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  1. My dad often mentions this to me, he's been programming as long as its been a job. I'm no coder myself but I can appreciate the fact that he is one of the most experienced coders in the business today and knows a thing or two about it- also facebook keeps trying to hire him but he turns em down every time becuase he rightfully recognizes them as evil and tools of arachnos xD
  2. Softcapped defenses are fine? going over the cap is helpful in any high end situation which contains any defense debuffs (common in endgame)
  3. Not needing a tank and wanting a tank are entirely different things. while leveling up my tank is always useful in radios, and why would I want to be NEEDED when that means I have to wait for a tank every time I want to do something when I DONT play one?
  4. Doing away with speed running just hurts those who like to do it and would make them very angry. more people like to speed run than you think its a significant portion of the community. Just give a special reward for killing every last enemy on say, an ITF map lol.
  5. We killed the great pumpkin! We are the real villains now!
  6. Yeah we feel like the super heroes the story makes us out to be at lvl50+3 now, FINALLY after all this time. Why would we want to take that away? I know I dont play to feel like a super zero. Part of why I quit CO entirely were the chains of senseless nerfs to literally everything (except bestial cuz you know who plays it)
  7. The game would be hell to play today if it went back to old times. back then MMOs were all crappy and no one knew better so they were able to have fun. but now games have become better than that and if theyre gonna be hard they have to also be quality gameplay COH isnt ever going to deliver on that part.
  8. People want a fair and well constructed challenge. not to be beaten down by the game at every turn with no say about it. COH will -NEVER- be a game which facilitates a GOOD challenge. enjoy it for what it is.
  9. My heroes fly over the walls when they need to. its not like some of them arent capable of stratospheric and even space flight. sure they cant do it in game but they sure do IC.
  10. Maybe so but at the time of originally being bothered you won't be able to not be bothered. Conditioning makes the person. the person you are at the time of being bothered determines if a specific thing will bother you.
  11. While true its important they give us a LOT MORE TIME to get out becuase of how bad COH combat is with allowing us to move and still fight.
  12. you mean Major Kusinagi? Maybe a stalker with martial arts? didnt she have some form of stealth?
  13. You cant choose what bothers you. some can choose what they react to.
  14. Brutes are currently BETTER tankers. (in endgame) they will be just DAMAGE focused tankers once the tanker buffs happen though.
  15. Exactly. if something bothers someone NOTHING in the UNIVERSE will stop that. how they act while they are bothered is more up to them but in many cases may be difficult to handle as well. giving people who explode once in a while the benefit of the doubt is the mark of a good person. some people are a bit unstable but very nice if you bother getting to know them.
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