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So when devs and GMs say it's better to contact them on Discord than at the Homecoming forums... how do we do that? Should we look for a voice chat being hosted by one of them, or just PM them on Discord rather than here?


Also, is it better to contact them on Discord because they're logged into Discord more frequently because they're playing COH and voice chatting with friends?


Just trying to get my head wrapped around the whole Discord thing...

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I don't find Discord particularly conducive to support.
And I say this as a Discord server admin.

Channels simply...aren't.  Live chat just plain SUCKS because you have to go dig back through backlog.
Private chats are BETTER.  But with live chat, there's an (unrealistic) expectation of fast response time.

I find that forums work better at decoupling that expectation.

Threads that you follow are just immediately available to you the moment a reply goes up.
And PMs work just as well.

And it requires no third piece of software to access.

All you need is an Internet connection and a browser.

Possibly I'm biased.

I'm a Great Old One from the ancient USENET wars.
I'm more or less used to decent-to-good forum software.
And I'm not a huge fan of Discord as anything other than a gutter-tier live chat and streaming tool.
The free version meets my "Oh good enough!" requirements.
But outside of high-res streaming, the paid "Rent to Pwn" option holds NOTHING I care about.
And as I said, "Good Enough" for the free streaming means I have no real incentive to trade up.

If you want to be godlike, pick anything.

If you want to be GOD, pick a TANK!

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