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Symphony/Energy/Psionic - 45% S/L/R Def, Permadom - Build Feedback


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Hello Dominators!

I'm looking for some feedback on this build please!

Symphony/Energy Assault/Psionic

45% S/L/R Def (Stealth toggled off in picture, but would add 4% more ALL DEF)


Permadom (with FFB+recharge, perma without hasten)


Has two melee-range energy attacks for helping to burn bosses, but the build would generally be played at range using energy blasts and psionic tornado to proc FFB and supplement symphony's cones and damage.


ST Chain> Sniper Blast > Power Burst > Impassioned Serenade

AoE Damage Skills > Psionic Tornado/Confounding Chant/Dreadful Discord


Criticize away!

2023-06-11 01_49_34-.png

Dominator (Symphony Control - Energy Assault).mbd

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1 hour ago, Bellicose said:

Not sure this matters, but those Defensive numbers will come in 10 second increments once every 30 seconds, otherwise it's more like mid-thirties.

I knew link minds looked too good to be true lol

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7 hours ago, Frosticus said:

Some of your powers are a tad low on accuracy. If you are building so defense focused I assume you plan to fight +3's?

If so, some of your key powers aren't going to hit consistently

Hmm back to the drawing board I guess lol


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