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Halloween Giveaway Event


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It's that time of year again! And this time, Homecoming is helping me get the word out, and also helping by providing permission for me to give out TITLES for some that choose to help with the event*!




*Titles other than for the base contest will last one year


Donation is simple. Send your donation of whatever amount to @Dacy through the in-game email system. If you wish, you may contact her and send a test email, if that gives you confidence. Make sure you note "Halloween" in the topic. Donors will also be mentioned on promotional posters (provided they donate before the posters are distributed). Once you've decided to donate, you'll learn what the surprise reward is! (This is so that the decision to donate is not influenced by anything other than the desire to help.)


Recognition rewards start with donations of 999,999,999 influence/infamy.


Scare Acting, now, that's different, and a whole lot of fun! Every RL haunted house has a crew that is helping to put on a show by donning costumes and scaring visitors, and the Witch's House is no different! We have created some amazing creatures, thanks to the talents of @Easter Bunny and @Ellyz. These monsters are designed with specific areas of the House in mind. All you do is let us know you'd like to participate by telling either @Dacy or @Easter Bunny, and we add you to a private channel in Dacy's Discord server with access to a sign up schedule so you can sign up for the hours you'd like for the character you want to play. You will also have access to a full description of the characters and what they do. Some are very simple, with binds that handle most everything, and some allow for more flexible and creative acting/RP. Choose a favorite, or have fun with the variety! Not only is it fun to play a monster, but you'll be "backstage" in the Witch's House, and if you choose, you can listen and/or participate in a voice channel while we're "live", where we all have a blast!


We will be open on the weekends of October on Friday and Saturday evenings, and Sunday afternoons (EST). We will have more extended hours on the last weekend of October, and we will also be open much of Halloween.  All players who work at least five total hours will earn a title. The three players who act for the most hours will get to choose their title from this list:


Spine-Tingling Fright Tech Haunting Spirit
Scarehouse Worker House Goblin Terror Technician
Chaos Goblin Gore-geous Killing It
Boo-tiful Embodiment of Fear Eerie-sistible
Terror-ific Boo-dacious Boo Crew
Phantasmic Master of the Haunt Fear Incarnate


 The rest of the workers that worked at least 5 hours will all get the same title, chosen from this same list after the leaders have made their selections.


If you are unfamiliar with the House, talk to Dacy to get information and orientation. Orientations will happen later in September.


If you'd like to participate by hosting, you'll have to check out the Halloween Base Contest!


Your Base Community Reps,

@Dacy and @Easter Bunny

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