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AE Challenge Content Discord: City of Debt

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City of Debt Discord Server


I've created a discord server for teaming up and discussing AE content which is intended to be more challenging than the regular game. There's plenty of difficulty levels from easy to hard with the current Arc IDs we have listed, so anyone is welcome to join and either share their wisdom or learn.




The Mission Architect is a special tool for this game that turns everyone into a content creator. Using this tool we can make missions that push the extent of the game's potential. This is especially true with the new settings that allow creators to tailor custom enemy powersets per power. 


Which server?


We predominantly play on Excelsior, but anyone is welcome in City of Debt. With how easy it is to server transfer there isn't much of an issue if people need to swap.


Can I talk about the base game too?


Sure you can. The knowledge of what makes a character or power strong in the architect also applies in the regular game as well. We have channels for discussion on City as a whole, but then specific ones per our known challenge Arc IDs.


How do I join?


Click on the link provided here to get started: https://discord.gg/ujjQrA4A27


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Nice idea!

AE SFMA Arcs: The Meteors (Arc id 42079) Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part One. (Arc id 26756) X | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Two. (Arc id 26952) | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Three. (Arc id 27233) Darker Deeds: Part One (Arc id 28374) | Darker Deeds: Part Two. (Arc id 28536) | Darker Deeds: Part Three. (Arc id 29252) | Darkest Before Dawn: Part One (Arc id 29891) |

Darkest Before Dawn: Part Two (Arc id 30210) | Darkest Before Dawn: Part Three (Arc id 30560) |

 Bridge of Forever ( Arc id 36642) | The Cassini Division (Arc id 37104) X | The House of Gaunt Saints (Arc id 37489) X | The Spark of the Blind (Arc id 40403) | Damnatio Memoriae (Arc id 41140) X  The Eve of War (Arc id 41583) | Spirals: Part One. (Arc id 55109) |  Spirals: Part Two. (Arc id 55358) |  Spirals: Part Three. (Arc id 57197)

I Sing of Arms and the Man (Arc id 42617) | Three Sisters (Arc id 43013)

(Pre War Praetorian Loyalist.  Pre War Praetorian Resistance.  Pre ITF Cimerora.  Post ITF Cimerora. X = Dev Choice/Hall of Fame )

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