer a fun challenge to the vast majority of non super disabled or very old gamers. No offense if you are old or disabled, but you are not the majority in that case. I say it may be fun if you are, becuase then COH's slow and lame combat is all you may be capable of handling. For most of us we'd much rather be enjoying a real combat system for a challenge and real team mechanics. COH has nothing close to what most other games today offer in that regard. COH does NOT have merit in its combat over other games and no amount of ignorant objection will change that. COH is good becuase it is a fun playground to make powerful superheroes, socialize and play with builds. Challenge is never going to be a major factor, and if you try to make it one, you'll lose critical mas of players. the following is fact, most of us are not here to be challenged. for those who are, if you nerf our defenses to increase "Challenge" we will simply stop logging in altogether. you'll find it difficult to form teams at all ever. Go ahead and destroy your own game. you'll lose it a 2nd time and have no one but your own arrogant, selfish selves to blame. Not like I play anymore, this kind of selfishness is why I dont. The people demanding global nerfs to player defenses/resists should be ignored entirely. becuase they are self destructive.
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